February 22

A quick announcement

regarding XP rules for players of the Storm-Touched or Fallen Worlds chronicles:

XP expenditures will no longer be allowed to occur between sessions. Instead, they will be allowed to occur between *stories.* This is the way I’ve always wanted to do XP, however, there’s always been some problems in the way of doing this. more…

February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Three: The Masters (Session 1)

Our next story begins with a man named Luke.

Luke is Higgs’ mentor: A Celestial Master – something that has always interested the phycisist Mastigos. A long time ago, Higgs had been a sleeper scientist. As his Awakening drew near, he found himself plagued by demons… and signed a contract with them to be left alone. That signiture had bought him a permanent link to Pandemoneum, and with it all the things that made him the Mage he is today. Luke, an angelically-powered Obrimos with a serious addiction to science fiction movies, had taken Higgs under his wing: Mentored him, taught him about the magical world, introduced him to the various Orders.  more…

February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Three: The Masters (Prologue, multiple sessions)

Upon Awakening from the Astral, the group regained their bearings. They found that, in their one-day absence, their Sanctum at the apartments had been ransacked. The group traced this to Antonio Andolini – a hard-boiled homicide detective who’d transfered to Vegas from Boston and picked up a case where Matthias had been framed for murder. Matthais had been found innocent, but only after some magic had been dispelled which was altering the body matthias had apparently murdered – this, combined with Lydia’s royal blood and several other things, has peaked the Detective’s interest in the Cabal despite their claims of innocence. more…

February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Two: Lynchwood (Multiple Sessions)

The group, having captured an astral Cowboy, used it with the aid of Calvin – a Free Council mage and an Astral specialist – to track Overbite back to the small-time astral realm of Lynchwood. It was an obscure place, somewhere that Overbite had apparently kept himself for some time. It was small, it was hidden away – a tiny corner of astral reality tucked away and almost impossible to track, had he not sent his Astral Cowboy minions to collect his tool from the party. more…

February 16

Aaaand we’re off

Okay. The domain name and all that jizzazz (which is a word I will probably never use again in a non porno-musical context) is up and running. You will notice that the wiki and the forums are both linked from this site, which is handy, since the plan is to use them! Also, it’s why you should sign up – for this wordpress, for the forums, and for the wiki (at least, I think that’s how the wiki works. Perhaps you should pioneer our understanding of said bullshit.) more…

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