February 22

A quick announcement

regarding XP rules for players of the Storm-Touched or Fallen Worlds chronicles:

XP expenditures will no longer be allowed to occur between sessions. Instead, they will be allowed to occur between *stories.* This is the way I’ve always wanted to do XP, however, there’s always been some problems in the way of doing this.

For one, we’ve never had definitive individual stories. This has changed, probably forever – the way I ST has changed forever to be much more in the vein of “Less goddamn random shit, and more structure.” The change seems to have made for a MUCH better experience at the table, so I’m sticking to it and planning around it now.

For another problem, games have never really lasted long enough for significant gains on sheets to be made. And let’s not kid ourselves, growing from a youngling (something I prefer to do when possible) is a lot of fun – becoming a badass is a huge achievement, and is fun. That takes time I’ve never felt I had before. As things are now, I’m actually content with the consistency we’ve achived as a gaming group. Even if the game changes or ends, the group will continuously be around for play. That’s a big deal to me.

So, to reiterate the new rule: XP can only be spent between stories. Your ST will tell you if an exception is occurring. Just take notes of what you’d like to buy. Whether or not you can actually justify your expenditure will be much easier to determine when you have a whole story’s worth of play behind you. This will also make ‘pacing’ your growth a lot easier for me to work with, since there’s a whole story and some downtime, so things won’t feel so rushed when folks start achieving adepthood or hitting Attainments, etc.

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