February 16

Aaaand we’re off

Okay. The domain name and all that jizzazz (which is a word I will probably never use again in a non porno-musical context) is up and running. You will notice that the wiki and the forums are both linked from this site, which is handy, since the plan is to use them! Also, it’s why you should sign up – for this wordpress, for the forums, and for the wiki (at least, I think that’s how the wiki works. Perhaps you should pioneer our understanding of said bullshit.)

A quick rundown of what each of these site sections is intended for:

Forum – for organizing, collaborating, for role playing and chatting. The intent is to allow you nut jobs to network with each other and get yourselves rolling into groups doing things of similar interests.

Blog – this page is for all news, updates and so forth. It’s also where we’ll post our game synopsis for tabletop games. Any changes to rules, announcements regarding scheduling changes or whatnot will be put here so folks can keep current with a simple page-check if they’re involved in a group activity. Furthermore, if you’re not actually playing in one of the games, this will give you a good fix for your voyeurism addiction. Feel free to comment.

Wiki – this page will serve as an easy-to-navigate reference for game rules, to prevent having to flip back and forth through tons of paper or scroll through a billion PDF’s to find that one tiny rule. Spells, powers, house-rules, everything will be written up here for ease of reference at the virtual gametable.

More information as it comes. Blahbity blah. Happy gaming.

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