February 18

Status Update: Wiki

Here is a link to the (currently sole) functioning element of the HDG Wiki. instructions for spell-list expansion are on the wiki page. 

For now, only worry about adding spells you want to use. If a spell is something you feel is something you’ll actually be casting at the gametable, try and have it up on the wiki ahead of time. If you take a spell as a rote, please add it to the spell list and then you can link to it on the wiki in your character sheet spreadsheets instead of copy/pasting massive chunks of text into a spreadsheet like an OCD derp with no sense of asthetics.

If you are unaware of any house rules or GMC rules regarding your spells, don’t sweat it. Just put the rules on the page as you read them, we’ll edit stuff later for the specific exceptions stuff. Be certain to look to the bottom of the Spells List page for instructions on how to form wiki links properly.

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Posted February 18, 2014 by Grant Snyder in category News

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