February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Three: The Masters (Session 1)

Our next story begins with a man named Luke.

Luke is Higgs’ mentor: A Celestial Master – something that has always interested the phycisist Mastigos. A long time ago, Higgs had been a sleeper scientist. As his Awakening drew near, he found himself plagued by demons… and signed a contract with them to be left alone. That signiture had bought him a permanent link to Pandemoneum, and with it all the things that made him the Mage he is today. Luke, an angelically-powered Obrimos with a serious addiction to science fiction movies, had taken Higgs under his wing: Mentored him, taught him about the magical world, introduced him to the various Orders. 

But lately, Luke had been acting funny. During those several weeks of downtime mentioned in the last Chronicle Update, Luke had been acting very cloak-and-dagger when delivering Higgs his new study material. This was, of course, quite unusual for the Obrimos, but at the time Higgs had simply too much on his plate to worry about it. At this point, though, HIggs begins to question the wisdom in having trusted that everything would be fine -not that he doubts Luke.

You see, when Higgs attempted to contact Luke just recently, the Obrimos simply didn’t answer his phone. Higgs, being quite certain he was now able to prove to his mentor his worthiness for entering his mentor’s Legacy, was eager to find Luke and show off: So he attempted to do so using magic – only to discover that Luke was not locatable through Magic. Something was very wrong.

Just as Higgs set off to investigate, asking Lydia and Matthias if they’d like to come along, Aubrey arrived on his motorcycle – Calvin’s acanthus senses had been tingling, it would seem, and he’d sent the large blonde to keep an eye on the party for safety’s sake. Now as a unit of four, the group set off to Luke’s apartment: A place so heavily resonential with the concepts of “Sturdy” and “safe” that it was at first difficult to even FIND the appropriate apartment.

While there, the group had to deal with Suzy – a southern, sassy black mother who lived in the apartment next door. At first suspicious of these people arriving to check up on Luke when she just simply KNEW something was off, Lydia managed to win her over pretty quickly and before long the woman was storming through uke’s apartment looking for “evidence” along with the party. Higgs and Rover (the Hound spirit that had followed them back from the train)  managed to locate Luke’s phone, but none of the numbers were labeled and the group didn’t know which call was going to be important. Rather than call back everyone Luke had ever been in contact with, Higgs handed the phone to Lydia to work her Acanthus magic.

Lydia, however, was not comfortable working magic in the presence of a Sleeper – and so excused herself to the bathroom. While she discovered which phonecall was important to investigate, Matthias managed to upset the woman, who then wound up throwing everyone out of the apartment like the insistantly angry mother she was. It would seem that Luke has quite the watchdog in his neighbor, hm?

The group then proceeded to gather themselves and discuss the situation at their local iHop – while Aubrey kept the mortals distracted, inadvertantly, with his apparently monstrous ability to never-endingly consume pancakes, Higgs traced the number Lydia had found to be important to a cellphone inside the police station in Vegas. Calling it, Higgs found himself talking to a contact of Luke’s who refused to talk over the phone (which was, really, probably a wise decision.) She asked that the party meet her somewhere, that she might speak with their Doorwarden – which prompted the group to finally settle on their official positions within the Cabal.

OF course, they didn’t wind up having a Doorwarden, but that’s not the point, damnit.

Their rendezvous with the woman from the Police Station revealed that she was a Sleepwalker who managed evidence for the Vegas Police Department. Luke had been looking into a case the mortal Police were running, suspecting there to be something supernatural afoot.

The case begins several weeks back (just about the time that Luke had been acting strangely) when one of Higg’s students at the Boulder Highschool was arrested for trafficking Meth. The note he had on his person, which simply read “Next Shipment by Sunday – or Else” was signed with a rune that actually resonated with Awakened meaning. The sleepwalker had called her contact in the Concilium – Luke – to alert him to the potential veil breech. Luke had duplicated the note and left the Rune off the duplicate, then assured her the situation would be handled… only to not be heard from again.

Higgs, giving her his Shadow Name, True Name and contact information, silently sneaks himself a strand of her hair – and with that, the group retreated to their Sanctum for a well-earned night’s rest, finally exhausted from the day’s antics.

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