February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Three: The Masters (Prologue, multiple sessions)

Upon Awakening from the Astral, the group regained their bearings. They found that, in their one-day absence, their Sanctum at the apartments had been ransacked. The group traced this to Antonio Andolini – a hard-boiled homicide detective who’d transfered to Vegas from Boston and picked up a case where Matthias had been framed for murder. Matthais had been found innocent, but only after some magic had been dispelled which was altering the body matthias had apparently murdered – this, combined with Lydia’s royal blood and several other things, has peaked the Detective’s interest in the Cabal despite their claims of innocence.

In the past, he’d hired criminal elements to track and watch the Cabal. His partner had ransacked the sanctum while the party was away in the Astral – because he himself had landed his ass in the hospital with a gunshot wound, possibly the result of him accidentally clashing with forces of the Awakened world during his investigations into the party. The group, through a scrying window, witnessed a conversation between the wise-cracking detective and his mysterious, deadly, and exotic partner (who had, apparently, a team of spies or other well-trained soldiers watching over the hospital) wherein the two detectives decided that the Cabal themselves must be spooks like Andolini’s father had been.

Deciding to leave well enough alone and not give Andolini reason to doubt his conclusions, the party retreated and things became quiet. In fact, they became probably too quiet, but given the whirlwind of chaos the Cabal had found themselves in since the moment they had woken up amnesiacs in that warehouse in the Desert, nobody quite argued with the few weeks of uneventful downtime. Not, at least, until they were all haunted by strange dreams once more.

The party had encountered strange dreams on several occasions since having woken up: Everyone had dreams on the same nights. Everyone’s dreams were very similar on each night. Those dreams had been erratic and confusing at first, but they seemed to connect to the Storm that each of them had witnessed within themselves on that night that they had astrally traveled. Each time a Dream happened, it seemed to come closer tor revealing something that had happened during their time in the Warehouse – or maybe even before. Something that their memories had been robbed of. This time? The Storm spoke to each of them. It called to them. It marked the backs of their hands and empowered them.

And then, that morning, as Higgs and Matthias burst into Lydia’s apartment in a whirlwind of mostly pleasent conversation? The large, blonde mage arrived – sent by Calvin to check up on the party, and his hands were marked the same way the party’s had been in their dreams (or, at least, that’s what Higgs and Matthias hallucinated.) Higgs and Matthias each had their own things to do, however, and left the large mage to spend time with Lydia. During that time, she named him Aubrey, because he didn’t have a shadow name just yet.

((There is a session of sidequest at this point due to player schedule issues: Higgs & Matthias uncover a serial killer and expose his victims to the Police, suspecting that the serial killer – who at one time lived in Andolini’s apartment – was someone that Andolini himself was tracking.))

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