February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Two: Lynchwood (Multiple Sessions)

The group, having captured an astral Cowboy, used it with the aid of Calvin – a Free Council mage and an Astral specialist – to track Overbite back to the small-time astral realm of Lynchwood. It was an obscure place, somewhere that Overbite had apparently kept himself for some time. It was small, it was hidden away – a tiny corner of astral reality tucked away and almost impossible to track, had he not sent his Astral Cowboy minions to collect his tool from the party.

The journey there found the party being escorted by a very tall, very large blonde mage who didn’t speak very much, and carried a very large sword. As each Mage traveled along their Astral Road, they encountered a curious phenomenon: A large, heavily brewing storm crackling with the energies of the Supernal.

Upon arriving in Lynchwood, the group found themselves each given a new ‘wild west’ identity: Princess, the oil baron’s daughter. Duster, the grizzled cowboy/priest. Higgs, the greenhorn banker from back East.

Finding themselves uncertain of what to do, they decided to tackle the problem of finding Overbite the way any self-respecting group of adventurers might: they started by going to the tav… er, the saloon. There, they encountered the Five for the first time without realizing what was happening. While Matthias talked to the Saloon Girl, trying to get a feel for what was going on in Lynchwood, five trouble-making Astral Cowboys, whom the party would later learn were actually mages using magic to mask themselves as astral entities, tried to hold the saloon up. The Party interfered, sans Lydia who feinted upon being held at gun-point: By the time Higgs and Matthias were done, everyone was pretty much gunless and pantsless (Yep, I know.)

When Lydia awoke, she found herself being taken care of by the Saloon Girl, and watched over by the Saloon Girl’s best friend (son?), Eagle-Flies-Fast. Matthias had been thrown in jail for indecent exposure, and Higgs had been warned not to get mixed up in things any further.  After regrouping, the party decided to look around town for clues: And they found them. The Deputy had a Wanted poster, and his face matched that of the club-owner’s from the dream the Party had been trapped in during their days locked up in an Astral Matrix. Deducing that this man was Overbite, the group investigated what he was wanted for:

Cattle Rustling. Which, admittedly, is an odd thing to be wanted for as a deputy.

Matthais went to the graveyard ins search of something connected to Overbite’s past, and wound up somehow summoning the ghost of Overbite’s father, rather than the father Overbite’s role as deputy would have here in the Astral. Matthias learned that Overbite was from Austin, Texas as a child. He awakened some 20 or so years ago. How Mathias had managed to summon Overbite’s actual father into the Astral, Mathias has yet to explain. The ghost did give him a map of overbite’s old neighborhood, indicating where an action figure is buried that Mathias is meant to give to Overbite – but the map later didn’t check out, and no Austin location matched the map, now or in the past.

Higgs’ and Lydia’s investigations were fruitful, as well. As it turns out, the five trouble-making cowpokes which the Party had encountered at the saloon had evidence. The party set about investigating the situation, in hopes of getting to Overbite before the townsfolk did – but he just seemed to stay one step ahead of them. During their investigations, the party learned that Overbite was most likely being framed (the evidence the sheriff had was material from the real world, and not Astral like it should have been) – and that the Five were in fact mages, not astral cowboys, as well as that the Five were hunting Overbite.

In addition, the party scried back in time and saw Overbite leaving a note for the Sheriff. The note was challenging the Sheriff to a duel at high noon – which, of course, Overbite never showed up for. It was just a distraction to buy himself time to escape. While there, waiting for Overbite to arrive, Lydia found herself somehow in possession of a small note indicating that the party should get to the train station and soon. Rushing off to the Train, the party were each escorted to a different car.

Higgs and Lydia were distracted with illusion clones of Aubrey (an Obrimos who had helped escort the party along their first Astral journey) while the illusion’s caster visited Duster:


Phil claimed that the party didn’t know who they were working for. That the party wasn’t who they thought they were. He explained that he was running with Overbite, but he couldn’t explain in any more detail before the train was attacked by the Five. In the fight that ensued, both Lydia and Matthias accomplished feats of magic they should not have been capable of accomplishing, and each time their hands ‘lit up’ with the power of the Storm that they had seen from along their astral roads.

Matthias blew himself up, awakening in the real world – Higgs and Lydia came along as well, followed curiously by a Hound spirit that they had met on the train.

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