February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Three: The Masters (Session 1)

Our next story begins with a man named Luke.

Luke is Higgs’ mentor: A Celestial Master – something that has always interested the phycisist Mastigos. A long time ago, Higgs had been a sleeper scientist. As his Awakening drew near, he found himself plagued by demons… and signed a contract with them to be left alone. That signiture had bought him a permanent link to Pandemoneum, and with it all the things that made him the Mage he is today. Luke, an angelically-powered Obrimos with a serious addiction to science fiction movies, had taken Higgs under his wing: Mentored him, taught him about the magical world, introduced him to the various Orders.  Continue reading

February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Three: The Masters (Prologue, multiple sessions)

Upon Awakening from the Astral, the group regained their bearings. They found that, in their one-day absence, their Sanctum at the apartments had been ransacked. The group traced this to Antonio Andolini – a hard-boiled homicide detective who’d transfered to Vegas from Boston and picked up a case where Matthias had been framed for murder. Matthais had been found innocent, but only after some magic had been dispelled which was altering the body matthias had apparently murdered – this, combined with Lydia’s royal blood and several other things, has peaked the Detective’s interest in the Cabal despite their claims of innocence. Continue reading

February 21

Stormtouched – Chapter Two: Lynchwood (Multiple Sessions)

The group, having captured an astral Cowboy, used it with the aid of Calvin – a Free Council mage and an Astral specialist – to track Overbite back to the small-time astral realm of Lynchwood. It was an obscure place, somewhere that Overbite had apparently kept himself for some time. It was small, it was hidden away – a tiny corner of astral reality tucked away and almost impossible to track, had he not sent his Astral Cowboy minions to collect his tool from the party. Continue reading