[New Orleans: Fallen Worlds] And Then There Were Two

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Re: [New Orleans: Fallen Worlds] And Then There Were Two

Postby DEM » Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:05 pm

And there she goes again: living.

Her sudden move toward her sword, that doesn't bother me. I startled her by speaking, I know. Peeling my own mask away, I'm left to just... watch, for a moment. Watch the motion of her fingers along the metal of the doors. Watch the suddenly no-longer self-conscious way her wonderment and innocence shine through, as she immerses herself in what she's seeing, what she's experiencing.

It's beautiful. She's beautiful. And I so want to step up, to catch her in that moment, to sweep all of the propriety and all of the awkwardness and all of the insecurity away. I could. I know I could. She's right there, right on the precipiece. It's what she wants, too - she just doesn't know yet, and can't admit it to herself. She needs it, though - needs to not be so tightly wound, needs to accept who she really is. She'll thank me for it.

Half a step. That's how far I get while her back is turned. That's how far, before it comes crashing down, with a warm, slithering whisper in the back of my mind.

She'll thank me for it? If Tomoe were looking, she might notice the slight flaring of my nostrils, the slight widening of my eyes. Thankfully, she's not.

Shouldn't she be the one making that decision? Or are you going to just decide what's best for everyone, now? My hand comes up to my lips, taken aback by the very thought. No. No, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't be like...

Daddy's little girl learned so well, didn't she? But that's not it at all! I'm not like that. I just want what's best for...

And of course, if it just happens to line up with what you want, well, who could blame you? Such a good girl. So noble. Looking after everyone else. The poor dears, they can hardly be expected to know what's best for themselves, now can they? I can feel it now, that need. That want. I can see it in her, calling to me. Begging me to help her lose herself - help her find herself. It'll be so easy. By morning, she'll feel like a whole new person.


A hand comes up, reaching for her. That wetsuit covers everything, and conceals nothing. Fingers moving toward the smooth swell of hips...


... and settling lightly around her waist in a momentary hug as I lean into her shoulder before letting go. The Acanthus gets a bright, delighted smile that reveals... absolutely nothing.

Just like my voice. "Absolutely." My eyes turn toward the doors for a moment, unfocusing. "It's unlocked, too." Not exactly surprising. Who needs to lock your front door when your front door's at the bottom of a lake in a bubble of magic? How many burglars come looking down here? "You want to go first? You've got the pigsticker, after all."

True to my suggestion, I let her go on in ahead, into a ten-by-ten brick-lined corridor. There's lights every half-dozen feet or so, recessed into the ceiling, and utterly ruining the 'dungeon' vibe. Which is probably a good thing, really. The last thing I need right now is more reason to think about the fact that she's pretty much wearing skintight latex.

I'm gonna need a drink after this. A big one.
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Re: [New Orleans: Fallen Worlds] And Then There Were Two

Postby Kjaere » Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:08 am

I tensed briefly as I felt her hand brush against my waist yet within the same breath I was leaning back into her embrace. Her touch was so warm in the wake of the chill lake waters. For a moment the mission was forgotten. All I wanted was to lose myself in the comfort of her arms. But it was gone all too soon, leaving my eyes to fly open with a chill wandering down my spine; The cold seemed all the stronger following her touch.

Swallowing hard I could feel my face start to flush. Quickly I cast a furtive glance in her direction, a hesitant smile playing at the corners of my lips. Rather than taking the time to languish in my embarrassment yet again this evening however I instead returned my attention to the doors.

Her affirmation of my earlier question was all that was needed for my excitement to return in full. I already had my fingers wrapped around the handles when she told me they were unlocked. Each digit flexed and unflexed, my breathing becoming slightly shallow as I mentally prepared myself for what lay beyond.

The question of whether I should go first left me turning to face Liz and nodding once, the reference to my blade unnoticed. “Of course.” With those words my arms tensed to throw the doors wide...

... Only to reveal an unassuming brick corridor beyond.

It took a moment for me to realise there was no immediate danger lying in wait. As the revelation dawned on me the tension in my muscles began to ebb once more, a slight frown taking to my lips as my brow furrowed slightly. I confess the dramatic moment hadn’t quite met my expectations, though even now I couldn’t rightly say what those had been.

I offered a final quick survey of our immediate surroundings to confirm my suspicions of safety before sighing heavily. Reaching up I lazily unzipped the top of my bag, partially exposing the hilt of the sword within. It took a few long moments before I started moving forward, my motions more sluggish than they had been up until now.

Of course that didn’t mean I was slacking off by any means. My eyes continued to scan our surroundings, scouring the darkness even as I expanded my other senses to do the same. Soon enough the earlier tension had all but returned, my hand fidgeting slightly at my side, ready to draw my blade the instant the need arose.
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Re: [New Orleans: Fallen Worlds] And Then There Were Two

Postby DEM » Wed Mar 26, 2014 4:02 pm

There’s a moment there, when she leans into the contact, when the want is so evident… I’m almost undone.

But no. No, if anything, this little… episode… has me more sure than ever that I can’t. That I won’t. Not her. Candy, the others, sure - they know who they are, what they want to be. I’m just a part of their world, I’m not… taking their choices from them.

I’ll show her my world. I’ll let her dabble when she wants, experience as much of it as she wants… but I won’t make those choices for her.

Besides, we’ve got work to do right now.

As we move farther in, I’m peering into the dimly-lit distance. “Door… up ahead, on the left.” It’s maybe forty feet away. Farther than it sounds like, really. But we’re here to figure out what’s going on - to see if we can find any of the people who’ve been taken, and to put a stop to it if possible. And if this is where they’ve been taken, well… we’ve still got the option of blowing the place up. It’ll probably sever the magical connection to the lake.

Of course, it’d be nice to figure out if we’re gonna bring down a twelve-story building full of innocent bystanders in the process, before we do… but right now, I think I want to concentrate on not getting jumped unexpectedly, rather than on diffusing my awareness into a whole lot of ‘what’s there to look at other than the things sneaking up on me?’

You know, I probably should’ve brought a gun. Fuck.
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