Cool NWoD stuff.

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Cool NWoD stuff.

Postby Mrmdubois » Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:34 pm

So it got brought to my attention that there should probably be a place to put cool stuff we want to see in our NWoD games.

I think it'd be awesome to explore the ruins of an Atlantean temple or palace or something, Indiana Jones style. Get in some lore and action. We happen to default to Grant's view of the cosmology as correct enough for game, but what that cosmology is, and the history of it actually doesn't come up that often.

We've got sleepwalkers! Sweet, now I want to see a Proximi damnit. Some action with verges and cryptids would be pretty swell as well.

It may just be that I'm playing a Space Mage currently, but I'd like to do some globe trotting too. Make more connections like the Shells in other Consileums. See other Consileum structures and politics. Getting into Awakened politics in general would be interesting, both inter-Order and the voices of the Legacies.
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Re: Cool NWoD stuff.

Postby Kjaere » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:40 pm

I'm definitely with Matt as far as the Atlantean temples goes. With how vast the cosmology is there are so many different types of locales we can pull on for the setting of an adventure. We're already touching on the Astral in one game but there's the Shadow, the Underworld, Hell without even touching on the Supernal Realms themselves. The ability to draw on such alien atmospheres is something that really appeals to me as a player.

Another thing that came up recently was actually the acquisition of another Mage's soulstone. This ties into what Matt was saying as far as making ties with other Cabals and generally getting involved with Mage politics as a whole. I don't necessarily view it as an element that can be centric to an entire story all the time, but having it be a strong element throughout or for some adventures is definitely something I'd like to see more of.
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