[Wild Talents] 1-1: In Medias Res - Collateral Damage

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[Wild Talents] 1-1: In Medias Res - Collateral Damage

Postby EvilSqueegee » Sat May 17, 2014 8:14 pm

The little black Toyota torpedoed up-stream down a one-way road, tires screeching. The man behind the wheel cursed, keeping one eye turned to stare at the road, and the other physically locked onto his rear-view mirror.

“Come ON,” he screamed, his grip on the wheel white-knuckled. He jerked to the left and shot down a hill, tires half-rolling up on the sidewalk. Pedestrians dove out of the way, screaming; if they could see him then he knew the magics protecting his car were getting weaker by the minute. That wasn’t a good sign. Lerrick’s spells must have put a solid dent in his enchantments. Better his enchantments than him, though.

“Fucking Obrimos, never fucking give up, do you?” He watched Lerrick in hot persuit behind him. He didn’t know what he’d done to catch the eye of another will-worker, but honestly, he was starting to reconsider the Seer’s offers. The Pentacle was clearly out to rub him out of existence; he could use a friend for once in his miserable life.

“Never should have listened to you, Jerry,” he muttered. Another hair-pin turn down another road, another loud curse as Lerrick simply refused to be shaken. “Few extra decades is not worth this bullshit!”

Ever since the Danver’s Asylum had been shut down, he’d had a really hard time finding a good source of souls to fuel himself with. His age was starting to show; he was starting to get more desperate. At this point, he was scared that even if he did escape the Left-Handed Hunter — someone he’d heard whispers of among peers — he’d be just starve to death anyways. Cornered animals were a horrible thing. Cornered mages, on the other hand?

Well, they weren’t known for how well they could drive.


“Home,” I said, trying to keep my voice clear and crisp. Darrel’s picky eating habits had nothing on how finicky voice recognition software could get, especially when you took it out of it’s natural habitat — namely, a place so silent you could hear a pin drop. You know, the kind of place nobody was ever actually going to use it. This newest edition of the code was promising, but the way it heard the word home and thought I said porn left a lot to be desired. The fact that my glasses were then assaulted by a pop-up pornado from hell quickly replaced my frustrated sulking with a childish laugh.

I got a few weird looks from people as I walked down the sidewalk, holding my sides even though I wasn’t slowing down at all. City-girl, you know. Ain’t nobody got time to stop and smell the roses, right? “No, I said home! Home home home! You know, On The Range? C’mon, Chip. You can do better than that.”

Now my glasses brought up the lyrics to home on the range. Siiigh. At least I know Chip’s microphone was working. Maybe he was just rebelling after being dropped in the toilet. To be fair, if I was in his shoes—

~Pretty, single, sane — pick two,~~ my thoughts were interrupted by one of the people passing me on the street. My attention now snapped back to reality instead of the home-modified Google Glass on my head, I spun around to say something to him. Before I could get the words out of my mouth, though, I realized he hadn’t said anything. Just thought it. His hands were shoved into his pockets, his head was tucked low, and the white cables of an iPod hung from his ears.

My breath caught in my throat for a second, but eventually I just turned back around and kept walking. Whatever people thought in their own private heads was none of my business, even if it was about me. I took a deep breath and looked on ahead. No matter. Can’t please everybody, right?

He did give me an idea, though. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pair of ear-buds. I had to pull Chip off for a second to plug them in, and I looked kind of silly with the cords that stretched this far. Maybe I should just wire some earbuds in, have the cords run through the temples. Hinges would be a problem, though… anyways.

“Chip, Play Monstercat,” I said as loud and clear as I could without yelling. After a moment, the electric vibes of generic EDM pounded through my ears and I let my head hang back. You’d think that overhearing people’s thoughts wouldn’t make use of my ears, since they literally have nothing to do with thinking, but plugging my ears does in fact muffle the sounds of people’s thoughts. So, drowning them out with music works pretty well, too.

It also drowns everything else out in the process, though. So by the time I saw the black Toyota come screaming around the corner, it was too late. I was already crossing the road. White hand and everything.

I didn’t get the chance to scream.



The man in the black Toyota threw his hands up in front of his face by instinct. He’d ripped around a corner and there’d been a stupid mortal pedestrian in the way — so much for her. She rolled up and off the hood like a log spinning down a hill, crunching a shattered pattern of cracks into his windshield on her way by. She landed flat on the hood of a small buggy, denting it with the force she came crashing down with, before bouncing and hitting the pavement.

But the Lich in the Toyota had bigger things on his mind. Fucking sleeper would just have to pay the price for not using her goddamn eyes and looking both ways before crossing. He gunned the pedal to the metal, trying to escape Lerrick in a panic, but his eagerness proved his undoing. He hadn’t waited to regain control of his vehicle, so the added momentum hurtled it into a rolling spin. It came to a sudden halt when the vehicle impacted the front of a building, shattering the storefront window. A chorus of terrified screams rang out while sleepers scattered, running from the crash-site.

The Lich cursed, hanging upside down in his car. All he could see was the empty, soul-boring gaze of the girl he’d hit with his car. She was staring right at him… like she could see into his head. She was unconscious, her eyes open, bleeding out into the pavement — you know what? Fuck her, her day wasn’t bad enough yet. A little more strength and he might actually be able to escape this bat-shit Adamantine Arrow; she’d do just fine.

The mage unbuckled, falling to the ceiling of his car with a loud CLANG. Magic swirled around him as he mustered the will for a spell, the cold sterility of death and the desperation of a man promised eternal youth given energetic form.

”ANIMO FUREM!” he shouted, and the spell took flight, wisping through the air for the unconscious girl.
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Re: [Wild Talents] Scene 1: In Medias Res

Postby EtB » Sun May 18, 2014 2:17 pm

Lerrick Walker
Shut my eyes, I know it's now or never
Ride or die, I let my heart surrender
Rise up, I was born a fighter
Dancin' in a ring of fire

Obrimos | Adamantine Arrow | Left-Handed Hunter

Lerrick had indeed been following the Lich, driven by a temporary partner in the chase. For some reason, Lerrick rarely kept partners long-term. This time, however, he had needed transportation; the young Left-Handed Hunter had never learned to drive and likely never would. He had more important things on his mind.

He had seen the girl get hit, and winced, but when the Lich's car plowed into the storefront, he ordered his driver to stop the car, and got out, bolting onto the scene. He is not a big man, five eight, maybe one-seventy, wiry and lean with short, brick-red hair and sea-blue eyes behind wire-rimmed glasses, but he moves with astonishing speed, boosted by a spell that increased his physical strength by rechanneling kinetic energy. It was neither as efficient nor as easily concealed as the more common use of Life arcana to the same effect, but it was what he had to work with.

Cursing as he crosses the street, Lerrick eyes the girl and wishes he had focused a bit more on Life magics now. Instead, he pulls out his cellphone, dials the emergency number, and tucks the phone into her hand. "Best I can do," he mutters, and turns to deal with the lich.

Who at that moment decides to attempt a spellcast. Without even bothering to identify the spell, simply aware of the flux in magical energies, Lerrick snaps out, "Annihilare!", making a sharp cutting gesture with his left hand. The Lich's spell collapses, shattered by the force of Lerrick's counterspell, and the Hunter stalks over to the overturned vehicle, grasps the door, braces his booted feet on the asphalt, and smoothly rips the door from its hinges.

Bending slightly to look into the car, Lerrick smirks at the Lich currently resting against the roof. Although he is smiling, the Hunter's eyes are burning with a barely contained fury, and his face is also pale with it. Reaching in with his enhanced strength, Lerrick grasps the front of his quarry's shirt and hauls him out of the car, cracking the Lich's head against the doorframe in the process. "Watch your head," he says casually, making sure the Lich is hanging half out of the removed door. Then, he judiciously bangs the criminal's head against the concrete.

His head jerks up as the sirens sound, much closer than he had anticipated, and he curses again. No time for finesse. He had needed to make a positive ID before disposing of the Lich -- for form's sake, at least -- but Lerrick was well aware that he was virtually always skating on thin ice where the Guardians were concerned. He had earned...something of a reputation for flamboyance.

Well. He made some quick calculations, then took a quick look around. He noted that the gas tank, as on most cars, was exposed, now that the vehicle was overturned.


He moved swiftly, forming his face into an expression of horror, and fled the scene. What no one saw as he turned away was the way his left hand formed a sign, ring and pinky fingers folded, first two fingers extended, thumb tucked in, and the whispered word from his lips. "Incendia."

Behind him, the car explodes into flames, just as the ambulances come around the corner, and he ducks into the vehicle waiting for him. "Go," he tells his driver, as the unconscious lich is consumed by the flames.

Hopefully, he thinks, the girl won't be. She seemed like she was far enough away. She might even survive the hit she took.

Wouldn't that be interesting.
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Re: [Wild Talents] Scene 1: In Medias Res

Postby EvilSqueegee » Tue May 20, 2014 4:44 am

“Fucking christ!” The Lich’s eyes went wide as Lerrick ripped the car door off of it’s hinges, but that’s just about all he gets out before he’s grabbed and fails to watch his head. Funny thing about head trauma and mages: It shuts them off entirely for a little while. Okay, so many that wasn’t specific to mages, but it definitely did the trick here.

The sirens go off and Lerrick makes his escape. As he slams the car door shut, his driver — a sleepwalker who lived in the area, paid by the Council in Boston to provide minor services like transportation, cover-ups veil protections, providing witness statements where needed, and the like — cocked a brow. His boyish features had a way of exaggerating every emotion on his face somehow, the way a child’s face does, and curly black hair rested on his head in a disheveled fro.

He didn’t say anything, though. He just drove.
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