The Mad Lord

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The Mad Lord

Postby admin » Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:27 pm

The Mad Lord is a dreaming-quest adventure-themed Changeling: The Dreaming game using the Mythic GM Emulator as it's storyteller.

Character Roster
Eve Ulfar -- Telepath Cat Pooka
Ryan James -- Cyrokinetic/Cyborg Arctic Fox Pooka

Rules & Shit
Character Creation: Characters are made with 25 freebies, plus 7 more from Flaws. No abilities beyond the defining abilities for your concept should start over 2. Please try and keep yourself to a single Attribute at 4. The intent is for low-level stats to be your starting point. Willpower is one freebie per dot, not two. Characters need at least two personal unresolved plots and two or three NPC's tied to those plots for the purposes of Mythic GM Emulator plot-construction.

Character Advancement
We don't use XP. Characters earn Beats based on what happens during a scene. A Beat is like a moment of drama in the song of the story, to wax super poetical. Basically, a Beat in the drama is that moment or action or event that steers a scene, causes one or ends one. It's not the comment the character makes, it's the action she takes that everyone has to react to and causes things to move forward.

Characters earn Beats for the following things:
  • Taking actions that embody either their dormant or active Legacy in flavor.
  • Taking actions that embody their Kith, House, or Seeming in flavor.
  • Discovering or brushing up against a new aspect of reality or uncovering an important secret or magical thing.
  • Musing or Ravaging.
  • Exemplifying any aspect of Changeling life in a compelling way.
  • Being actively hindered in their goals by their Flaws in a way that steers the scene or story.
  • Taking significant part in a dramatic change in inter-character dynamics and/or emotional evolution.

At any time not in the middle of a scene, players may liquidate 3 Beats to gain one Freebie with which to enhance their character sheet. These freebies should only be spent on things that make sense for the character and story, when those things make sense for the character and story. (clear with your fellow players before making a purchase, this should clear up any and all confusion.)

For reference, Freebie costs are:
  • 5 for a dot of an Art.
  • 5 for a dot of an Attribute.
  • 3 for a dot of Glamour.
  • 3 for a dot of a Realm.
  • 1 for a dot of Willpower.
  • 2 for a dot of an Ability.
  • 1 for a dot of a Background.
  • Merits cost a number of freebies equal to their merit dot rating.
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Plot Threads

Postby admin » Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:28 pm

The Mad Lord
The Freehold's Leader has slipped over the deep end into an unrecognizable, as-of-yet incurable form of Bedlam. How to cure him?

The Agency Looms
Eve doesn't remember it yet, but she and RJ are both hunted by the Agency. They just haven't been found... yet. Who are the Agency, what do they want?

The Freehold: A Change For the Seelie
With the Eiluned out of his mind, who's going to rule over the Freehold? Does the temporary leadership care for the Eiluned or his people at all -- or does he see this as an opportunity to 'fix' things so they're run 'his way'?

The Freehold: The Mad Wizard's Tower
Part of the freehold was changed when Geladrius went mad. The Wizard's Tower, once a haven for studying up-and-coming magicians, is now a horrendous nightmare. Everyone is terrified of it, universally. Angelica hasn't changed it back to normal, either, instead hiring guards to watch over the stairwell that leads up to it. Rumor has it that she can't change it, and some dark magic has gone terribly wrong.

Living a Life In Both Worlds
The characters aren't just changelings with powers protected by the Mists. They're also Gifted in ways that mortals won't forget seeing. School is starting up, Eve's supernatural nature bleeds a little too much into reality and RJ doesn't exactly blend in like an average guy either. Characters get caught in predicaments where Right to Ignorance is a major question, they have to deal with being 'freaks' no matter where they go, Mortally Chimerically or otherwise.

I Swear This Isn't Sunnydale
Something about the school keeps things 'interesting,' to say the least. Chimera, ghosts, demons, and worse haunt the halls of the establishment. And with the Mists being what they are? The Mortals usually remember too little to know they shouldn't come back the following Monday.
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Postby admin » Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:28 pm

The now-batshit insane Eiluned Sidhe who until very recently ruled over the freehold. Eve's mentor. He was a man who felt for the commoners, loathed making use of his authority and viewed his leadership as a burden rather than a right.

(Name Needed)
The caretaker, a boggain Kinain who manages the governmental aspects of the students and other members of the Freehold, acting as a Child Services/Legal Guardian to most of them. Spends a lot of time at the school and checking in on the Changelings in the area to make sure they're okay and to help however is needed.

Angelica ni Fiona & Tucker
The Sidhe sent in by a higher-ranking authority to maintain the Freehold while Geladrius is out of commission. Seelie and staunchly traditionalist -- despite their unusual situation -- they run things very differently than Geladriel did. Where Geladriel disliked using his authority and rank, Angelica is unafraid to. She has the Freehold's best interests at heart, but thinks that the place was wasted on Geladriel... and also disapproves very much of how things were run before she arrived.

Her true love, Tucker, is an apparently ageless Ahroun Fianna. He almost never speaks. He almost never needs to. He is the big stick Angelica pairs to her soft speeches.

The Agency (Organization)
Men In Black -- SHIELD, Technocracy, whatever. Mixed bag of good and bad, banal as hell and on the hunt for their missing Gifted kids.

School Muggles (Organization)
Students: Jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, goth kids, you name it. School Faculty also falls into this, including substitute teachers, the Principle, the Guidance Councilor, and more.

The Dreaming ('organization')
Chimera, the dreaming itself, Fate, Destiny and more fall into this 'NPC'.

A female Kinain working with Social Services. She very well might be part of a group that kidnaps and rescues childers and wilders from banal situations and delivers them to foster homes or better places. When she revealed that she knew where Ryan might be able to get more information, she was struck into a vegetative state by powerful magics enforcing an Oath she'd sworn to keep who she worked for a secret.

(Name needed)
A childer Redcap that was just recently rescued from an unknown fate and dropped off at the group home.

Sassy fat black lady who looks after the kids at the Group Home. She's in the know, but nobody else knows that. She lets the kids learn to keep secrets by letting them keep them from her.
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Postby admin » Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:30 pm

Places of importance, locations intended to become recurring scene sets.

The Freehold
The Library awaits RJ, as always: open 24-7. The hallway to the left of the lobby leads to the restrooms and the closed-down Clock Tower entrance, guarded by a troll security guard who moonlights as the Freehold’s Sentinal. The spiral staircase that lies in wait beyond him gets more rickety and less trustworthy the higher you climb, until RJ reaches the part where the stairs break off and there’s about ten feet of jagged, hungry, 80-foot-deep pit between him and the doorway into the hallway up ahead.

The Song of Passage refuses to be easily forgotten. Memories are funny things among the Fae, but these few simple yet hypnotic notes stand against the tides of time stronger than even the soul itself. It simply comes to the Fae who once knew it, maybe centuries ago, as they approach. Thank the Dreaming that the freehold doesn’t care how well you can sing. Simply humming is enough: the right notes in the right order and you can just easily walk right over the pit as if the stairs had never broken in the first place. That brings RJ up through the doorway, that place between. Stepping through the doorway and into the clock-tower itself is where reality seems to melt away and the crushing weight of mortal, banal reality is lifted from the shoulders of the faerie soul.

The tower, in the Dreaming, has resisted the erosion thatTime assaults all things with much more resiliently than it’s Autumn World counterpart has. Half-rubble walls and peeling wallpaper give way to chipped and mossy stonework, deep shadows melt into flickering torchlight, and the scent of dust becomes the mingled aromas of food, wine and smoke. Overhead, the vines of otherworldly plants tangle their way through a criss-crossing design of stone sculpture that spans the length of the ceiling. Underfoot, the mostly flat and even floor is marred only by the arcane runes and circles engraved to protect the future of the Hold and remember it’s past. The only sounds are the crackling of the torches and the soft tones of Angelica’s heavenly voice coming from the main hall, the entrance to which lies to RJ’s right.

On his left is the staircase that leads up into the Wizard’s Tower. Two big, gruff-looking guards in thick suits of armor with massive axes look at RJ as he enters. Obviously, Angelica has labeled the place off-limits since it twisted itself upside-out and riddled itself with hostile monsters, and bizzare magical traps both chimerical and otherwise. It went from dream-realm to nightmare-pit, and as such went from enticing secret to forbidden danger, overnight. Even just looking at the doorway sends a chill down the spine -- well, so to speak, anyways.

Every now and then, the rumbling thunk of the Clock’s hands can be felt through the floor. The machinery within the walls of the Freehold breathes with a life of it’s own, a testament to the Nockers in Geladrius’ employ. It doesn’t exactly keep track of time in the mortal world, and time within the Dreaming is unreliable at best -- but the machines are at least still working. Counting down to… something.

The School
There's a gymnasium, a library, a cafeteria, classrooms, a principle's office, the guidance councilor's office, a pool, a football field, hallways with lockers, a stairwell or two, lots of windows and fire exits...

The Group Home
Foster home run by Momma. Momma is a big sassy black lady who's in the know about Changelings, but pretends not to be in order to let the kids have their secrets and let them learn how to work around mortals.
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Postby admin » Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:49 pm

Story: Red in the Face
Chaos Rank: 7
  1. Helen
  2. Redcap Childer
  3. Nichole
  4. Angelica
  5. Tucker
Plot Threads
  1. Ryan's Need for Answers
  2. Where's Nichole?
  3. Hellen's Fate
A New Friend
Eve and Ryan are at the group home when a Kinain Social Worker stops by and drops off a Redcap Childer without a word. This is very similar to how Ryan arrived at the Home, and he wants answers. Nicole takes off to get answers, which is probably bad because she's a mortal. Ryan and Eve take off after her.
Beats Awarded: (2) Ryan and Eve, for the brush with a secret society and the scene default beat.
Plot Threads Added: Ryan's Need for Answers
NPC's added: Kinain Social Worker, Redcap Childer, Nichole
Chaos Rank: Left at 5, nothing felt too predictable or out of control.

Eve and Ryan track the Kinain back to the Freehold. Eve freezes up in fear and Ryan leaves Eve at the gate of the freehold and convinces the Kinain -- who's name turns out to be Hellen -- to tell him what she knows (that he was known as Project Bobby, and that the organization he came from used to base out of the Shadow Glades beneath the Tree that Never Sleeps.) By doing so, the Kinain breaks an Oath and is magically cursed into a vegetative state. Despite being told that Hellen is his problem by Angelica, Ryan leaves Hellen behind at the freehold and heads home.
Beats Awarded: (2) for Eve, for the scene default and for Grant STing the majority of the scene.
Beats awarded: (3) for Ryan, for more clues, scene default and 'your little dog too'.
Plot Threads Added/removed: None.
NPC's Added/removed: Angelica and Tucker added.
Chaos Rank: Raised to 6, scene was more happening to the PC's than because of them.

The Things We Don't Say
Ryan comes back to the house. Eve and Ryan are busted for leaving, and get grounded through Hell's floor and out the other side and back. Ryan and Eve hash out the feelings she's having that she wants him to know about, and the two then discuss the information Ryan learned in the previous scene.
Beats Awarded: (5) for Eve. Scene default, embodying her Cereniac legacy, exemplary Pooka-ing, massive emotional/dynamic evolutions with Eve, and a nomination for getting her cheek stuck to Chill's shoulder.
Beats Awarded: (3) for RJ. Scene default, one for getting them both spectacularly grounded, and one for emotional evolutions/dynamics with Eve.
Plot Threads Added/Removed: What Happened to Nichole, Healing Hellen
NPC's added/removed: None
Chaos Rank: Raised to 7, forces outside the character's influence complicated things for them.
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