The Room That Wasn't: Rules & Shit

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The Room That Wasn't: Rules & Shit

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The Room That Wasn't isn't a room the way everyone else is a room. This is just a PR for roleplaying. Play whatever you want. Play however you want. Play with anyone you want, or don't play with anyone you don't want. There is no unified setting, system, or story.

If Grant and Frank want to run a Changeling game with sheets, their own setting / houserules / story off in the corner -- they can totally do that. That's the game they're playing. If Jen and Shelly then decide to play their own game with freeform and their own characters, they're totally allowed to do that. The two things don't have to be connected. But they totally could be if the players wanted to.

Nobody gives a shit. It's roleplaying, there is no way to do it right or wrong. That's the fucking point. We're not a room, we're just roleplayers who decided to share each other's words over the internet in a central location.

There's only one rule: Don't shit on each other's fun. Don't like what someone else is playing? Wah. Keep it to your damn self. We're all adults here, and we can all act like it. Want to play with someone? Ask! Don't want to play with someone? Say "No thank you."

Don't be a fucking asshole. Don't bother each other. Don't judge each other's play. We're all here for the same reason: RP. To tell the stories we want to tell, how we want to tell them.

Leave your OOC bullshit drama at the door. Keep it out of the room. This is a PR where we're playing to avoid that shit. Bring that shit into the room and you're out. Capiche?

Otherwise, do whatever you like. We're here to play, so play!
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