Gods Among Us

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Gods Among Us

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Gods Among Us is the story of high school kids gifted with abilities -- superpowers, magic and the like -- by entities far beyond their comprehension. These teenagers are friends and enemies, they've known each other either directly or indirectly for a long time.

These entities have agendas, and among one another they have their own alliances and enemies. They work through their vessels -- the kids -- and as such, friends become opponents and enemies have to work together in a game that lies far beyond the teenager's comprehension, played by forces beyond their comprehension. This is the story of how the gods impact their lives.

The system and the sheets are not required, but they are encouraged. They are great tools for some of us, but are not the definitive wall of being able to play. The following information as it regards to sheets is all guidelines and baseline material. None of it is written in stone. That is not an invitation to run roughshod over the intention the rules are there for.

For clarification, this is not a game for Sorcerers and Psychics, it is not a game set in the World of Darkness, nor is it a game about anything to be found in that book. It's simply a decent book by which to judge what mechanics, dice, stats and rules you might use to represent an in-game situation when the need arises. If you have questions, ask Grant.

We are using old World of Darkness stats and dice when the system comes into play, but free-forming things is perfectly fine if that's how you want to do things. It is expected that people keep everyone else's stories and gameplay in mind when picking out things like powers and shit. Don't be a dumbfuck. These kids are flawed vessels, not the gods that work through them.

Sheets should be created using the Sorcerer/Psychic rules regarding how many dots and things you have to spend for your powers. Your powers don't need to be pulled from the books. The books and rules and system are a GUIDELINE ONLY, and are NOT intended to act as the definitive ruleset by which the game is played. We've been making up mechanics and rules for powers since the get-go.

1 - basics of a thing can be relied on while under pressure.
2 - professional-level competence.
3 - Notable, professional competence. This is probably the highest any Ability will ever get for your character. Avoid these on creation.
4 - Probably beyond the scope of teenagers.
5 - Probably beyond the scope of teenagers.

This means your dice pools will probably be something along the lines of 3 to 6 dice tops. That is the intended feel of the system.

If you're the type to build a sheet and track it's XP, then the basic concept is that you get one Freebie per week (Consider Sunday at midnight IMC time the "XP Day.") You will amass many, many unspent points like this. Simply having points is not a reason to spend them.

Please post logs to the logs forum! Thank you :)
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Character Roster

Postby admin » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:57 am

PC's are characters controlled by the players. NPC's are not controlled by the players. Anyone may play any NPC at any time for the story. NPC's can be enigmatic, make little sense or not even behave the same way between stories. It is requested that, like with all things, you be fucking respectful of other players when you play NPC's. An NPC can be played with some respect for it's intended flavor without being perfectly accurate. Reasons for discrepencies can be discovered later on, if any are needed.

NPC's are just plot devices. Use them for your scenes and stories as you see fit. The Mythic GM is a perfect way to hadndle this if you are unsure how to do so.

Player Characters
Lilly (Laurel), model Ariana Grande.
Lilly is a pyrokinetic, and half-sister to Marco. She's Kelly's best friend, and a sophomore. Her Patron is the Adversary, known to some as Lilith.

Marco (Laurel), model _________.
Marco has the hand of Fate as his power, manifest through a tarot deck. He's a senior, and Kelly's big crush. His patron is unknown.

Kelly (Grant), model Michelle Trachtenberg.
Not that she knows it yet, but Kelly is the chosen one of God, of the Judeo-Christian faith. The twist is that God is a feminine divine. She's a Sophomore, and bearer of the Dextera Domini (Witchblade ripoff.)

Michaela (EtB), model ________.
Michaela is a track-runner and sophomore, and has regenerative powers. Her patron is unknown.

Mallory (Kari), model _______.
Mallory is the new girl at school, and a sophomore. She's deaf, and she has an item that can be any artistic tool imaginable. Works of art made with this tool become real things, not just images. Her patron is unknown.
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Non-Player Characters
List coming.

Places of Note
The High school: Information coming.

The Gods Awaken: The teenagers are all getting their powers for the first time, starting to notice each other and there's something going on with these hobos... there's always a hobo. We don't know why yet. The kids are trying to keep their experiences a secret and, while the rest of the world buys their story, they're finding each other much more difficult to fool...
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Story & Logs

Postby admin » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:57 am

Story: The Awakening
The characters' powers all awaken in a very short timespan, as if the Gods are preparing for something...

...and something is preparing for them.

Scene: When Hobos Attack
Characters: Kelly, Marco, Lilly, Attack Hobo
Synopsis: Lilly and Marco take Kelly out to a resturaunt. On the way, a hobo screaming in tongues attacks the car, shouting things at Kelly that only Kelly seems to be able to understand.

Scene: Dextera Domini
Characters: Kelly, Michaela
Synopsis: While out buying a birthday present for a friend, Kelly stumbles across Michaela being stabbed in an alleyway. the Dextera Domini awakens and Kelly fights off the attackers. Michaela is freakishly fine, despite all logic saying she should be dead.

Scene: The Purple Crayon
Characters: Mallory, Marco
Synopsis: A hobo drops the "gift" of a strange crayon off. Mallory's computer is telling her strange things.

Scene: The Hand of Fate
Characters: Marco
Synopsis: Marco chases the hobo out of the resturaunt with Mallory and winds up finding a special Tarot deck for himself.

Scene: Firestarter
Characters: Mikey, Lilly
Synopsis: Mikey is there when Lilly's powers start to manifest, and Lilly sets a whole building -- and mikey -- on fire.

Scene: The Sound of Music
Characters: Marco, Trevor
Synopsis: Marco and Trevor get caught up in a game of one-upsmanship in front of a Freshman algebra class, wherein rumors get started that Marco got a blowjob from Tyrim (this didn't actually happen.) They get into a car accident but come out okay because Trevor saves their lives with his luck powers. By the end of it all, Marco/Tyrim/Stephanie (marco and lilly's stepmother) have had threesomes in every room of the house.

Scene: Computer Lab
Characters: Konrad/Kelly
Synopsis: Characters are established.

Scene: Cards & Crayons
Characters: Marco, Mallory
Synopsis: Marco and Mallory decide to go out looking for the hobos.

Scene: Mikey's House
Characters: Lilly, Mikey
Synopsis: Lilly gives Mikey a computer and visits her house.

Scene: Beginning of the End
Characters: Lilly
Synopsis: Lilly finds out that Tyrim and Marco did something bad from Stephanie, but doesn't realize exactly what it is yet.

Scene: Siblings pt1
Characters: Trevor/Lisa
Synopsis: Trevor tells Lisa about what happened with Steph.

Scene: Big sister
Characters: Lisa/Marco
Synopsis: Lisa confronts Marco about what happened with Steph, threatens him with it. Marco decides he likes her.

Scene: Daddy's In Brazil
Characters: Lucien
Synopsis: Lucien, in Brazil, sends a message to the people the hobos work for. He claims that the hobos being in his territory is a breech of contract and he is angry with them.

Scene: Bad News
Characters: Lucien
Synopsis: While he's working a job in Brazil, Lucien recieves a phonecall about what's been going on with Marco/Trevor/Stephanie.

Scene: Sisters of the Turbostupids
Characters: Lilly, Lisa
Synopsis: Lisa tells Lilly about what happened between Marco, Trevor and Stephanie. She also tells Lilly that Marco and Trevor are out to score notches on their belt with Kelly. Lilly sets Lisa's car on fire.

Scene: Apologize, Right Now
characters: Lilly, Trevor
Synopsis: Lilly confronts Tyrim. It goes well, surprisingly, due to kittens. Lilly gets a text from Kelly about how Tyrim hit her with a door and Tyrim refuses to apologize to Lilly about it.

Scene: Daddy's Home
Characters: Lucien, Mikey
Synopsis: It's revealed that the hobos want to kill Mikey before she can play her part in things, and that something is posessing the hobos. Lucien saves Mikey from a hobo, and gives her a ride home -- Mikey's mom recognizes Lucien. Lucien realizes that Mikey's mom was an old client who struck a deal with a heavy price in order to guarentee that Mikey would be important. Lucien recognizes that Mikey will be very important -- she's doomed to die a very important, memorable death.

Scene: Killing Kelly
Characters: Trevor, Kelly
Synopsis: Trevor winds up at Kelly's house trying to apologize. Kelly thinks he's peeping on her. Trevor winds up making everything worse, and the Dextera Domini activates. Kelly has a panic attack and Trevor gives her a bag, but it's got cocaine residue in it. He invokes super good luck and saves Kelly's life, but the Bearer manifests and tells him to get the fuck out. He does.
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Re: Gods Among Us

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Re: Gods Among Us

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