[GAU] When Hobos Attack (Lilly, Marco, Kelly) 1/22/15

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[GAU] When Hobos Attack (Lilly, Marco, Kelly) 1/22/15

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(1/22/2015 12:00:13 AM) (2008780)

"Will you take me to the mall?"

Marco is sitting in his room, with the door half open. I lean against the door way, watching with little interest as he types up some kind of essay on his desk top. His room is a little larger than mine, but spartan by comparison in furnishings. There's the Ethan Alan colonial oak bed frame with matching dresser, book shelves, and desk. Everything is orderly and composed. Martina, the little house maid that works for our parents does his laundry which he keeps in a hamper in the corner. The only real benefit my room across the hall has from his is that it has its own small bathroom wheres his doesn't. But he has a balcony that looks over the gardens and I've been terribly jealous of that.

My eyes linger on his back. He hasn't made a single acknowledgement that he's heard me. "Marco, will you please take me to the mall?"

Marc Iago (Damiana)
(1/22/2015 12:08:42 AM) (2008787)


I frown a little to myself, not because my younger sister is being any kind of real nuisance but I'm not satisfied with the words that I've composed. I pause to switch windows and eyes scan down the wikipedia article that I'd pulled up but nothing there satisfies my need. With an annoyed air, I return to Google.

The Moonstone Wilkie Collins Plot Overview.

What I pull up on Sparknotes is hardly something I plan to plagarize, but I need something to help me consolidate my thoughts. By the time I've finished scanning it, my sister has walked in behind me and put both of her hands on my shoulders.

"I said no. I'm not taking you to the mall. You have your own driver's license now. Take yourself. Call Kelly. Ask her to go with you."

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(1/22/2015 12:21:10 AM) (2008795)

I massage his shoulders in a very light manner and read his paper over his shoulder.

"Instead of saying-- here." I reach over him, take the keyboard. He pushes his chair back to allow me access and I settle down, resting my hips on one of his upper legs. It just so happened that Wilkie Collins is one of my favorite classical English novelists, though I much prefer Lady In White to Moonstone. Lady In White and some of his more obscure works.

Actually, after re-writing a single sentence, I cluck my tongue that is the abomination called my brother's natural grammar and click up to the beginning of his essay, smirking to myself as he slips one arm around my waist and starts to watch and I completely tear down his essay to its foundation and make it all so much better.

Time passes- and it is about twenty minutes later that I lean back, slip my arm around his neck and tilt my head so the side of it is touching his while we both face the screen. "Take me and Kelly to the mall. We'll go to Victoria's Secrets and model for you."

Marc Iago (Damiana)
(1/22/2015 12:32:22 AM) (2008797)

"Like it would be a turn on to see my sister in a pink teddy." I tell her with a snort . I don't comment about Kelly. "Fine. Whatever. Mom called earlier to say she wasn't going to be home for dinner. She told me to order in pizza or something. I'd rather go eat out. What movies are playing?"

I give her a shove off my lap, lean in to make sure my paper is saved and then sitting back, stretching and putting my hands . My eyes do follow my sister as she pulls out her phone and flops herself down on my bed, feet up at the headboard, head down at the end, her long mess of hair every which way. She isn't at an angle to see the way my eyes do slide over her in a way some might saw was a tiny bit creepy, coming from your half-brother.

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(1/22/2015 12:44:10 AM) (2008802)

"We're not going to see a movie," is the response that I give him, using the exact same tone he had given me about the mall. Meanwhile, I call one of my best friends using speed dial, humming lightly to myself some song popular on the radio and just enjoying the fact that I know Marco enjoyed me on his lap more than he'd ever let on.

Would I sleep with my brother? Eww. Gross. Even if he wasn't my brother, I have standards and while not a puritan, I like to think I have too much self respect to let some gross and sweaty high school moron get himself off inside of me. Oh, I date. I enjoy kissing. I enjoy flirting- especially when it is at Marco who tries to pretend that I don't get to him. I know I do. It wasn't like there was much place for him to hide, after all, there at the desk.

"We're going to go do whatever Kelly is the mood for us to do."

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(1/22/2015 1:20:51 AM) (2008846)

”Hey, Listen!”

“Shut up, phone.” I brace the corner of my mouth with my tongue in concentration, jerking my controller to the left a little.

”Hey, Listen!”

“Shut up!”


I slump, looking at the screen. What, I can’t fight in real life so I’m banned forever from fighting games too?

”Hey, listen!” my little brother mocks me, sitting next to me on the end of my bed. I shove him off the edge and pick up my phone, and smile immediately seeing the number. Lilly’s phone! That means Marco!

I quickly skip over my brother and shut the door behind me, leaving him in my room because I don’t care anymore. It’s a decision I’ll probably regret later, but for now? Way more important boys in my life than the one who keeps stealing my shirts.

I pace back and forth a little, taking a deep breath and hit the pickup button, bring my ear to the phone and try to keep the big smile out of my voice.


Yep. So much for not sounding pathetically excited to get a phone call Kelly. Real smooth.

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(1/22/2015 1:38:44 AM) (2008854)

"Hey girl!" I sit up as I hear her voice.

"So the mom-cunt is off sleeping with dad's best friend and pretending that she had to work late. Or something. I totally think she's waxing Jerome Kincaid's pole. Remember when I caught them together in the back yard acting suspicious a few weeks ago?"

Marco has one eyebrow raised skeptically. I stick my tongue out at him. "Anywho- there are no adults here tonight because daddy is still on his business trip to Brazil. Marco has offered to take us out to dinner. Somewhere really nice. And I need new shoes. Would you like us to come pick you up? Do you think your mom would let you spend the night? You can bring over your laptop." I make that last as an offer, knowing that she gets twitchy when she's de-plugged too many hours in a row.

I notice how Marco is paying close attention, like he really does want the three of us to go out. It wouldn't be the first time that he's agreed to something I wanted to do because Kelly came along.

“Ew much?”

I bounce a little on the balls of my feet and thump my way down the stairs.


I’m already grabbing my backpack and putting my laptop in, then running back upstairs for my toothbrush and my clothes as dad yells back up from the kitchen where he’s cooking dinner.

”Will there be supervision?”


Dad pauses. There’s a moment where I can feel the No coming on, because Marco isn’t really an adult… and dad doesn’t like him much. He knows mr. Rivale is out on a business trip, but he also knows that Lilly and Marco do ake care of me a lot.

”Alright, but you better call and check in this time,” Dad calls up. “I’m serious.

“Green light! Come pick me up, like, yesterday,” I say to Lilly over the phone. Of course by yesterday I mean more like in an hour because I am not going out to eat with Marco without fixing my hair. My brother yells at me for sucking at Mortal Kombat on my way past his bedroom door but I don’t bother responding.

By the time I’ve gotten to the bathroom, Lilly and Marcus are probably already piling into the car. Ohmygod I’m a wreck. Calm down, Kelly. I look at myself in the mirror, pick up my hairbrush and give myself a determined, intense look.

“Alright, you.”

I threaten my hair in the mirror with the brush.


"There's a fine line between somewhere nice and Jack In The Box," I object to my sister only after she's squeed at Kelly's response and hung up her phone. "Mom said she's working late, not that she isn't coming home."

My sister rolls her eyes and tells me that mom-cunt isn't coming home until after midnight and will have an excuse if pressed. Technically 'mom' is Jennifer, step-mom #2 for me. I was only one year old when my birth mother died and my father brought home Angelica the trophy wife who gave me my evil and volumptous half-sister. They got divorced five years ago because he was sleeping around and Angelica took as much money as her pre-nup allowed, ran off to the caribbean.. and left us with the woman I'm calling "mom" because I know it annoys Liliana.

We both call her Stephanie to her face, and mom-cunt behind her back. Except when I'm needling Liliana and skip the c-wod.

I'd say my relationship with Lily is complicated, except its not. We understand each other perfectly. Sometimes it really does feel like I know what she's thinking and plotting before she actually does it. But she has her own little trick of knowing sometimes how and when minor stuff is going to happen, like predicting who's on the other end of the phone before anyone picks it up or that announcement right now that mom-cunt won't be home before midnight.

Maybe she just has good instincts, because when she says something in that specific tone? She's almost always right.

We banter back and forth all the way to Kelly's house in the sporty little Honda that I got as a birthday present when I turned seventeen. I wait for her to run to the door and grab Kelly by the hand and drag her back to the car.

"Hi," I say in that clipped tone of mine when she scrambles into the back. I listen to the two of them chatter as I pull away from the curb.

When they pull up in front of the house, Dad’s on the front steps watching me run to them -- staring at Marcus with the Look. As if Marcus is grounded already. He’s not as scary as he thinks he is. In fact, I tuck my head down and hide a little behind my hair, because it’s embarrassing.

Marco says hi but I don’t talk to him first, because I’m totally not going to be that girl. Instead I blow him off a little and reach around the front seat to hug Lilly from behind after tossing the backpack into the seat behind Marco and shutting the door.

“Please go before my brother realizes you’re here,” I whine. Last thing anyone wants is him hero-drooling over Marco like he’s the freaking king of everything cool. Again. I don’t want to be just ‘sister to the Lord of Dorkness.’

The moment we’re pulling away and I don’t have to worry about Dad making eye-sex at Marco trying to be scary, I relax a little and flop back into the seat with a big sigh.

“Where are we going?”

I hope it’s somewhere nice. I spent way too much time picking out which top I was going to wear for us to stop by at a freaking burger king.


"We're going to somewhere nice." I emphasize that last word and poke my brother's thigh. He ignores the gesture. Not that I'm dressed fancy, just a tasteful blouse and skirt. I am sixteen after all and I know that if I'm making Marco pay for an outing, I might be able to get him to take us to a place without a franchise signs and with actual menus and water glasses on the table, but that is the best I can hope for.

"Near the mall," I hasten to add. "Because I need shoes and there's a sale at Victoria's Secrets." I turn my face towards Kelly and start talking about one of the other girls we know.

Marco hasn't spoken again, but he makes a turn and we go on a major street which has a large mall to the left about three miles down, and it is surrounded by retail outlets and such. There is a large Imax movie theater there as well.

We pause at a stop light. There on the corner is a scruffy homeless man in a patched army jacket, sallow-skinned and guant, but with unruly long brown wavy hair and a shaggy beard. He's got one of those cardboard signs, something about can't work and God bless, blah blah. I don't pay him any mind.

But suddenly, something provokes him. While we're waiting for the car to move, he's dropped his sign and he's there, pounding on the back window, yelling incoherently at Kelly. What comes out of him might be English, but all I hear is garble. I shriek.

Marco lets out an angry exclamation. The stop light doesn't switch; there's this long horrifying moment where I think he's going to try and break in- he keeps jabbering at Kelly, wide eyed and desperate.

"Go!" I yell at Marco. "Just go!"

“Somewhere nice, please,” I correct for Lilly, but I’m looking at Marcus. I’m being playful, but it is the first time I’ve spoken to him specifically. I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but I don’t think I’m coming on strong or anything. God I hope not.

Lilly starts piping up about a new girl at school. Part of me wants to talk about anything but school because it’s the weekend, but really I’m happy to get conversation that doesn’t consist of determining who’s fault it is that Dad’s old VCR had a PB&J sandwich stuck into it. I’m chatting away with her when suddenly there’s a thump on the back window.

Lilly and Marco are in the front seat, and I’m the only one in the back seat. And this homeless guy is staring right at me, screeching bloody murder. Like he’s horrified of something, or angry at me. It scares me and I just about jump through the back of Lilly’s chair, hitting the floor of the car with a scream.

I look up at him and he’s glaring back down at me, babbling at the top of his lungs about halos and wings and having done his service just like I asked. It’s hard to understand, it’s in some kind of super-thick accent -- but he thinks I owe him something, like he did something for me. I don’t realize that I they can’t understand him.

“MARCO!” I plead over the sound of the hobo pounding on the glass with everything he’s got. “SCREW THE LIGHT! GO!”


The light changes just then. I take it fast, probably faster than I should and there are some angry honks and I'm swerving around someone who is abruptly pulling out-

- and then its over. No car accident, no harm, no foul. But my skin is crawling. There's no way I'm admitting to two semi-hysterical sophmores just how much that freaked me out. I feel the muscles in my jaws and side of the neck just throbbing, however.

My eyes scan both sides of the road- and I spot an Olive Garden, sharing the block which leads down into the shopping mall proper. I pull in there and glance at my sister.

"Nice enough for you?" But my eyes shift to the rear view mirror to check on Kelly with some actual concern.

Marco floors it and I go hurtling back against the seat. Tires screech, the car swerves, and I can’t tell what’s going on -- I’m gonna die.

But we don’t. Marco’s got it under control, and he doesn’t even break a sweat. He just keeps that same cool look on his face and works the car like he was part machine himself. My ears are pounding and my hands are shaking, I’m clinging to the seat so hard my knuckles are white.

But he’s just so… perfectly okay.

I scramble out of the car as soon as we stop in the parking lot, and rest my hands on my knees to catch my breath. I want to run my hands through my hair and scream but if Marco is going to be this cool about it all, then I will be too. Don’t let them see how scared I just got -- Lilly always gets all wierd when I get scared.

Once Marco and Lilly step out of the car, I step up and give him a hug. “Thank you,” I say. “I promise I won’t tell dad.”

And then I wince at myself.Yep! Screwed the pooch on that one. Way to go, Kelly. The perfect time to bring up your old man is right in the wake of the hot, rich boy saving your life. I let go of Marco and take a deep breath, then look to Lilly, and back to the restaurant, trying to pretend that I didn’t just make myself look stupid.

I’m going to die a virgin.

When we start moving for the door, I wait for someone else to open it and take the first step inside.

“What do you think he meant, anyways? Wings and duties paid? Vet stuff?”

Nope. I’m not scared at all. Look at me, tough-girl. I’ll talk about it right away. Learned that one from Lilly. Right?
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