Beginning of the End (Lilly, Steph) 2/6/15

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Beginning of the End (Lilly, Steph) 2/6/15

Postby Laurel » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:48 am

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/6/2015 12:14:01 AM) (2021201)

"You were snooping in my room again."

When I had walked out of Mikaela's house earlier, I'd had a lot on my mind and decided that it was probably better to let Kelly and Marco just go to Crowley Street without me. I'm not sure I could avoid talking about The Bracelet in front of my brother if I was with them. That wasn't exactly the neighborhood to hail a cab in, but I was in the mood to walk and did so for a short while. Nothing unusual happened, which was a relief. In fact, I just kept walking until I reached a different friend's house and got her to give me a ride the rest of the way. We talked about yearbook, the football team, how lame our biology lab was. It was refreshingly normal and lightened my mood.

However, then I got home. I saw my step-mother making dinner and eyed her with surprise. Stephanie didn't cook normally when dad wasn't around; she was rather lazy. But from what I could see? She was going out of her way to make an elaborate meal of foods that my brother was extremely fond of. I ignored her greeting, grabbed some SunnyDee from the refrigerator and went to to my room.

I put my school bag on the table- and frowned.

Everything was exceptionally clean and smelled of Fabrege. I noticed that some things were out of place. Moving to my own computer, I touched it. It was cold, but other things on my desk had been re-arranged.

"You cunt."

Whipping around, I stormed into the kitchen and slammed the SunnyDee down on the countertop to Steph's side.

"You were in my room!"

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/6/2015 12:43:43 AM) (2021214)

"My room was perfectly fine before I went to spend the night at Kelly's. It wasn't the cleaning woman's day- and it doesn't smell right."

Instead of getting the mop? I take the bowl of cake batter? What is left of it? And I intentionally turn it over and spill it to the side of me.

"You had no right to go through my things. I've warned you before. And why does Marco have the Mustang? Why didn't you call daddy and tell him that Marco was in a car accident? You know he cut classes yesterday to go joy riding with some friend of his from drama club? And he's laughing about it. I am sick of him being so untouchable. If I'd done anything like that? You would have been right in my face, Steph. You so let him get away with murder. What is his secret? That he has a dick?" I snap all of this at her angrily.

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/6/2015 12:54:17 AM) (2021222)

I whimper and rest my forehead against her neck. She’s right. I’m so not a brown kind of guy. Oh what a cruel fate has befallen me! To be struck plain in the height of my prime. How will I ever live with --

Hey, is that vanilla? Is she wearing vanilla again? Mmm... delicious. I’ve always found that preference of hers to be amusing.

I press my hand into the small of her back when she leans into me. I smile wide at her words, returning the kiss in kind. We always have been two of a kind. Though when she moves to pull away I press my hand into her back and go in for seconds. Of course mine is a little greedier than hers had been.

“But it’s so much more fun when you take them off for me.” I whine and pout before flashing her a grin, still working the shirt off where its been glued to my skin.

“Speaking of chains, do you think they’re still in the basement?” But then she’s gone. Not for long of course. She never could stay away.

“Holy sweet mother of god.” She’ll hear me curse from the other room. “God damn it Marco.”

By the time she gets back I’m standing there naked in the mirror, experimentally scratching and rubbing at the paint on my chest. My skin! My sweet beautiful skin! How could this happen?

“Weren’t my clothes enough? Did you need to take more from me? Was their sacrifice for naught?!” Apparently my torso is also covered in a veneer of shitty paint. This is going to be hell for my complexion.

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/6/2015 1:16:13 AM) (2021240)

"What the hell are you talking about??" I'm still really annoyed- but now I'm confused. I glare down at the mess and then back her.

"Who told- wait... Marco? What does Marco have to do with you moving things around in my room? And who else was it?" My voice sharpens. She's now covering her face in her hands.

"Stephanie- what did you do?"

But she just bolts out of the kitchen and races to her own room, slamming the door shut. I blink and look at the batter mess. Muttering, I start to clean it up. Oh, so nobody said anything before? But now I'm going to interogate the hell out of my brother just as soon as he gets back with Kelly.

And then, just then? I get the text from him.

|| I'm already home. || If I was a dog, I might be foaming at the mouth but I am not going to alert him that anything is wrong. Instead, I focus just on cleaning the kitchen and then finishing supper myself. I go to my own room to spend some time on Facebook and Tumblr.

Marco doesn't come home.

Do I text him?
Do I text Kelly?

Now I start to fidget and worry. Screw it. I text them both.

|| Where are you guys? Its 8 pm!!! ||

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