[GAU] Mouth Thinking (Colton, Kelly) 2/11/2015

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[GAU] Mouth Thinking (Colton, Kelly) 2/11/2015

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Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/11/2015 10:04:23 PM) (2025021)

Oh, I know about the new boys. Hard not to. I’ve always got an ear to the ground for new people. I like making friends, even if I’m about as good at it as Lilly is bad at not being the queen bee.

And with most new kids, I have no problems finding the right time to come up and say hi. Around here? You’d think new kids were lepers. But with the twins… well, not only do I have no idea how to tell which one is which but nobody else seems to care. Watching the girls descend on one of them yesterday like a pack of wild animals starved for fresh meat was pretty cringeworthy.

I would have sat down at lunch with Lilly, but I have no idea how to tell her what happened. Or if I should. Or if I should hint at it and let her be the one to figure out, or maybe I should have marco tell her -- or maybe I should just take marco’s phone and text her so she thinks it was him. For all I know I should write a three-act interpretive dance musical about hobos and pawn shops to explain what went on.

I really have no idea.

Anyways. Between that, and not wanting to add to the chaos that Colton (Colby? Caleb? Oh no, not again) had to deal with? I didn’t exactly throw myself headlong at anyone. I just stayed in the background. I was in the cafeteria, I was just standing behind the tall kids, on the wrong side of the room, eating by myself. I’m pretty, but I’m small and I have long hair. Makes it easy to not be seen… even when I want to be seen.

But I don’t want to be left out. I wanna meet the twins, too. Just not right in the middle of him having a hard time keeping track of which of the Lilly Goons is which, and not in the middle of a hurricane’s worth of people staring at him or assaulting him with stupid questions. And not when he’s alone, either. Because that’s his breathing time. Boys need to breathe, it’s a thing. Marco needs all kinds of space…

...Which is why he hasn’t said anything to me today yet. Never mind that we haven’t even been in the same hemisphere since last night. He hasn’t said anything to me, and that means he’s taking space. Maybe I scared him. Maybe I was awful.

Kelly? Stop thinking about it. He likes you. He’ll come around. It’s been like two seconds. Give him a minute or two. Yeesh.

Back on track: if I don’t talk to the new kids soon, they aren’t gonna be new and I’ll miss out. I don’t want to be the girl who avoided them on their first few days, right? That’d be rude?

...you know? I’m starting to think it’s a freaking miracle I ever got laid. Everyone else makes it look so easy. How do they handle all of this thinking? I’m losing my mind over h--


I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts to have any hope of reacting to what happened. Not that anyone really had much of a chance -- I’m not a klutz, and that door flew open so fast and so hard the window on the front cracked when it hit my head.

Trevor comes bursting out of the classroom, still trying to tug his pants up and rocketing down the hallway. He’s gone in a flash, running for his life from the three or four jocks who emerge, angrily stomping after him at top speed. It’s like a bad episode of roadrunner -- except it winds up with me on the floor, my books and laptop and notes and pencils exploding into the air and raining all over the place. It’s all over really fast, shouting and swearing echoing down the hallway.

Trevor and his pursuers are gone. I’m left on the ground, seeing double. Or triple. Getting hit in the head makes it hard to…


Colton Wolfe (Rainya)
(2/11/2015 10:06:05 PM) (2025024)

I have a hate-on for the world right now. No, never mind, the world is fine. All the people who haven't touched my life are great. I have a Mother sized problem though and if Caden and I don't fix it soon we are both going to go crazy.

How do you explain to a parent that you just don't feel like yourself unless you are near your other half? Cause that's about how I feel when Caden isn't around, like half a person. Whenever mom is around she reacts to me and Caden being near each other like we are cystic fibrosis patients that want to make out with each other and we need to be kept at least 20 feet away from each other. He's my brother. I have been hip to hip with him my whole bloody life.

I reeeeeeally need to focus on something else or I might be the one to hit someone today instead of Caden. Although the thought of hitting some-


I nearly jump out of my skin as the door slams open right across from me and I watch a kid stumble out, only to be chased by other kids. I look at the door and then notice the girl sitting on the floor nursing her head and her stuff is all around her. Dropping my own bag I kneel down next to her and reach out for her head. "Holy crap are you okay?" I ask and I realize it's the worst question to ask someone who is in obvious pain but I ask anyways cause everyone always inevitably does.

I glance at the door and then nudge my foot out, pushing it away from the girl and hopefully back to a semi closed position so she has room. I'm more worried about her than her stuff though. "Swear to god that door just came out and bit you. Doors are being -really- stupid nowadays." Which probably makes no sense to her but all the sense in the world to me.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/11/2015 10:06:33 PM) (2025026)

It takes a bit for my vision to kick back in. When I can finally see, it takes a bit for my brain to kick back up.

When I open my eyes, it’s because someone’s touching my head. I look up -- Lilly? Of course it’s the first place my head goes. I haven’t talked to her all day. We’re practically joined at the hip, how is it that Marco expects me to…

...Oh. It’s not Lilly. It’s the twins. Both of them. And they’re talking in unison? That’s really creepy. I don’t understand what they’re saying, but I think I wouldn’t understand it even if I hadn’t been hit in the head with a train. Or a door. Or an ogre. Whatever it was. Ow.


The twins.

Oh god no. This was not the first impression I wanted to make.

“I think I’m dead, guys,” my mouth catches up with my brain and I finally answer their question with a groan. I reach up and feel for the arm attached to the hand touching my head, but I don’t grab onto it. That would take effort. I think I need to sleep. I’m nodding… off--

’WAKE UP, KELLY.’ A voice in the back of my head shouts, and my eyes snap open.

“I’m up,” I declare suddenly. “I’m up!”

I try to sit up but it still hurts. And my vision isn’t fixing, either. Did I lose a contact? Great. I lost both of my contacts. What is this, National Beat On Kelly week? Hobos, alleyway muggings, deaf girls and now classroom doors all seem to have it out for me. Lilly is going to burn the world to the ground before long.

I start padding my hands around the ground until I find my glasses. I never wear them around school -- last thing I need is to be Kelly Four-Eyes to the rest of the school. I find them and awkwardly slip them onto my face.

“Stupid door,” I grunt, and shift forward to kick it right back. It slams shut.

When I look back up? There’s one of them. Seriously, we’re the only people in the hallway. The creepy unison-speaking twins thing? Literally all in my head.


Awkward. Can we just pretend that was delerium? Something about seeing double is so not the first thing I want to come out of my mouth right now.

“Hi. Am I bleeding?”

Yeah, because that’s any better than a seeing double screw-up.

Colton Wolfe (Rainya)
(2/11/2015 10:06:54 PM) (2025028)

"Nope, still very much alive. If you were dead you wouldn't be feeling like crap. And you have no idea how much I would love it if you were actually seeing double right now." Because that would mean Caden was here and not three buildings and seven doorways over.

What? I counted. Do people not realize this is the longest we've been apart in the history of ever?!

Her eyes slip closed and I open my mouth to tell her to wake up only to have her snap awake herself. Well that's handy. My hands don't move from her head though and I feel like I am practically cradling her face. She moves to grab her glasses and I know those feels. I wear glasses at him but at school I have the contacts.

My hand gently searches through her hair and I lean a bit to look at the side of her head that connected with the door. "Nope. No blood. But I can guess you'll have a seriously nasty Door-Hangover for the rest of the day. I'd recommend the nurses office but there isn't a Nurse's office that I have been to over 6 schools that has anything close to a comfortable bed let alone pillow and the idea of lying my head down on a pillow that about 500 other kids have laid on? Lice would be the least of your concerns. And I don't have lice on my hands...at least not the last time I checked. Caden and I did have lice when we were ten but mom just shaved our heads to get rid of it. Worst picture year ever."

The babbling comes out with the knee jerk reaction to fill the silence with something. I'm not quiet, I'm never quiet, except of course when Caden isn't around which sucks.

"Unless of course you want to go to the nurse's office? Maybe they will have IB Profin? Or Tylenol? Maybe vodka?" I offer with a smile.

I realize I'm babbling and I shut up except for a very belated. "Hi."

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/11/2015 10:07:24 PM) (2025031)

He’s like a hurricane of words. A wordicane.

And that gives me something to latch onto. I haven’t even started to pick my stuff up yet because I’m still reeling. But the more he talks? The more I can listen to what he’s saying. It’s something to focus on. Something to make myself concentrate to do, which helps pull me back together. He talks the way I think. It never ends. A torrent of words to fill the empty space… it’s like he’s thinking with his mouth.

Oh god. I got punched in the face by a door, he’s seeing me with glasses and now I’m staring at his mouth.

And he’s groping my hair. That doesn’t really bother me much, though. I’m a touchy person. Er… I’m good with the touching. I’m okay with him touching me. Actually, you know what? I give up on that thought. It’s just dirty no matter what I do. Lilly understands it, that’s the important part.

“Hi!” I repeat when he stops talking.

“Never go to the nurse’s office here,” I shake my head a little, wincing. “She’s dangerous.”

I almost say something about not having 500 kids on his hands, but the moment the thought runs through my head I think better of it. I can hear Kon laughing like a jerk already, and immediately a part of me feels jealous that twins don’t have younger siblings. At least I think they don’t, that’s why they’re twins, right?

“I’m Kelly Benette and I’m a klutz today,” I push myself up to a sitting position and look up his arms at him while he checks my head. I smile.

“That was Trevor Benson, and he’s a jerk every day. And you are… caaaaaarl?” I drag the last word out as if trying to remember the word once I’ve started saying it. It doesn’t finish right. I cringe.

“Charles? Colby?”

I swallow. Imagine the agony of meeting them both. Same face, same name, same everything… and I probably won’t even be able to get half of it right, let alone all of it.

“I plead head injury. I knew it this morning. I’m sorry.”

Colton Wolfe (Rainya)
(2/11/2015 10:07:43 PM) (2025035)

"Noted, evil nurse. If I get hit with a wild door or a biting chair I will make sure to tough it out or curl in a ball and cry, which ever instinctual reaction happens first. Knowing me? Cry like a fucking baby." I am smiling as I pull my hands away from her head. I will stop her if she tries to get up though. That door was vicious.

"I wouldn't say you were a klutz, unless you wanted to get body slammed by a door like an American Gladiator contestant. If so I give your performance a four. You didn't fly back from the door nearly far enough for an 8 or a 9." I'm nervous, does she know I'm nervous? Well I'm not so much nervous as I seem to just never have a filter between my brain and my mouth. Caden is my filter. He has put his hand on my mouth more times than I can count.

"Trevor? Where have a heard that name? OH! The brunette she said he was in the Drama Club and giving some guy named Marco a blow job under a teacher's desk." I smile brightly because I remembered two names! The spreading rumors part doesn't even register to me.

I laugh and move to gather her stuff, pulling it together to a pile next to her. If she moves to try and get up I will put my hand on her shoulder to keep her sitting. She needs a few more minutes. "Colton. Colton Wolfe. My brother is Caden. We respond to either name though. We are practically the same person in two different locations and we aren't like those other twins who get offended when you can't tell them apart. That makes no sense to me. It's not like an insult to be called Caden, I would actually be flattered, my brother is kick-ass."

I get her pile-o-crap situated next to her and then pat it in a 'stay' motion as if it is going to spontaneously relocate itself everywhere...again.

"Wait...Kelly? I think Lilly was looking for you at lunch. Then again I am horrible at remembering names too so if at any point you hear me yell 'Hey Hooker!' it's a term of endearment, I promise."

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/11/2015 10:08:05 PM) (2025036)

On the bright side, when his hands go away, there’s no blood on them. They still go away, though. I do try to get up, and he does stop me. I am soundly placed back on my butt.

What he won’t stop me from doing, then, is grabbing my laptop and yanking it open the moment it’s in range. I need to buy it a cement box to hide it in at this rate, I keep plowing into people and things and dropping it everywhere. I don’t think I have klutz insurance. It’s… still okay. Oh thank god. I close it shut after checking the screen for damage, running my fingers along the designs on the World of The Old Final Riftcraft desktop image I’ve had lately. New expansion soon. So excited.

His comments about ranking my performance get a laugh out of me. Except I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh, so I bite it halfway through and wind up looking flattered… or awkward. Or both.

He’s nervous. I can tell, because he keeps talking. I’m like that. Except he’s actually funny, and I’m a heap of anxiety all the time. Like right now, when I do stupid things like bite down laughs and almost sound like Goofy the Dog.

But… then he says Trevor was giving Marco a blowjob. And I suddenly go pale. Sheet-white. I cough in surprise -- or, more precisely, choke on the air.

“Marco did what!?” I stare at Colton, almost dropping my laptop again in shock.

“He-- who? When?” I slap my hands down around again, quickly snatching up a brown paper bag and crumpling it up at the neck. I don’t actually use it, but oh my god. I cover my face. I’m blushing and grossed out and sick all at once.

“You’re serious? This is a joke. You’re joking. Ask Lilly. That’s a bad joke. Marco’s not gay. Like really really not gay. No no no.”

I keep opening my mouth at this point, but not a whole lot else comes out. Apparently I’ve met my match, he’s the better chatterbox. Because I suddenly have no idea which way was up. The door? Concussions are just painful. But Marco and Trevor?

That’s horrifying.

Colton Wolfe (Rainya)
(2/11/2015 10:08:12 PM) (2025037)

I watch her grab her laptop to see if it survived. Having a laptop would be fun, Caden and I each got our own tablets for Christmas but I don't bring mine to school. Other than that we share a computer. It used to be in -our- room but now it's in the family room because...well because mom sucks and she doesn't want us spending time in a bed room sharing it.

I suddenly reel back a little as she seems to choke and sputter out that Marco can't be gay.

"Statistically speaking more boys actually do boy on boy exploration during high school and college it doesn't mean he's gay I mean it could mean he's Bi or he could be perfectly straight and he just closed his eyes and imagined a girl mouth." Could happen right?

I have to admit I am now sitting on my own ass in the hall about four feet from her now.

"It is probably not true? I don't know how reliable are Lilly's Hens? Do they just cluck everything they hear or do they actually produce fact? Cause they were informing her and she seemed surprised I mean I think she glared then again she is like the Queen Bee and a force to be reckoned with so I wasn't going to ask. The brunette beside me told me that Trevor and Marco are horndogs and even she has gone....there..." All of this is said in one breath and my face clearly says that it would wish my mouth wasn't letting all these words fall out of it.

SHUT UP Colton!

"I have also been at this school for 5.7 seconds and I could be confusing names. I probably am. It could have been Pablo. Pablo is a good name to blame all this on." I babble and I fidget with my hands.

I want Caden. THat's what I want. I am not this person, I don't just spew rumors...okay I do but he's my filter! I need him to slap his hand on my mouth and calm Kelly down cause fuck knows I'm doing a bang up job of it!

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/11/2015 10:08:41 PM) (2025039)

Statistically speaking?

“Not helping, Colton!” I blurt out. BEcause it’s so not. He’s trying to make Marco MORE gay. I need him LESS gay. Or at least gay with anyone else! Freaking carrot top or…. well, okay, maybe I’d take Trevor over Konstantin. But--

“MY MOUTH IS--” NOTHING LIKE TREVOR’S! I bite my tongue as I realize that I am so not using my indoor voice. I am so glad this hallway is empty.

...Oh god. Now I’m thinking with my mouth. About my mouth. At colton. Very loudly. I’m going to die. Everyone is going to know and they’re just going to think I’m another one of Marco’s conquests and Lilly is going to find out because the new kid knew before she did. Oh god please no.

I swallow. I breathe a little. Calm down, Kelly. He’s just trying to talk his way out of this the way I usually think my way out of things. That is to say, very badly -- and usually making things worse. It always takes someone else fixing it.

He keeps talking and suddenly things start to make sense. The second he mentions Lilly’s hens? Nicole, Kristine, and them, I make a decision. I know the look on his face, because that’s the feeling I get in my stomach every day. He can’t stop. He knows it’s getting worse and he’s just going and going because he doesn’t have any breaks.

So I stop him. The moment he mentions that he heard this from the Hens I reach out to put my finger to his lips. If he flinches, I flinch and freeze. If not? I’m covering his mouth. Either way? I’m shushing him.


I wait a second, whether my hand is awkwardly in the air or insistently on his face.

“Only listen to Lilly, she has brains. The Hens are just white noise. They’d tell you Marco slept with his mother if they thought it was something you’d listen to them say. If you knew Marco, you’d understand why they have to talk about him. He’s not gay. And even if he was gay, he’d at least have some taste. Ew.”

Marco likes me. He wouldn’t get trevor-germs inside me. I almost gag just thinking about it.

“Who usually reels you back in? What do they do? You can’t tell me you’ve survived this long without someone to be your break pedal. Lilly is mine.”

For instance, when she’s not here, I do stupid things like just assume it’s okay to point out that I totally get someone I’ve barely met.

I’m not creepy, am I? I mean I did just try to put my hand on his mouth. Creep-ish, maybe?

...maybe I shouldn’t stack me thinking with him talking. But my autopilot is so rusty.

Colton Wolfe (Rainya)
(2/11/2015 10:09:08 PM) (2025042)

My eyes nearly bug out at her yell even if it was aborted. "Oh...GOD are you his girlfriend?!" I'm dead. I am so dead. Caden is going to be picking tiny pieces of me out of- oh god Caden is going to hurt Marco if Marco comes after me. We need to move again, and this time it's my fault and not Mom's.

When she moves to cover my mouth, there is no flinch. I actually lean forward into her hand and close my eyes with a sigh of relief. "Thank you." I comes out more 'dangyue' because it's mumbled through her hand but I think she can catch that I am so utterly grateful that she is placing her hand on my mouth.

I am silent (thank you!) and I listen to her tell me that only Lilly is to be trusted. Okay. That makes sense. I nod into her hand a little.

She asks a direct question though and I reach up and gently grab her hand and wrist with both my hands, pulling it away from my mouth but I don't let go or pull it very far from my face. I'm used to physical contact...I'm used to always being near my brother. "Caden." I respond quietly and painfully. It sounds painful because he isn't here. "Caden is my break-pedal. He usually covers my mouth or wrestles with me or catches my attention." I sigh a little and just hold her hand and wrist like it brings me a great deal of comfort.

"You know? Being new at a school doesn't suck. Caden and I are used to it, dad is in the Navy. New schools are just part of the routine but my mom has decided that Caden and I spend too much time together, she decided we needed to be our own people so now I have a separate room and a completely separate schedule and I -never- see him. I don't know how to be a singular person and I am suddenly forced to be a singular person and I don't know what to believe or who to trust or what to say-" I tighten my grip on her hand and just pull it to cover my own mouth again.

You know what? She can do what ever she wants after we part ways, she can tease me for doing this, she can talk about it to others, she can think I am the weirdest fucking person ever...don't care. I just need a substitute Caden right now.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/11/2015 10:26:31 PM) (2025071)

He asks if I’m Marco’s girlfriend and it’s my turn to wear myself on my face. I want to say yes! The other night? So yes. I want to be Marco’s girlfriend, and the very fact that someone just made the mistake of thinking I am makes me a little giddy. I still have the words miss Benette mentally tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. And scribbled on half of my notebooks.

“No,” I mutter, even though I hate saying it. “Marco doesn’t settle down.” I haven’t really yet had the chance to come to terms with that. Never you mind me having known him since gradeschool, and never having seen him change. Sometimes -- big irony, I know -- I don’t like thinking about things.

It’s an awkward conversation to have when I have my finger pressed against another boy’s lips. But it just kind of… comes naturally.

He’s so adorable. I think I could die from the cute. He moves my hand and then puts it back. All at once, the sad is washed away. I smile. He’s like… he’s like an out-loud me. Rambly touchy nervous. I want to take him home and stuff him full of food and hug him to death and show him the costume collection that Lilly and I--


“Trust me. I have some practice being a single person. I can show you the ropes!” I offer, only to realize how pathetic I’ve just made myself sound. It’s a revelation that dawns on me right before I realize I’m sitting on my butt in the hallway at school, in front of someone else sitting on their butt in the hallway at school, next to a pile of all my stuff.

And my head hurts. I think Trevor just gave my forehead a black eye. That’s when he opens up and starts talking about Caden. He… he’s talking about himself! Oh my god that means I’m doing this well and I’m making friends this time? No panic attacks or bad sign language needed!

“My mom doesn’t love my dad anymore. She moved out and dad has custody. I’ve never really done a lot of moving around, dad works as an accountant which is nothing like the military but people still get angry about their money. I see Lilly every day and I can’t talk to her yet today because her brother finally noticed me, but she’s going to be mad because I’m supposed to be off-limits and I don’t want her to be angry with him--”

Aaaaaand now I’m covering my mouth with his hand.

Srry im n idot,” I muffle through his palm. “TMI.”

Colton Wolfe (Rainya)
(2/11/2015 10:45:16 PM) (2025092)

“Well then he’s an idiot.” I say and offer Kelly a smile. It isn’t flirtatious at all and seriously? I sound like a gay best friend instead of a boy talking to a girl when I say Marko is an idiot for not settling down with her.

I don’t want to let go of her hand and the fact that she doesn’t pull it away from me? I keep it. I keep it over my own mouth as she talks. This is the first time I have been even a little bit comfortable at school. I still feel like half of me is missing but having Kelly near by helps.

My hand is suddenly moved to her mouth and I smile against her fingers. “You know? This might work. We can walk around school all day covering each other’s mouths and make sure neither of us say stupid stuff.” I say into her hand.

I pull her hand away from my mouth and just hold it and her wrist on my lap. “So when you say you were finally noticed by her brother do you mean you were noticed? Or that you were noticed?” I ask curiously. I scoot a little closer so my knees are now against hers.

“I pretty much blabbed to you all the embarrassing first day dribble, you ran into a door, at this point I really don’t think either of us can be mortified by each other. Let’s face it, we now both have ammo against each other which means we have things we share but others don’t. That’s like the definition of friend right? Cause I could really use one right now cause my next plan is to march into the guidance counselor's office and demand to be in classes with my brother and we have both seen just how eloquent I am.” Which means….not at all.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/11/2015 11:12:59 PM) (2025129)

My eyes go wide when he suggests that. And then I cover his mouth again. Well, that’s what I try to do. He’s talking into my hand as it is so I just grab his face a little tighter. I move his hand out of the way of my own mouth.

“We do that and everyone is going to start talking about how Trevor gave you a blowjob and how I held you down for it. Or he used my hand.” Pause. “Ew ew ew!”

His knees touch mine and I relax a little more. “He Ramada Inn noticed me,” I whisper. “After like fifty years.”

Immediately I hide behind his palm. It’s not on my mouth anymore, I cover my eyes with it and brace for impact.

Not that it makes sense. He’s the only one to hide from, and it’s his hand. But I haven’t even so much as hugged anyone since two days ago. I’ve been trying to keep something from everyone, again. And that doesn’t end well. Ever. This? I like this. I am relaxed, somehow. He’s new, doesn’t know me and I don’t think he’d hate me at all if I turned out to be some kind of freak.

And he has a point. He’s spilled his guts, and a door almost spilled mine. So we kind of are best friends or blackmailers by this point.

“Oh my god please be my friend,” I blurt out, tugging his hand off my face.

And then I blush again, almost slapping my mouth with his palm. I take a deep breath. Or two. Or three. I calm down. I’m good at calming down. It doesn’t look like it, but Dad says I’m an excitable girl. The doctor has some name for it that I can’t think of right now.

Deep breaths. Deep. I hope he doesn’t realize that I have that paper bag for a reason.

Colton Wolfe (Rainya)
(2/11/2015 11:33:37 PM) (2025187)

I shrug. “I really don’t care what anyone else says about me because I always have one person who knows it isn’t true.” My twin. “Add in the fact that my sexual experiences can be summed up to five of my best buds….” ANd I hold up my right hand and wiggle my fingers. “I pretty much put the ‘master’ in masterbation…” Really….filter...please and thank you!

“Oh he noticed you. Okay, now I hate you just a little. So jelly.” I say and watch as my hand is used to cover her face and her mouth then she hides behind it and it makes me smile. I really have no personal bubble. Well I have less than no personal bubble with Caden but others...well this is nice.

“Friends sounds good.” I tell her with a nod. “I won’t say anything about...all of this and you won’t and we’ll have this secret hallway conversation and then Marco won’t have to kill me for telling you stuff because seriously does the guy bench press stuff? I mean I only say his back when he was leaning over a table but I think he could take me….not like that!” I hastily add. “He’s all yours.”

I take a deep breath and then look at her stuff next to her and then up and down the hall as if just noticing that we are alone and sitting in the middle of the hallway.

“Are we supposed to be in class right now? THere is a study period right?”

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/11/2015 11:48:37 PM) (2025248)

“I wish I could not care. Lilly knows me but this place is a freaking jungle,” I look around the school. It scares me sometimes.

Okay, a lot of the time.

He asks if Marco benchpresses things and I practically melt. “Are you kidding? He can bench press me,” I say as if I’m convinced I’m the heaviest thing on the planet. Somehow this stays more about him being the freaking Green Lantern than it does about me being heavy, though. “Totally works out.”

He’s all yours.

I have to bite my lip again to stop from actually squeaking. Someone just gave me Marco. I think these are the best two days of my entire life.

“Who cares about Mr. Don’s study hall? You are so cooler than he is.” And then I practically throw myself into a hug. God I need a hug right now. I have to go tell Lilly that I rescued one of the twins and he’s my friend now. I’m going to sit like this and feel not detatched from everyone for a little while, I think.

Man he’s warm. I can’t wait to tell Lilly.

“...Oh!” I immediately break the hug and start digging through my stuff. Colton gets the usual: I scribble out all three email addresses -- one for friends, one for school stuff, one for gaming stuff -- my phone number for texting, my home’s landline number, my Skype, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, my Twitter, facebook, linkedin, four square, Tumblr, wordpress, myspace (shut up), and my username on the World of the Old Final Riftcraft forums. Oh! And Lilly’s cell number and home number, her email, and her AIM and her skype, too.

“My info.” I slide the two-paragraph long list of ways to stay in touch to him. “I want to meet Caden. And you are getting the Halloween Treatment.” I grin.

That’s when the bell rings. It startles the crap out of me and I look up. People start pouring out of their classrooms, and I tuck my hair behind my ear, pulling my hands out of his lap and finding absolutely nowhere to put them when I break contact. Man this is awkward. I liked his lap.

I start fidgeting and picking up my things as the stampede starts to flow around us.

Colton Wolfe (Rainya)
(2/12/2015 12:00:05 AM) (2025276)

“I’ve been in scarier Jungles. Never go to school in Montana.” I tell her. And I am suddenly being hugged! I hesitate for half a second and then hug her back, putting my face in her hair. The hug lasts a bit and I clear my throat. “Um...I know I just basically gave you away to Marco but things are getting special cause you smell good.” I say bluntly and when she pulls away I have to adjust my pants and my lap a little, blushing.

“You so don’t get to judge because it’s a bodily function that I can’t control. Last year a girl brushed my crotch instead of going for the popcorn when we were watching the Blind Side. I can’t watch a Sandra Bullock movie without being equally weepy and aroused. It’s confusing.” I verbal vomit all over her.

I am handed her resume of social media and I clutch it with a smile. “I’ll text you my pretty pathetic list of contact info. I read...a lot.” Which means I don’t really sit on a computer all day.

I nearly jump out of my skin as well and I hastily help her get her stuff back in her bag before helping her up off the floor.

“Thank you for running into the door.” I say quietly with a smile. I glance at my watch and then yelp. “If I hurry I can see Caden for three minutes before next class!” I am already taking off down the hall. “Nicetomeetyoubye!”
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