[GAU] You're a Freak (Kelly/Tyrim) 2/12/2015

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[GAU] You're a Freak (Kelly/Tyrim) 2/12/2015

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Trevor Benson (Kjaere)
(2/12/2015 4:40:19 AM) (2025501)

Earbuds in. Music up. Turn on. Tune out.

I don’t know how long I’ve been walking since Lily flounced off. Not sure where I’m heading. Usually don’t.

I’m staring at the coin in my hand, rubbing it between my thumb and index finger. Considered dropping by a dealer. Didn’t. Dunno why.

Normally with tunes going I’d be dancing my way down the street. Monsterdog is some catchy shit. Nothing like getting some good wub wub in your life. Just not feeling it right now though.

I started to get annoyed about half a block back. Not at anything at particular. Or maybe everything. I don’t fucking know.

And here’s where I snap. I whirl around and slam my first into the nearest solid object.


I’m cradling my hand and rocking back and forth like Rainman. It takes a minute before I look at the object I punched.

It’s a mailbox. Of course it--


Are you fucking serious right now? Really? I look at my hand and notice the glimmer of gold from between my fingers.


I look up to the sky and stare in disbelief. I stopped asking why years ago. But on days like today? You make this shit hard.

I rub my face with my hand and wince, realizing too late that it’s the same one the one the mailbox just imprinted on. Fuck my life.

So yeah, when Marco mentioned about Lily having a friend? I obviously had to get the downlow. Didn’t get a whole lot of work done there. But I did learn her name: Kelly Benette.

Fine. FINE. I get it. God damn it, I get it already.

I look around quickly. What if Lily’s already here though? Hrm. Front door is too risky then. Backdoor? Probably going to get arrested. Windows? Probably the same.

Okay. Time for plan ‘T’.

So there I am climbing up a tree in their backyard. That window there is obviously Kelly’s.

Or you know, based on how my day has gone, not.

Maybe it’s her dad’s and I’ll get shot? Oh! Maybe her mom is home and I’ll find another MILF. That’d be pretty awesome. Wait, no. No, no, that’s probably not going to help here. ‘Hey Kelly, sorry I broke your face. Also, I fucked your mom. Friends?’

And so: behind window number one we haaaaave:

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/12/2015 5:14:45 AM) (2025507)

What was that noise? Kon better not be trying to sneak out again. He promised me he wouldn’t get in my hair tonight because I promised him I’d take the blame for the mess in the garage. Tonight is for me and Lilly and I have decided that I shouldn’t worry. Colton has Caden and I am going to have Lilly no matter what happened. So no more secrets.

I look at the girl leaning against the wall, watching me. It’s a different one from the samurai I threw through the window at the hotel. That’s probably for the better. In fact, I’ve never seen her before. She’s not a cowboy, or a samurai, or a space priest. She’s just some girl with big hair, chewing bubble gum wearing black denim, a leather jacket, and chains.

“You wanna stare at something useful?” I snark at her. If they can break windows, they’re real. I’ve learned that much. Just because nobody else can see them? Doesn’t mean I should ignore them.

She quirks a brow at me, like something out of a bad 80’s movie and smacks her gum. She doesn’t have to say anything, the look on her face is so unimpressed that I think the Hens could be taking lessons.

“You there. Go check out that noise,” I point to the front yard.

She rolls her eyes and looks out the window.

”Huh. Benson.” She looks at me. “You gonna throw me out the window if I talk?

“Idunno. You going to try and mind-control me when I’m trying to-” I pause. Blush. “-When I’m busy?”

”Honey, you can bump uglies with whoever the hell you want. Keep me out of it. Gross.”

“Then you’re window-free. Talk.”

”Take that sheet. I got an idea. I think he’s gonna climb the tree. What a dumbass...”


When Trevor reaches the top of the tree, and looks behind window number one? I’m alone in my room. Well, almost alone, but he can’t see my hallucinatory friend and I’m acting like she doesn’t exist. My bed is made. On one side there’s a piece of paper folded up, labeled Lilly. On the other, Kelly. There’s only one bed in the room. I have some of our super-secret Halloween Stash dug up and put on the bed. Chocolate. I’m standing in front of the full length mirror, just off to the side. I’ve got some music playing. I don’t recognize the band.

I’m getting ready for Lilly to show up. While I myself don’t think of it like this, Calypso -- that’s her name, she tells me -- is certain that if Trevor ever saw the way Lilly and I are with each other? He’d think all kinds of things. And she says that’s good, even though I think it’s more gross than the way she chews with her mouth open. Her taste in music isn’t bad, either. Old stuff, but it sounds cool. She says to trust her, it’s what boys want girls to listen to.

I don’t know why she talked me into this. But I’m sitting here in my panties and a sports bra and not much else, adjusting my hair in the mirror and being a girl.

When Calypso tells me that he’s looking through the window -- she says it has to be this way, because then he can’t see me noticing him -- I go across the room. Out of sight. He can’t see me now, because the wall gets in the way.

And then in a flash, just a second or two later?

Calypso runs through my arms and it’s blanket party time. Trevor gets caught in a sheet, and with way too much strength to call it my own? I yank him into my room and drop him on the floor, closing the window behind me and screaming in my best distressed voice.


”Kelly? What’s the matter?” Dad calls from downstairs.

I grit my teeth at the boy who made everyone think Marco was gay.

“You have ten seconds to give me one good reason I call off the hounds.”

I mean business. Calypso is right… with her help? I’m really really strong.

Trevor Benson (Kjaere)
(2/12/2015 5:38:03 AM) (2025508)


I don’t remember what it was. But that’s not the point. Just look at that--


Just... DAMN.

Wait. Wait. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait.

Lily just said... And now she’s... And the chocolates? And the--?

Oh my god. Holy shit. This is... Am I dead? Did I fall off the tree and die? Is this heaven?

I’m pretty sure those aren’t the droids I was looking for.

Oh god where’d she go? No! No damn it!

A little bit closer. Just a little. I’m about to go full Jack Frost and just press my face right up against the glass here and.


I’m stuck. Oh god there’s screaming! Is that my screaming? Rape? Rape! Wait no. That’s not-

Oh shit. Oh fuck. Ohhhhh fuuuuck.

I manage to struggle my way out enough to face my adversary. Wait. This is Kelly? Jesus Christ. Apparently she lifts. Wait. Do I even lift? I mean, I’m no linebacker but I bet she could probably be one.

Wait, ten seconds? Its been five seconds! FUCK!

“I come in peace.” I hold up my fingers in the Vulcan sign. Wait, no. That’s not how this goes. God damn it. Lets try that again.

I throw my hands up like she’s holding a gun to me. It could be true. Her father might have a gun. I don’t know. “IjustwanttotalkPlease?Ifyoustillwanttokillmeafteryoucan.” Breathe. “All I’ve got is my word right now. You’re kind of holding all the cards here.”

God please don’t let her notice how hard I am right now.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/12/2015 5:49:40 AM) (2025509)

Calypso. Is laughing. So hard. ”Holy shit the woody!” this is the funniest thing to her.

Okay. So it’s funny. I smirk a little. But I also choke him a little. Because I’m angry.

“You hit me with a door.” I thump him against the floor.

”Kelly? Is everything okay?” I haven’t called Dad off.

“You touched Marco.” I thump him against the floor again.

Dad’s footsteps coming up the stairs.

“You talked to Lilly.” I squeeze a little tighter.

The doorknob jiggles.



“Yeah! I had to chase it around the room with a shoe. I think I got --” I slam trevor one more time into the floorboards. “Got it!”

”Okay, honey. Konstantin said he was going to be calling some friends on Skype in his room tonight and said not to be disturbed. So try not to make too much noise?”


I look down at Trevor again.

“If you open that stupid mouth of yours and it’s something I don’t like? I’m throwing you out that window and screaming for dad. And don’t think I won’t. I’ve had a really. Really. Bad. Day.

Each of those things is punctuated with a little shake. And then I let go. I release him and let him breathe.

Calypso applauds me. ”Encore! Gut ‘em! Go for the eyes, boo! Five-by-five.”

I have no idea what she means.

Trevor Benson (Kjaere)
(2/12/2015 6:10:05 AM) (2025511)

Can’t. Breathe.

Ow. That’s my head.

Oh god that’s her father.

Ow. That’s still my head.



Why are all the hot women crazy? And I mean like, next level fucking crazy. The last shit makes cheerleaders look like childs play.

Pedophile jokes aside: Guess I’m onto the next difficulty. Game on.

When she finally starts talking to me though? I can’t see her. My vision is filled with stars. Wait, no. I see her. All four of her.

That can’t be a good sign.

I close my eyes. And then I don’t move. Not for a while. God my head hurts. I seriously think I might have a concussion.

... That would be about right, wouldn’t it?

Love you too karma. Please stop leaving me surprise presents. Especially if their name rhymes with ‘hubba’.

Deep breath. Groan. Ow my everything. I’m half tempted to just jump out the window. ‘Fuck this shit we’re even now.’ But I don’t.

At least not yet. That’s my plan ‘w’.

Eventually I climb to my feet and sit on her windowsill. Fortunately my erection subsided. Probably don’t have blood after ALL THE FUCKING HEMORRHAGING.


I rub my head. With the hand I punched a mailbox. I wince again. God damn it all.

“Mind if I smoke in here?” I pull the pack out but it’s gone again unless she gives the okay.

Sigh. “Look, I heard about what happened. With the whole door thing.” I motion to her forehead. “I was in the neighbourhood. Just wanted to apologize. I might be reckless and crazy, but I didn’t mean to hurt you. Or anyone. That’s not how I do things.”

I close my eyes and rub my temple. With my good hand this time. “As for the other stuff? I doubt I have any answers you want to hear. But I didn’t come here to pick a fight. I don’t want to do that either. I just wanted to let you know I was sorry that you got hurt. For hurting you.” I don’t look at her when I say that. I probably don’t look much like I normally do to her. Don’t feel that way either.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/12/2015 6:28:54 AM) (2025513)

“Uh, yeah I mind? Parents have noses too, y’know.” I roll my eyes. He can smoke somewhere else. It’s bad enough Marco does it, I don’t like the way it smells.

”Hey, I could go for one. Been like… hell, thirty years.”

I’m starting to regret talking to the peanut gallery.

He opens his stupid mouth. I stare at him. I clench my fist.

“Climbing a tree in my yard and staring at me through the window not just being in the neighborhood. And it’s not how you apologize to someone! Might be all fun and games to you, boner-boy, but some of us actually feel violated by that crap!”

...and then I realize I’m still wearing what Calypso said I should wear. So I storm over to my closet and put on my biggest, baggiest, un-sexiest bathroom in the history of the universe.

”You shoulda seen your face!” she’s losing it. As if I wasn’t there. But I’m not paying attention to her, I’m glaring death at Trevor. He doesn’t seem to be in the best of place. He feels bad? Good! He should feel bad! He’s lucky I realized I was beating the crap out of him when I did. I might not have let go.

“That’s not how you do things? What about how everyone else does things? If you hadn’t decided to lead your stupid jock-train through the fucking hallways, I’d still have my contacts and Dad wouldn’t have to pay two hundred dollars for a new pair of glasses! All you care about is you! You can hurt people a lot more ways than just hitting them with a door and you don’t even stop to think about it!”

I stomp my foot. I fume. There’s a moment of silence while I bite my tongue.

“...but thank you for apologizing.” I take a deep breath. “The door thing is fine. Dad says I don’t have a concussion and I have spare contacts. And Colton is my friend now, too. I forgive you for that part. But I ‘m not going to forgive you for… for putting Marco in your mouth.”

Trevor Benson (Kjaere)
(2/12/2015 7:03:08 AM) (2025515)

I shrug and put the smokes away. Didn’t take her for the type, but it was worth asking. Especially because I could really use one right now.

Oh thank god. She’s putting clothes on. I’m not sure how much longer I could have kept my eyes from drifting. Definitely adding to the bank tonight. Especially with what Marco said about costumes.

I relax and smile, just a little. “I’m glad to hear you don’t have a concussion. Really.” I mean, I probably do now. But what does that matter really? Who’s keeping score?

Oh yeah. The universe. Right.

Wait, then what did I do to... ? You know what? It doesn’t matter. I’ll worry about it later.

Then I look back out her window and into the yard. Back to her. “Would you believe me if I told you that wasn’t my intention when I climbed up? I just figured it’d be easier and less complicated if I didn’t let your family know I was here.” That’s mostly true, kind of. Sort of.

I’d go on to explain about getting distracted but I somehow don’t think that’s going to score any points here. Some people just can’t take a compliment. Even if they deserve one.

Did I mention damn? ‘Cause really...

It’s hard not to grin as I continue, but I do smile a bit wider. “As far as Marco? I’ll let you in on a secret.” I let it hang there a second as I lean in a little, though still across the room from her. I’d rather backflip out of here then let her get her hands on me again.

”I haven’t done what everyone says I have.” Not yet anyway. Probably won’t. But ca serra serra. Steph kind of beat me to it anyway. “Can’t believe everything you hear.” I shrug and shift slightly, closing my eyes as the pain radiates through my head.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/12/2015 7:23:01 AM) (2025518)

don’t believe everything you hear? I haven’t done what everyone says I have? Sure, it’s a denial. But it’s a carefully worded one. He’s up to something. And I’m just about dry on patience with him.

“Don’t. Play. Games. With. Me. Trevor.”

I growl. Trevor starts to feel like we aren’t alone in the room. He can’t see anyone or anything different -- but it’s like knowing you’re being watched. Or like someone’s standing right behindyou.

Gut ‘im!” Calypso jeers me on. The ring on my finger -- that’s what the Domini is right now, because bracelets are gaudy and I don’t feel like wearing one today -- shifts. I don’t actually realize what’s happening. Just because Marco helped me ground myself, and just because I learned I could shape it? Doesn’t mean I’m any kind of an expert.

And I don’t know that there’s a knife in my hand, now. Or that I’m white-knuckling it. Or that I’m not really myself, entirely, when the Domini gets turned on like this.

There’s a whole lot that I don’t know right now.

“Marco is mine. I love him. He sleeps around but he belongs to me. And he might not care about hearing day in, and day out, every FUCKING day,” now that I think about it swearing isn’t exactly my style, I must be really angry, “about how horrible he is and how he got a blowjob in front of a whole freshman class. But I DO. It HURTS ME. Nobody believes me. And people are treating my friends like shit! They’re treating me like a freak because I stick up for him!”

I go to point at him and that’s when I realize I’ve got a knife. A really fancy, alien-looking knife. The Domini has a really distinct look to it.

It startles me. I let go and yelp, jumping away form my own hand. The knife snaps back to being a bracelet hanging off my wrist. I look over to the wall where Calypso was standing a second ago. She’s gone.

My breathing speeds up.

My heartrate goes through the roof.

I panic. My eyes are welling up with frustration and hurt and I’m scared. I could have just hurt someone.

Not again. This is the second time in two weeks. Right in front of someone. Oh god.

I’m hyperventilating. My hands are shaking. This is it. This is going to be the one that kills me. I’m never going to get to see Lilly again. My heart is going to explode or an artery is clogged or stress has made a hemorrhage in my brain or I had some genetic defect that kills me when I lose my virginity. It’s over. I’m dying.

I can’t breathe.

Trevor Benson (Kjaere)
(2/12/2015 7:57:57 AM) (2025519)

Welp. I’m fucking out of here.

I mean, I can handle women. Angry women, crazy women. Angry, crazy women. Dime a dozen in my line of work.

Angry, crazy women with knives? Okay. Exotic, but not outside my expertise. Sometimes shit gets hairy.

Angry, crazy women who materialize knives from rings? OH HELL THE FUCK NO. We’re done here.

Oh and did I mention the sudden ghost-story level of presence in the room? Yeah. Fuck this. T-Man signing off.

But I can’t make any sudden movements either. Yeah, she’s still all the way over there and I’m all the way over here. But after earlier? And now? When I find out she can do that shit? For all I know she’ll be waiting down there with a firepit ready to roast my innards over once she’s done ripping them out with her teeth.

So I stand perfectly still. Maybe she’s like a T-Rex. God let her be a T-Rex. That’d be way easier to deal with then a crazy teenage chick with a knife.

I’m watching her very carefully the whole time, let me tell you. And when she points the knife at me? That’s right about when I start shifting my weight out the window. Rather take the chances with the fall.

But then she... freaks out?


She’s... not trying to kill me? Well that’s... unexpected.

Wait a second. Oh. Ohhh. I get it. Well, sort of. Yeah, thats gotta suck.

Now this is the point where any sane person would quietly make their exit. Quick while the crazy is distracted! Now’s your chance!

So of course I sit perfectly still.

“Breathe.” The word is calm, cool, collected. “Calm down. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. You’ve gotta control it rather than let it control you.”

I don’t expect it to work. No. She’d have to listen to me. Have a reason to.

So next she’ll hear the click of my lighter. I’m lighting my cigarette and taking a drag, blowing a puff of smoke out the window.

Told you I had some experience dealing with crazy chicks.

You’ve really outdone yourself tonight Trevor. Really, truly. I mean, it’s not like she was already pissed off at you, right? Not like she was ready to fucking stab you over something you didn’t do. No, definitely give her a reason. What could possibly go wrong?

Aside from, you know, everything.

Of course I’m still sitting on the window sill. I’m not completely retarded.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/12/2015 8:13:30 AM) (2025520)

Tyrim saw it. He knows. He knows I’m a freak and he’s going to tell everyone. I’m ruined. They’re going to lock me up and stick needles in me and throw me into a padded cell, tell everyone that I’m crazy and nobody will remember me as anything except the girl with the nervous breakdown problem. And nobody is going to care that I’m actually locked away being prodded and experimented on by people who are only going to use their intelligence to create the next magical atom bomb to murder everyone. All because I can’t keep a freaking lid on the hobo powers long enough to get a pervert out of my room.

That’s if I survive not getting enough oxygen or my heartrate finally pushing itself too high. My entire body is tensing. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be in a panic, expecting any of your organs to fail on you out of nowhere?

Tyrim starts talking.

“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!” I sob-shriek, falling to the ground. I’m gasping for air like a drowning girl, and I drop to my knees. I don’t want to die. I can feel my pulse in my ears and the room isn’t just spinning, it’s shattering. It’s stretching and twisting violently. The floorboards hurt my knees. I’m freezing to death.

This is why I should never be alone. I can’t look after myself. I’m so useless.

”Paper bag, kid. Remember what the doc said? You’re just high. You need to breath into the bag. It’ll be five-by-five. You’ll make it.”

I snap my hands around frantically looking for something.


Trevor Benson (Kjaere)
(2/12/2015 8:27:05 AM) (2025521)

Okay so much for being the voice of calm and reason. That obviously didn’t work.

It’s getting worse. Wait. Shit! It’s getting worse! This bad. This is really bad.

Paper bag? Oh. Uh. Shit. Paper bag. Uhm. Uh. Fuck! Paper bag! God damn it I don’t have a paper bag!

I tear off into the room. I swear to god Trevor the one time you need some good fucking luck and you...

I’m about halfway to the dresser before I hear a rustling. I stop and pat my clothes down. Then I’m shoving my hand into my sweater, tearing out a paper bag.

Damn I’m good.

I’m on my knees beside her, one hand on her back, the other shoving the paper bag into hers.

Yes I actually shut up. I’ve never been in a situation where talking could fucking kill someone.

Well, anyone other than me anyways.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/12/2015 8:40:57 AM) (2025522)

I snatch the bag out of his hand like a frenzied animal and slam it against my face. I start to breath into it -- like a baloon, it puffs up and crinkles out.

”Theeeeere ya go, hon. Good work. Just keep it up. Doc says you’ll be fine if you just keep breathing into that… bag,” Calypso stops talking, her voice drifting off. She leans in really closely and stares at the bag.

”Son of a bitch,” she exclaims. ”That ain’t good.”

Just keep breathing. Doc says I’ll be fine. Ignore what she’s saying. I can’t make any sense of it anyways. I’m too busy starting to cry into the bag. Of course, that’s a good thing for my body, but it’s a terrible thing for me not looking pathetic in front of the one person in school I can’t look pathetic in front of.

”You dumb fuck!” Calypso points at Tyrim. Gets right up in his face. He’d feel that sensation again, like a haunting. ”YOU USED THAT BAG FOR YOUR FUCKING COKE!?”


That thought reaches Tyrim’s head. Not his own. But it’s in his head none-the-less. That’s when he’d remember.

Meanwhile? I’m oblivious. I’m sobbing and breathing into a bag. Calypso is yelling but I’m blocking it out. I can’t hear anything. I’m focused. Concentrating. Curled up in a little ball. The spaces between my breaths are starting to get bigger. My head is starting to stop throbbing.

Trevor… gave me a bag.

“If… if you t-tell anyone? I, I, I will kill you.” I horsely snarl. “I am not a f-freak!”

”Mmm. Preach it, girl.”

Trevor Benson (Kjaere)
(2/12/2015 8:55:45 AM) (2025523)

That’s a good sign right? Right? Yeah, she seems to be calming down. Good. That’s good. Thank god.

I shiver and look around, never straying too far from Kelly. What the hell is tha--.


Coke? Huh. Isn’t there where I kept that? I wonder if there was any le--

Oh shit. Oh fuck. Oh shit oh fuck oh shitfuckshitfuckfuckshitshitfuckshit.

I go white. All the blood drains from my face. Oh god is she going to die? Am I going to kill her?

No. No fuck that. I’m not going to let that happen.

The coin gets fished out with my free hand. My knuckles are bruised and bloody but I don’t give a damn. I flip it high into the air. Then again just for good measure.

“You are a freak. But that doesn’t bother me any. We all are in our own way.” I don’t think before I speak this time. That may come back to haunt me. But I’m too busy worrying about her. What I might have just done. My smile and voice are both warm and tender though.

“Your secret is safe with me.”

Here’s hoping the whole honesty thing is really what she wanted.

Kelly Benette (EvilSqueegee)
(2/12/2015 9:10:23 AM) (2025524)

”GET OUT! I whip the bag at him.

Screaming isn’t the word for it. Screaming would be high-pitched. This is a step above shouting, it’s roaring. I’m crying, tears streaking down my face. He saw me when I was weakest, he saw me for what I really was, he saw the thing nobody should ever see. And then he gave me a bag, right what I needed -- but then he kicks me while I’m down, right in the soft spot. Right when I’m open. He didn’t just make me angry. He hurt me.

”Hooboy, you one lucky son’bitch,” Calypso laughs, watching the bag intently as I throw it back to him. ”Better hope that was soon enough.”


I scramble back away from him and throw my back against the wall, hiding my face in my hair.

Pain. Betrayal. The Dextera Domini’s gem pulses once. That haunting sensation builds again, fast. There’s a crackle of energy and, suddenly, Calypso is standing behind Trevor. She taps his shoulder.

“Oi. Boner-boy.” she grunts, smacking her bubblegum. Her manifestation flickers just a little. It’s just out of sync. It jerkily switches between transparent, out of place, or too bright.

“You best listen. Daddy’s probably going to come up bitchin’ about the noise. Kon’s got a skype call, remember?”

Trevor Benson (Kjaere)
(2/12/2015 9:41:48 AM) (2025525)

Well so much for honesty. This is why I don’t do it often.

But she’s throwing me the bag and I snatch it mid-air. No reason to leave it lying around for someone else to find. Especially her parents. I’ve already caused her enough trouble.

I’m already scrambling to my feet when that gem starts glowing. Don’t need to tell me twice, at least not right now. Not when you’ve already threatened to stab me once tonight. And I definitely don’t want to see what that thing turns into next.

Then someone is tapping on my shoulder. I freeze. If I don’t look it won’t be real. Right?

... Right?

No? That’s not how this works? Someone needs to rewrite the fucking manual then. This is bullshit. Grade A.

Then there’s another voice talking. Finally I look back over my shoulder. Slowly.

And then I stare.

And stare.

I raise the bag to my face and take a deep breath. And another.

Still there.


Fuck this shit.

I go for the window.

And I don’t just walk my way over there. Oh no. There’s a smoke cloud where I’d been standing. I grab the cigarette from the windowsill and dive headlong out the window.

I catch a branch. Swing down to the next. Drop down. Swing.

Right into the treetrunk.

And then I fall.


My eyelids flutter. But then I see that eighties punk rocker standing there staring down at me.

You know what? Fuck you concussion. I don’t need you. We got places to be.

Namely? Not fucking here.

And with that? I’m off. Oh sure, there’s a bit of stumbling and staggering for a bit there. And I nearly kill myself climbing the back fence. But the important thing is that I’m gone.

Slowly... And possibly to go fall in a ditch and die. But I’m gone.
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