[GAU] Sisters of the Turbostupids (Lilly/Lisa) 2/11/2015

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[GAU] Sisters of the Turbostupids (Lilly/Lisa) 2/11/2015

Postby DEM » Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:33 pm

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/11/2015 3:07:34 PM) (2024601)

Colton was just waved in the direction of the office area at the high school. Lunch is practically over. Had I known that I was looking for Kelly in the wrong direction, she was actually behind me and not forward, I would have face palmed. The entire school was now gossiping about my brother and Trevor Benson. I'm fuming with wrath born from humiliation. This is what comes from my brother toying with Drama Club! I could care less if he was really gay, but I know he isn't. What I care about is the fact the SCHOOL THINKS HE'S GAY!!!

Or bi-sexual. Or the kind of guy to get a blow job here at school. Ewww.

Was this what Steph was going on about? It couldn't have been. I don't see any possible connection between school-made BJs, a car accident, people in my room, my room mysteriously cleaned, my stepmother having a total psycho breakdown and....

I am just passing Lisa Algard when I stop dead in my tracks. No, no there is one thing that could have.

No. Even Marco would. not. dare.

Or would he?

Lisa is talking to me and that snaps my thoughts into focus. Instantly, before I even hear what she's saying, I'm grabbing her by the hand and attempting to move into the closest girls bathroom. "Get out!" I yell at everyone else there.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/11/2015 3:19:27 PM) (2024606)

Talking? Not exactly. More like waving a hand in front of her face as she zones out, going "Hey, kid, you're Mark Rivale's sister, right? Lilly?" And then she's trying to drag me... she's headed for a bathroom? Ugh. No.

What is it with these lowerclassmen and bathrooms?

"Stop." The tone's one she's probably not familiar hearing, being the alpha bitch of her own little bitchlitter, but that's ok. "Don't be dumb. This way."

And then it's my hand on her wrist, right out to the parking lot. "People walk into bathrooms. Nobody walks in on your <i>car</i>." And there it is, right where I usually park it, nice and close to the doors. "Get in, we'll talk."

Once we're in, the engine's on, heat blowing, and a few moments later, I'm fishing a joint out of the glove compartment. "So I'm guessing you heard..."

I know the rumor she's heard. It's the positively G-Rated version of events. A blowjob? That's it? Hah.

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/11/2015 3:27:11 PM) (2024613)

Out of the bathroom and into the parking lot. The next class has started but I don't care. I sit there and ball up my hands.

"What did your brother do to my brother?" I hiss, with my teeth gritted. "Tell me none of this is true?"

Of course it isn't true. But I need the actual confirmation. "I know they were in a car accident and it had something to do with your brother screwing more cheerleaders and some brown paint? Your brother might be bisexual but I know mine. I know Marko and he just wouldn't!"

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/11/2015 3:32:27 PM) (2024618)

"<i>My</i> brother?" I laugh, "Your brother was hiding my brother from the football team, because he'd just nailed Diane Blake in the <i>boys</i> locker room. And yeah, they were in a car accident... the brown paint's a whole other mess, though."

I take a deep breath, and light up, taking a long drag before offering it over. "So tell me, Lilly... anyone at home been acting... jumpy? Kinda weird? Like they got something to hide? Cuz I'm gonna make three guesses here, and then you're gonna demand to know how I know that, and then we're gonna become <i>great</i> friends while we figure out how to get back at our idiot brothers..."

"Guess One: The answer is 'yes'. Guess Two: it's not your brother. Guess Three: it's named 'Stephanie'."

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/11/2015 3:42:27 PM) (2024624)

I don't smoke a lot. That doesn't mean I've never smoked and right now? This is really important so I take a drag and return it to her gratefully.

"Steph is my moron of a step-mother. She was 24 when dad brought her home. He hadn't even been divorced from my mom a year before he started bringing women home. But the rest of them? They lasted a weekend. She showed up with a ring on her finger after a honeymoon in Bermuda and suddenly we were supposed to treat her like family? As if."

I provide this background, just nodding my head to Lisa that she's right and I want her to proceed with her story. That angry suspicion is just getting worse. The palms of my hands itch.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/11/2015 3:48:44 PM) (2024634)

"Yeah," I nod. That squares. "Ok, so, here's the deal: apparently, the two of them have been kinda chumming it up in Drama Club - they're kinda the same type of guy, you know? See girl, fuck girl, drop girl, just another notch on their jockstrap."

Irony: neither of them likely owns a jockstrap. T doesn't.

"So, yeah, I've seen them yukking it up some, but from what Trevor admitted after the can of brown paint incident? They've been comparing notes - comparing <i>lists</i>. So they got it into their heads to tag-team a friend of yours... but they're both 'actors', and shit, so they can't just go for brokeback, you know? Gotta have <i>rehearsals</i>."

"He told me they doublestuffed your Wicked Step-Mother in every goddamned room in the house. Dining room table, kitchen counter, if it's a flat surface, the three of them got grody on it. Together."

I don't say a word about her bed. She'll work that out.

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/11/2015 3:57:42 PM) (2024648)

"They are that kind of guy," I agree. "Except I bet they don't wear jockstraps. Whatever. Keep going." I am listening to every detail.


Oh that sounds like my brother. It really does. And he has been acting even more suspicious than normal. Every detail that Lisa puts into the story about the two of them working together and making a game out of this is absolutely believable.

"I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!" I yell and punch the glove box.

The front engine part of Lisa's car? It explodes. Glass from the window shatters down on both of us. I scream. Right now, its only the engine area, not the cab, that is burning but my hand is glowing.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/11/2015 4:08:54 PM) (2024662)

"LILY!" First rule of a car problem: Keys out of the ignition. In that same motion, I'm actually diving across the car to shove her out of the passenger's seat with me on top of her. HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL JUST... no. no. You know what?


Yeah. That's better.

Getting to my feet, I just... <i>stare</i> as Lilly's just exploded the front end of a <i>forty-five year old classic car</i>. It's worth a ridiculous amount of money. Worse, though? IT'S MY CAR. Oh my fucking god, what the... wait, wait. Again, no.

I turn to her, eyes <i>huge</i>. "What did you just do to <i>my car</i>?"

Reaching down, I pull the sophomore up by whatever passes for lapels or straps or her fucking <i>hair</i> if I have to, and shove her up against a wall. Then I snatch the joint out of her hand, grind it out against the wall, and pitch it as far as I can down the side of the building.

People are staring, but thankfully they can't see us BEHIND THE BURNING WRECKAGE OF MY GODDAMNED CAR.

"You... you..." I will not freak out. I will not freak out. I will not freak out. Instead, I find myself hissing low into her ear, "<i>You need to get it together here, or we are both a pair of well-fucked bitches, do you understand me?</i>" I give her a shove toward the back of the school as well - the fire department and the cops will be here any moment, and even if <i>I</i> don't have anything to worry about here? She does, and I am officially putting myself into the protector role here. "Move it. Move it before the cops show up and someone tries to fucking arrest you for being Godzilla or some shit..."

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/11/2015 4:17:32 PM) (2024674)

From there, everything happens fast. I wouldn't be able to explain how I got from car to wall. Lisa simply made it happen. I'm panting and I hug my hands both of them tight against my chest, trying to keep them from touching anything, most especially Lisa herself, as I stare at that car.

What did I just do to her car?

"I-" This is the second time that I've done this and the other person involved has told me in a badass tone after that I need to keep it together. This time? I'm in a state of semi-shock but not hysterical and it only takes a couple of deep breaths for me to start walking with her back towards the school.

"Take me to the nurse's office. I'm going home."

Before I really do kill someone. I need my dad. I really need him. Screw Steph. Oh no, wait. She has been screwed. I'm telling dad everything. That bitch is going to be drop-kicked right back to wherever she came from. My expression hardens a little.

"Marko owes you a car."

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/11/2015 4:22:52 PM) (2024680)

"No." I stop her and pull her along with me instead as I start for the athletics fields. "Don't be fucking stupid. You want to go home, <i>great</i>, but you do it <i>smart</i>. Nobody sees you walking into the building from this direction. It's my car, they'll come looking for me soon enough. They're gonna find us both behind the bleachers of the football field, bitching about our brothers."

I turn to give her a hard look, "And Marco doesn't owe me shit. First rule of the game, Lily: There are no setbacks. There are opportunities. And this? This right here? This is a fucking <i>opportunity</i> to get you to stop focusing on what they <i>did</i> and start planning on how to keep them from what they're <i>going</i> to do."

Back to pulling her along again. "I told you: it was a rehearsal for this friend of yours they both wanna nail. Katie? Kerry? Whoever the fuck. And if we have to deal with their bullshit, that means they don't get what they want. Right?"

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/11/2015 4:31:45 PM) (2024692)

But the second she brings this to Kelly? I inhale and jerk back.

"You don't want to touch me right now," I warn her. "You really don't. Mikaela, the running girl? She grabbed me after I set a building on fire- and I burned her too. So don't touch me. Just give me a moment to think."

I look around us and proceed towards the bleachers, like she suggested but now keeping a wide zone of space between me and her. "Kelly is my best friend. And she's not going to fool around with them. If you don't want a new car, you don't have to have one. But what just happened is his fault. He doesn't know. Nobody does- well, now you do. I need you to stop talking for a minute about what my brother and your brother are doing with their dicks? And I need to focus on what I do with my hands. It happens when I get scared or mad. So please stop talking about things are going to only make me more mad. Just.. stop."

So I can. I let out my breath slowly, as slowly as I can, facing the bleachers. Then I take another breath.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/11/2015 4:37:36 PM) (2024700)

I nod, and smirk a little, before fishing out another little hand-rolled bit of Mary Jane, and lighting it up. "Here. You wanna calm down? This one's all yours. It'll help. And I'll cover the car myself." Or rather, Steve and Carrie will, but then, this one won't be hidden - it'll be right on the insurance. Which, you know, there's a reason I insisted on 'Act of God' coverage when I got The Judge: with a classic car, you never know <i>what</i> might happen.

"So. Nobody but me knows." I nod, and move to take a seat on the grass. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna sell you out. You can trust me. That's important, right? Having someone who knows about shit that you can trust, that isn't gonna turn around and try to make bank on it? S'gotta be a pretty scary thing to face on your own..."

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/11/2015 4:48:30 PM) (2024710)


Car covered. Marko owes just <i>me</i> then. And in a big way.

I take the hand-rolled marajuana, look at it and then shake my head. "It would help but I don't smoke pot. Its not my thing. Thanks for offering though."

Nobody but you, Kelly, Mikaela... I don't say anything about that though. I remain standing, cupping my hands and looking at them. "That's important," I agree and decide that it will be okay to sit down. So I join her, pressing my hands into the grass and looking up at the sky.

"It's not. Which is what is really weird. I freak out when it happens. I mean, who wouldn't? But when it happens, I'm not afraid. The way it feels as it starts? Its like what I imagine firing a gun must be like. I just have to figure out how to control it and keep it from happening. Except when I want it to."

(and I have to fade on my next post. I need shower and other stuff before I leave house. -hugs you- ty for RP!)

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/11/2015 4:51:32 PM) (2024711)

I nod a bit, "Fair enough... anyway. When you're calmed down enough, and you think you've got a handle on this?"

"Then we start figuring out how to protect your friend from the turbostupid that is our brothers. I already tried distracting yours. Didn't work."

<b>Liliana Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/11/2015 4:59:01 PM) (2024717)

"Oh, he'll be distracted by my size 6 shoe up his ass, don't worry. Thank you for telling me all of this." Now I turn to her and smile.

"I'm sorry about your car. It was beautiful. You are handling all of this really well. Thank you? Maybe we could hang out after school tomorrow or the next day? I think I'd like to do that. But I'm going to talk to your brother. I want him to confirm all of this. I believe you, I just need to make sure- and I promise, I won't set him on fire. This wasn't his fault. It was Marko's."

A teacher's aide comes racing up in our direction, calling our names. "Here we go. Show time." My smile is a little grim but Lisa will see that despite being a 'popular' girl, I've got some real background and I back up, effortlessly, everything she tells the school authorities. We don't get in trouble. We don't even get in trouble for skipping 5th period.

But when the school day does end? I'm waiting for Trevor Benson at his locker.
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