[GAU] Drama Club at the Diner (Lisa/Marco/Trevor/Raven)

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[GAU] Drama Club at the Diner (Lisa/Marco/Trevor/Raven)

Postby DEM » Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:19 am

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 6:02:49 PM) (2030477)

When Lisa pulled into our driveway, I was actually already out there expecting Raven to come and get me. I don't recognize the rental as it approaches and blink as I see Trevor's sister stepping out.

"What happened to your car?" It was one of those old classics that I admired. I don't ask why she's there. Lilly had made a comment that she liked Trevor's sister and I've noticed how little time she's spending with her hens and how much time with more interesting people like Lisa and Michaela, even if neither of them is 'interesting' in the same way.

"I'm not sure where my sister is right now if you are looking for her," I tell the junior as I rub my hands together to warm them. Maybe I should have put on gloves. I am so sick of snow and winter already. "She might be home or she might have taken off already with friends."

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 6:24:30 PM) (2030488)

Trevor hasn't come home, all weekend and the girl with the atomic right cross is angry at him. Let's just say I'm a little worried.

No, let's say I'm more...unsettled. He texted me more than once, after all, so I know he's alright - or was, the other night. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't deep anxieties and uneasiness churning, down where no-one can see. Still, I'm keeping it together, keeping myself outwardly focused on the visible and superficial. At least for now. Steve and Carrie have been getting the distant routine all weekend. I just don't trust myself to talk to my parents when I'm this worried about T. Besides, Steve keeps going <i>on</i> about the car, about how much it's costing to repair it, about how could I be so irresponsible to let something happen to a machine like that. Like <i>I'm</i> the one who did it.

Even the 'official' story, that somebody must've jammed an M-80 or something right in under the carbeurator, pretty much makes it clear it <i>wasn't</i> me, and it <i>couldn't</i> be me, but oh no, Steve's gonna blame me! He never liked me having that car. Sure, part of that's because i used the 'emergency' credit card to buy it in the first place, without asking, but that's not the point! The point is that Steve doesn't want me to have it, and now something's happened to it, and he's gonna blame me. Of course he blames me. He's been getting more and more fed up with me ever since I started thinking for myself and not being Daddy's Little Girl™!

He's a jackass. Carrie's only marginally better, but she's the kind of stepford wife who so clearly <i>likes</i> having him around to tell her what to do... gah. I swear, if I ever become one of them...

... anyway.

That's all just general bullshit. It's been a shitty weekend, and I've decided I'm going to stop being so... twitchy. I'm going to go over to Lilly Rivale's place and talk to her about T. Get her to calm down, and back off. Maybe... maybe I can do stuff for her to let him off the hook. I dunno. Either way, I'm totally not going over there to see Mr. C+. Not not not. Marco hasn't been on my mind <i>at all</i> since that kiss.

And if he was, I certainly wouldn't give a shit what <i>he</i> thinks.

So, you know, pulling up into their driveway in a Ford Focus? Oh, jesus, I have to be <i>seen</i> in this thing? This is like, a McBurgerQueen car! Fuck! Shit, maybe he didn't... crap, he saw me! I should roll the window down...

"My car? There was a big thing at school... it's in the shop." I just kind of ramble that off. "You need a lift somewhere?"

Why did I say that? I'm here to see Li-oh, she's not here? huh. Well, in that case, I might as well be nice, right?

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 6:33:19 PM) (2030491)

"One sec."

I take out my phone and shoot Raven a quick text. <i> // If you haven't left yet, I have a ride and could just meet you at the Blue Goose. </i>// That is the name of the diner we frequent. The food is good, cheap, and Raven is friends with the Hispanic short order cook Diego. He's flamingly gay and entertaining. The manager, Dave, isn't a prick to us though I didn't like the way either he or Diego reacted over that vagrant the last time I was there. Still, its our place and relaxing.

<i>// Cool. See you there. // </i>

I slip my phone away. "If you don't mind dropping me off, I was heading to meet a friend at the Bluebird. My dad took the mustang away because of ummn.. well.. the night your brother stayed here. And my Citation had to be outright scrapped."

I get into the passenger seat. "I have to get a part-time job before I get another car," I add glumly. "But I guess losing car priviledges, if that's the worst thing to happen to me over the stupid shit me and Trevor did that night is really no big deal. I'm sorry I kind of blew you off that day at school. I was in a mood."

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 6:51:53 PM) (2030506)

"My brother..." I frown a little as he gets settled in, "Yeah. That night was... I guess it was a <i>thing</i>, huh?"

Once he's in, the windows are up again and the heat is on - it's winter, for god's sake. That's why I've got my jacket with me, but it's in the back seat. When I get out, I'll put it on. When I get in again, I'll get the car warmed up, then toss it in the back again. I mean, <i>hello</i>, heavy coat? Not my thing. I like to be able to move around some.

"The Blue Goose, you mean? Yeah, I know where that is." And then I'm backing out, and we're on the road. For a few minutes, I'm quiet, then I look over toward him.

"You really regret the stuff you and T did? Or you just regret getting caught?"

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 7:04:18 PM) (2030509)

"Ugh. Yes, the Blue Goose." She knows the place, at least. It is sort of a monument, one of the last privately owned greasy spoons in a world filled with franchises and hispter hippy food joints.

"It was a <i>thing</i>." I've had a couple days now to reflect on it and the conversation with my dad was really a huge stress relief. "Not really my thing. Oh, I mean yes the sex was my thing. But people got hurt. My step mother was kicked out. I hurt my dad. I cost him something he valued, and he still didn't get pissed off at me. He doesn't get pissed off at me. But I destroyed his thing with my step mom and I really wish I'd stopped your brother from being that crazy. If I had it all to do over differently? I would have."

"So yeah, it wasn't about getting caught. It wasn't about having consequences. It was being thoughtless and not appreciating the consequences for Steph- and for your brother. Speaking of him though, how is he?" I glance over at her.

"I got some outrageous texts from my sister yesterday about him hitting Kelly Benette? Do you know what that was about? I'm sure Lisa is deep ending over something small. I can picture Trevor doing all kinds of things, but not hitting a girl like her for no reason and Kelly herself didn't say he did, just that she broke her glasses."

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 7:14:20 PM) (2030511)

"Sounds like it was all about getting caught." I shrug. The tone of my voice makes it pretty clear that's not being said as any sort of judgment. "I mean, if nobody'd known - if Trevor hadn't told me, if Lily hadn't noticed your Steph-mom acting weird... <i>if you'd gotten away with it</i>... would you be feeling guilty now? Or would you feel like you'd outsmarted the world?"

"What? No! He wouldn't <i>hit</i> Kelly! Jesus!... I mean, maybe with a <i>door</i>, if he was on the run again..." I sigh, "But see, that's just the thing you were talking about, right? Doing something, and people get hurt when you didn't mean for them to get hurt? Social shit... if nobody finds out, is anyone hurt? Is it <i>consequences</i>? Or <i>unintended</i> consequences that's bugging you?"

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 7:32:57 PM) (2030516)

"I'm going to say something weird." I don't know Lisa that well, but she's thought-provoking and challenging, which are things I like. "I don't get pleasure in 'outsmarting the world' that way. I've never been a guy who gets off on getting away with lies and deception. I don't want to sound like some born-again straight edger because I'm sure not that." I laugh.

"Lily noticing Steph and poking around doesn't bother me. I would have too. What bothered me is that Steph was acting weird. That Steph woke up the next day and she wasn't okay. She was ashamed and sick and guilty and I regret that because I feel like me and Trevor did something to her. It wasn't rape. But..." Absently, I stroke the outside of my jacket, where the tarot are in the pocket.

"I don't snort coke or shoot heroin or even drop acid, not because they're illegal but because I don't want to be dependent on chemicals to feel something. If I want to feel something, I want to create altered state myself. Maybe I'm a control freak, except I don't think it is that either."

"Steph did get hurt. She was hurt by what we did with her- it messed with her head and.... and maybe it was just like kicking a puppy. She might have been just a dumb trophy wife, but dad put a ring on her finger because he cared enough to want her to have something meaningful. And it was meaningful. I didn't have the right to shit on her, treat her like she wasn't a person, just for kicks. I'm better than that."

"I can be better than that. Not because anyone else wants me to. Not because its a law or a rule. But because when I do something, I want it to be exciting and titilating and something I can look back on with pleasure and when I look at the other people involved? They are ecstatic. They aren't ashamed. They're proud and blown away and it was as good for them as it was for me. I like things where everyone walks away without regret."

I glance at her.

"Before we got into the car wreck, I felt that with your brother. Until Steph was in the equation, I felt that with your brother. If I ever have a threesome with Trevor again? It will be with the right person. She was the wrong person."

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 7:44:56 PM) (2030521)

"Right, see, but that's it: <i>Steph</i> was hurt... because she did something she regretted. Did you force her? Did Trevor?" I shrug, "You can't be responsible for anyone but you, Marco. Nobody can. It's not your fault she decided to do what she did with you two. And you shouldn't carry about a load of guilt over someone else's decisions. That'll just leave you emotionally crippled and unable to do <i>anything</i>. Because anything you do, <i>someone</i> might decide to do something they'll be ashamed of, because of it."

"Snorting coke's stupid. So's shooting up - though vaping the freebase stuff isn't too bad. Mostly, I don't like the opiates because they mask everything. It's not that you're really feeling better, you're just... murky, you know? Weed's pretty good, though." But then he's off again about Steph, and I just... sigh. "First off, at any point, did you <i>actually</i> shit on her? Did you abuse her? Did you call her names or slap her around, or make her do things she didn't want to? You can't control how other people react. You can't control what people feel after they do shit. It's like feeling guilty because you gave some kid a beer at a party, and then he went and felt like he was a terrible person the next day because he <i>broke the law</i>."

"So, you wanna try to be better? Good for you... but don't set yourself some bullshit impossible standard like 'everyone walks away without regret', because you <i>can't</i> do that. You can't control it, you can't even assure it more than 'occassionally'. Fuck, Marco, you think <i>any</i> of the girls you've screwed haven't regretted it the <i>moment</i> you didn't call back? They did. And if you dwell on it, you'll regret it, too. But they sure as hell weren't regretting it when they dropped their panties for you, were they? <i>Their</i> decision. Not yours. If you want to respect a woman? Respect that decision just as much as you think you'd respect a girl who won't fuck you. Let the bitches regret shit. If they're easy, and they do something they regret with you? Then maybe in college, they won't be so easy, and they won't end up going home with some fucking date-rape murderer, you know?"

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 8:04:23 PM) (2030530)


I decide to say it. "I think- I think I put Steph in a position where she couldn't say no. Where nobody was going to say no, because I messed with-" I laugh. "Never mind. What I was about to say wouldn't make sense and it isn't something I could ever prove. I do think it was my fault things happened the way they happened and even if it not? My dad deserved more from me than me having sex with my step-mom that way."

"I should have asked his permission first. He might have said yes." My lips slip into a thin smile.

"I don't think we'll see this the same way, Lisa. As for the girls regretting it because I never called them back? There were a couple of times when a girl actually asked me <i>so, if I sleep with you will you call me tomorrow</I> and I told them <i>maybe. no promises.</i> and one even walked away, calling me an asshole. I wasn't mad at her. I am kinda an asshole."

"But that's not the point either. Those girls weren't my step-mother. And I didn't have sex with them all over my dad's house. I didn't invite Trevor over and have sex with them porn-star style with him when I was high and not in control. Something happened that night where I might as well have been on heroin. Those pain pills from the hospital might have been to blame. Regardless? I won't let things happen that same way again."

I smile at her. "But you are seriously passionate about this yourself. And I <i>can</i>> I can totally set up some standard for me and my sex life. Maybe 'without regret' is unrealistic. But 'going to end their marriage and disrupt their entire lives, hit all of my sister's buttons, and make my dad sad' Yeah. I can avoid doing that next time."

We're close to the restaurant now.

"Besides, what really messed with my head that night wasn't that it was my step-mom. It was that I liked having sex with a woman and Trevor. I totally flirted with him, dared him and he dared back. I woke up a little freaked out but I processed and realized that you know, I <i>do</I> like your brother, like being around him, and want more. That wasn't something I ever expected to happen with another guy, but it did- and now that I know that about myself? I'm not ashamed. I'm curious."

I point to an open spot near a curb only a block down from the little diner tucked between a laundromat and a clothing consignment store.

"I want more with your brother, I won't lie. Not just sex. More... more. He's exciting. I just don't think I'll be inviting him home again any time soon. Lilly is on the warpath."

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 8:05:03 PM) (2030531)


I decide to say it. "I think- I think I put Steph in a position where she couldn't say no. Where nobody was going to say no, because I messed with-" I laugh. "Never mind. What I was about to say wouldn't make sense and it isn't something I could ever prove. I do think it was my fault things happened the way they happened and even if it not? My dad deserved more from me than me having sex with my step-mom that way."

"I should have asked his permission first. He might have said yes." My lips slip into a thin smile.

"I don't think we'll see this the same way, Lisa. As for the girls regretting it because I never called them back? There were a couple of times when a girl actually asked me <i>so, if I sleep with you will you call me tomorrow</I> and I told them <i>maybe. no promises.</i> and one even walked away, calling me an asshole. I wasn't mad at her. I am kinda an asshole."

"But that's not the point either. Those girls weren't my step-mother. And I didn't have sex with them all over my dad's house. I didn't invite Trevor over and have sex with them porn-star style with him when I was high and not in control. Something happened that night where I might as well have been on heroin. Those pain pills from the hospital might have been to blame. Regardless? I won't let things happen that same way again."

I smile at her. "But you are seriously passionate about this yourself. And I <i>can</i> I can totally set up some standard for me and my sex life. Maybe 'without regret' is unrealistic. But 'going to end their marriage and disrupt their entire lives, hit all of my sister's buttons, and make my dad sad' Yeah. I can avoid doing that next time."

We're close to the restaurant now.

"Besides, what really messed with my head that night wasn't that it was my step-mom. It was that I liked having sex with a woman and Trevor. I totally flirted with him, dared him and he dared back. I woke up a little freaked out but I processed and realized that you know, I <i>do</I> like your brother, like being around him, and want more. That wasn't something I ever expected to happen with another guy, but it did- and now that I know that about myself? I'm not ashamed. I'm curious."

I point to an open spot near a curb only a block down from the little diner tucked between a laundromat and a clothing consignment store.

"I want more with your brother, I won't lie. Not just sex. More... more. He's exciting. I just don't think I'll be inviting him home again any time soon. Lilly is on the warpath."

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 8:10:25 PM) (2030533)

<i>Where nobody was going to say no, because I messed with-</i>

I pull over, way in advance of his little spot. Across two lanes of traffic, almost <i>into</i> a snowbank. His door's not opening.

"Say it. Whatever it is you think isn't going to make sense. <i>Say it</i>, Marco. Because <i>my car exploded</i>, and things that don't make sense? They're seeming a lot more reasonable right now." I'm actually shaking a little bit as I say that. That's why I pulled over, not because I want to trap him or anything. Because... because something's <i>up</i>. Something <i>crazy</i> is going on here. And I intend to find out just <i>what</i>.

Turning fully to look at him now, I nod, "I get that. I get that there were parts of it you feel were wrong because they were the wrong decision for you to make. That's legit. Totally. I'm not gonna tell you 'hey, you should totally fuck around with your step-mom'. I'm just saying you can't take responsibility for other peoples' choices..." I swallow a little, "Not unless you <i>did</i> something to make that choice for them. Did you? Tell me the truth."

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 8:10:54 PM) (2030535)


<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 8:30:46 PM) (2030564)

"I messed with fate."

She asked and I tell her. "At least, I think I did. Listen, my friend Raven is waiting inside and she is an occultist. Really smart, really knowledgeable about all kinds of weird things. Why don't you come inside with me? You could tell us both about your car exploding. I could tell you both about some of the bizarre things that have happened around me too. Something crazy really is going on. And if you've noticed it too? Then we should talk."

"What I did sounds so small and so ridiculous, but in involved my tarot deck- and since that day with the car accident? I've seen my tarot cards do things that were even more bizarre than what happened with Trevor and Steph. I mean things nobody would ever believe but then they happen. I won't be mad if you laugh at me. Raven might laugh at me too. But I want to show you guys what I'm talking about if I can and part of the story about the tarot deck and <i>The Crazy</i> happened here at the Blue Bird about a week ago and the new deaf girl at school, Mallory? She was here. She was part of it."

I'm ready to get out of the car, but I wait to make sure Lisa is too.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 8:35:41 PM) (2030570)

"Raven from Drama Club?" I look down the street toward the diner, and start the car moving forward again toward that space he noticed. "Ok, sure... but I can't tell you anything more than I already have..."

As we're going down the block, I look over to him again. "You like Trevor, huh? He's a really great guy, when you get past the drama-whoring." Considerations weighed, decision made. "And not <i>just</i> sex means 'sex plus more', you know... you considering some one-on-one time, or is this where you try to get me to tell you if there's a girl he particularly likes?"

Then I'm pulling into the space, and reaching back for my coat. "C'mon, let's go talk to Raven."

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 8:48:24 PM) (2030583)

"She was in Drama Club two years ago, but she graduated and now she's a sophmore in college. So you might have met her there when you were a freshman and I was a sophmore. That is where I met her."

Raven was actually the very first girl I went all the way with, but that was years ago and not relevant.

"With your brother? Honestly? I feel like its more this feeling of I want to do anything and everything with him I can possibly do, and sex is on the table." I say this as we walk down the sidewalk. I look for homeless people but there are none, well, there's two women who look poor but not homeless, overweight middle aged women, one with a poodle mix tucked under her arm coming out of the clothing consignment store but they're talking and not giving us any time.

"But I'll tell you about the kinds of dreams I've had about your brother later. And you can help me decide if I say something to him or not. I'd like too."

I hold the glass door for her.

Raven is at our normal booth, with a big mug of coffee, her own tarot deck to the side. She's eating a piece of blueberry pie and was reading a book called "Susie Bright's Sexual State of the Union" but that is just sitting there next to her coffee and she's cheerfully talking to someone both Lisa and I recognize instantly.

"Fuck. See? Fate." I tell Lisa and point.

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/16/2015 9:12:42 PM) (2030616)

Man, that really hit the spot.

The coffee I mean. Well, sure, a weekend full of sex, drugs and desecrating an altar was pretty awesome too. But <i>after</i> all of that? Nothing quite hits the spot like a big cup of Joe.

Err... Coffee. I meant coffee. I don’t even know a guy named Joe. And even if I did know him I definitely wouldn’t drink a cup of him. We’ve covered this: not gay, remember? I mean how would you even do that anyway? You can’t just fill a cup of ‘dude’. Well you could. But you’d have to set up some kind of like... milking routine or something. And it would take forever! They need like thirty dudes to do a Bukkake. Who has the time for that kind of dedication?

Anyway, so I woke up in the dumpster next door. No, I didn’t black out and fall in there or some stupid shit. It’s actually a pretty funny story. I’ll have to tell you about it sometime. Let me just say this: Karnies are a really cool bunch of people.

But I had to find somewhere to wash the smell of chlorine, koala and latex out of my clothes. Sure I probably could have just gone to a laundromat, but honestly who can deal with all the funny looks you get in there? So they’re soaking in the bathroom in the back.

Fortunately I’ve still got this poncho to wear. I’m never washing this thing though. This thing has got to stay preserved as is. Too many important memories.

I totally met this really cool goth chick as an awesome bonus. She was pretty much the only one not staring at me when I ordered my coffee, so naturally I had to fix that. Let me tell you: striking up a conversation when you’re wearing nothing but a poncho is practically childs play.

“... And then I bought the horse a prostitute!” We laugh together. We’re talking like old friends. Maybe I had sex with forever ago and our paths are crossing again? No. No way. I’d definitely remember a chick this cool. And hot.

Mostly hot.

Wait, whose voice is that? That sounded strangely familiar.

I look back to see Lisa and Marco walking in and I wave frantically. “Oh hey guys! Fancy seeing you here.”

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 9:16:35 PM) (2030623)

"Well, yeah," I nod when he says Raven graduated two years ago. <i>Duh</i>. "She was pretty cool."

And I'm still nodding when he talks about Trevor, but I pause in the doorway to look back and say quietly, "Marco... we'll talk about Trevor after, yeah... and when we do? You work out how much of a part of his world you want to be..." He gets a bit of a smile then, and a shrug. "And we'll talk about that, too, and trust, and making sure everyone stays ok."

Then I look over to the table, ready to wave to Raven... and just stop again, before I <i>stomp</i> right over and slap Trevor across the face. "You had me worried <i>sick</i>, you shit! Where the hell have you been all weekend? Did you actually <i>hit</i> Kelly Bennette?" In the same breath as that, I'm dropping into his lap to give Raven a smile. "Hey! Been forever since I saw you! How the hell've you been?"

Also, too? Grind the hips a little, Lisa. Little shit's gonna worry <i>me</i> all weekend? Let him suffer.

<b>Raven (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 9:27:44 PM) (2030642)


I finger wave to Marco and scoot my stuff over so that he can sit down next to me while Lisa berates her brother. I may or may not have been playing footsie with him while he was telling his story. I did tell the staff that he was with me and to put his coffee and anything else on my bill. They were ready to throw him out because well, nobody who spends the night in a dumpster is never really odorous with just a sponge bath in a diner bathroom. The good news? This is a diner. He's not the only one who's ever soaked their clothes in the bathroom in the back.

"I think I want a pony now," I tell Marco and turn his face to me to kiss him quiet before he can interject and try to spare Trevor some of the abuse being inflicted on him by his sister. I'm successful. He doesn't say a word and just watches the show.

The waitress, a strawberry-blonde with freckles and a name tag that says Jessica comes over with two more cups of coffee and a fresh bowl of creamer. "Thanks!" I say to her cheerfully. "Oh, don't worry about them," I add as she glances nervously at Trevor and Lisa. "I'll pay for any damages."

Its an afternoon well before dinner rush. The diner is practically empty besides the four of us. Jessica asks Marco and Lisa if there's anything else she can bring them and then goes to the back.

And now Trevor gets a word or three in edgewise. Me and Marko both are just watching him and Lisa with rapt fascination.

"Hi. I've been great. So this is your little brother. He's adorable."

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/16/2015 9:37:08 PM) (2030654)

“What was that f--?” I start but she’s way ahead of me here. Oh. Hrm. I rub my cheek and work my jaw, eyeing her out of the corner of my eye. Okay. That one I maybe kind of deserved. Just a little.

“Doesn’t the poncho explain everyth--” I pinch it at the shoulders but she’s already launching into Raven. Well fine then. Just go ahead and ask me a question then totally blow me off. Be that way. Bitch.

Oh and totally just give me a lap dance while you’re at it. It’s not like I have pretty much nothing to conceal the effect it has on me. I look up at Marco and shrug helplessly.

Well I’m still playing footsies! As a matter of fact, just for that one? Now I’m gonna escalate. Start moving my foot up Raven’s inner thigh. Well, Lisa? How do you like that? How do you like them apples?

Wait. Did she say Raven? Wasn’t she a member of the drama club? Oh shit!

“That’s where I know you from!” I interrupt everything else to point at Raven accusingly. “I can’t believe I’d forgotten! And you just played along, huh? You sly bitch. As always.” I flash her a grin now. She always was fun in her own way.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 9:42:31 PM) (2030664)

"Oh, there's not going to be any damages," I smile up at the waitress, "and if there are, my brother here will cover them after he finishes trying to pick my pocket. He's forgotten I don't keep my wallet on my ass... again."

Was he even trying? Probably not, but it's better to advertise suspicion when T's around.

"The poncho only tells me you ripped off a wooden Indian after you finished writing <i>The Three Musketeers</i>." Then I roll my eyes, "Stop being a doofus, T." Then I look over to Marco with an eyebrow raised. If he still wants to talk turkey, I'm game, but... I'll also understand if he wants to keep things quiet until we discuss my brother.

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 9:58:01 PM) (2030674)

Raven is smiling at Trevor and Lisa both. She parts her thighs just a little for him as her left hand moves to scratch lightly at the back of my neck. She says something small talk and playful to Trevor.


Wow. Okay. I need to pick up my coffee. All of this just completely threw me. I'm so not mad or bad, but it is taking me a minute to recover from the shock of seeing him and the complete shift in moods and setting and...

I glance under my side of the table and watch Trevor's foot for a second. Then I put my hand on it, not to push it off Raven's thigh, but to lightly stroke the skin as he does what he's doing.

"So Lisa and I were talking about you on the way in. We were also going to talk about how she lost her car and about some of the really weird things that have been going on. If you both don't mind, I'd like to go ahead and do that? I'm really glad to see you though," I say that last part specifically to Trevor. "I can't get you out of my mind. But just so I feel better- confirm that you didn't actually hit Kelly? You didn't punch her... but there was some weird stuff this morning about doors and windows from Lilly that had your name thrown into it. I could not follow and honestly didn't try. She's pissed off at me too. For a lot of reasons. The one thing she is raging over or was raging over was you hitting Kelly though. And that made no sense to me. So just tell us the whole story?"

"Then I want to hear the story of your car," I add to Lisa. Raven agrees that all of this sounds interesting. And she continues to play with the back of my hair, not in a territorial way, but more in just.. mmn... a way that is making me pretty turned on. Lisa in Trevor's lap? So not helping.

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/16/2015 10:26:03 PM) (2030713)

I’m totally <i>not</i> pointing at Lisa behind her back, mouthing <i>her, all her</i> and nodding to the waitress while my sister goes on about damages. What can I say? I play the little brother role well. And yes I can totally do that while my foot does its magic.

“Wrong on all accounts. Are you even trying? And you’re calling me the dumbass? Jesus.” I shake my head and roll my eyes dramatically.

I don’t expect is to feel something stroking over my foot though. My eyes flick around, counting hands. There’s Raven’s, Lisa’s, Marco’s. Wait, Marco’s? He’s... I meet his gaze even as I shiver, tilting my head to the side slightly.

This is unexpected. But I’m not complaining. Not at all. Between the three of them? Damn. A shiver rolls up my spine and I suck in a deep breath of air. Mmm... I’m half tempted to take over the whole damn place. Fuck I’ll blow the owner if we can just put the closed sign up and make the party happen.

At least until Marco starts talking. I’m a little fuzzy on some of it but when he asks about Kelly that comes through loud and clear. Lisa will feel me tense a little, my arm around her waist under the table, but I stay all smiles.

“Of course you were talking about me. I’m a very popular subject. Riveting.” I flash a grin. My hands are on Lisa’s thighs now, lightly stroking back and forth. “I don’t know much about the weird things going on though. But I’d be glad to listen. Weird and interesting are kind of my thing.”

“As far as Kelly?” Deep breath with the words, seamless just like on stage. “I didn’t punch her, no. Turns out I did hit her though, by accident. The blood rhinorexes were chasing me again and I took an exit stage left. Apparently she was on the other side of the cafeteria door. I didn’t see her there.” I shrug a little. “Didn’t even know I’d hit her until Lily had a little chat with me about it.”

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 10:33:48 PM) (2030718)

I nod a little, "We were definitely talking about you..." I feel the way he tensed up, just like I can feel that the leg he's got extended just froze for a moment. Hmmm, let's see, Raven's hands.. mmhm. Marco's hand...? Singular?


Ouch. He hit her with a door?

"Yeaaaah... Lilly's kinda protective of Kelly, T. I kinda get the idea that whatever guy Kelly winds up with? Lilly's gonna <i>destroy</i> him." And I don't mean that metaphorically, either! Not that I'm telling anyone that right now.

"And that's something you <i>both</i> have to be careful about, you little hornballs: I told you in the car, Marco, that you're not responsible for girls' decisions, and that's true... but you both need to be aware of how girls might feel after you do your 'love 'em and leave 'em' routine... don't pick on the girls who you know will get... attached. Don't hurt people. Ok?"

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 10:52:37 PM) (2030737)

"I had sex with Kelly."

I decide to tell them all, after Lisa says that part about death and destruction. "It was the night after you and me and Steph."

Raven asks me if I was romantic with her. Images flash across my vision of the hotel, her beneath me, her bracelet, and then the window- I saw a Japanese sammrai girl get thrown through the window. And soberly, I nod to Raven that I was romantic but that's my only gesture because Lisa is bringing up something from before. Yeah Marco- don't <i>hurt</i> people.

"But any way- your car accident. And our car accident." I gesture at me and Trevor. "I know Raven believes in the supernatural and ghosts and witchcraft and magic. Not tv magic, but other things. I think there's supernatural things going on in our city now. Earlier, I called it The Crazy when I was talking about it with Lisa. Kelly has been touched by The Crazy too. So has the new girl Mallory. I definitely have. Trevor- I look at you and I know you have too. I don't know how, but I know you have."

"If it was a door and an accident? Okay. Good. Not good you slammed into her by accident, but you didn't mean too and if Lilly screamtexts about it again or goes off, I'll throat her over it. You and me have both done some stupid things; accidents aren't your fault though."

Raven chuckles over something and makes the comment that the problem with good luck is bad luck- and the Law of Balance. "That's one of Bonewits' Laws, right?" I ask her and she nods and says that when you push fate in your favor, eventually something or someone will push it back and screw you up the ass with it.

She gives Trevor a knowing look and salutes him with her coffee cup, but I miss the significance of that and think she's just talking about the bad luck of hitting Kelly with the door.

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/16/2015 11:21:27 PM) (2030816)

“Protective? Yeah. Thanks for the heads up. Kind of caught that.” No need to dwell on it folks. What’s done is done. Its been resolved. Move along.

“Yes mom.” I roll my eyes. “Hate to break it to you sis, but your lot isn’t exactly the most predictable when it comes to attachment.” Really guys, I was having such a lovely conversation with Raven here. How’d things come to this? Can we please start heading back to the orgy again?

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. Wait. Marco had sex with who? And the what? Oh that’s great. Just great. Oh and it was romantic? Wait is he fucking sweet on her? Seriously? Oh THAT’s great. Great. Just fucking <i>great.</i>

“The Crazy, huh? That sounds like it could be a television show. Like the new Supernormal or something. Anyway I’m open to the idea of most of that stuff.” I wave at Marco dismissively. “Never been a big fan of limiting my horizons.” I grab the cup of coffee and raise it to my lips.

But then Raven’s talking. And what she says? There’s no way. It’s coincidence. It’s... No.

No. No. No.

No fuck that. That’s not coincidence. I live coincidence. I was born with it. Raised with it. That’s not this. No this bitch knows something.

And for a split second I do something nobody here has ever seen me do: I go completely pale. I swallow my tongue and my eyebrows take flight and go for a vacation in Florida. Of course just to top it all off I end up dropping the cup of coffee, spilling it down me and Lisa.

I leap to my face, automatically reaching out to catch Lisa. “Oh god. Ow. Shit. Fuck.” I snatch napkins off the table, frantically trying to wipe the two of us down. “God damn it. I’ll go get something to clean this up with.”

And with that I’m out. Part of me just wants to bail. I’m sure I saw an employees exit. Sure, Lis would be mad but that doesn’t matter. Not right now. But that’s just going to leave the lot of ‘em suspicious and make matters worse.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/16/2015 11:29:38 PM) (2030838)

"ACK..." I'm hopping to my feet at the same time as T is, trying to dodge the hot coffee that's already done its damage. "Goddammit..."

Then he's trying to wipe us down with napkins, and I'm just... I... just... no. Just no. "Trevor, wait..." I go trailing after him, "i'll help... c'mon, let's check on your clothes, too, since the poncho's soaked..."

After all, we'll need to get his clothes dry before he goes outside, you know? And with that, I'm aiming him toward the bathroom in the back. Is it unisex? Do I <i>care</i>? The door locks from the inside, right?

Trevor gets marched inside, and once we make sure the place really is clear, the door gets locked right up before I pull him close.

"T-baby, we got trouble... everything just got really, really complicated, but I think if the three of us get some time to talk alone? I think everything can be ok."

There's a pause, and then I say quietly, "Lily exploded the front end of my car by <i>punching</i> it, hon. We wanna be real careful with her... but we want her on our side, you know?"

<b>Raven (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 11:44:29 PM) (2030864)

Marco starts to rise to go after Trevor himself, but I stop him.

"Give them a moment," I tell him and I shift him into sitting opposite me. "Give them a moment. They are not you and Lilly. They're siblings who are best friends. They compliment each other and rely on each other. That there is a partnership, the kind that you have never had with anyone- for a reason."

Before he retorts, I take his hand and squeeze it.

"Marko, I have been part of your life for almost four whole years. I think you are right- this The Crazy of yours? It isn't in your head." I smile at him. "What is in your head is your Mind. And with your mind you can control what you think, what you feel, and what you do. You used the word magic. Tell me what magic is."

Jessica brings us coffee refills and something to clean up the mess that spilled elsewhere besides just on Trevor and Lisa. I thank her with a smile and give her my blueberry pie plate. I'd eaten about half of it.

With the table clean, I push my own tarot deck towards him. He blinks. "Go ahead. Ask one question- a simple one card draw. Ask the question out loud, pull the card, show me the card and tell me what it means, in regards to your question."

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/16/2015 11:56:06 PM) (2030876)

I took her comment about me never having a partner for a reason as a jab for a minute, but Raven shifts the conversation back to the very kind of stuff we were talking about before and I take a breath. Then there's a moment of shifting gears and cleaning up the table. Once that is done, I go directly into answering her question.

"Magic is the art and science of creating change in consciousness in conformity with Will." A text book answer. She just nods. Then she pushes her tarot deck towards me. I stare at it for a minute and then look at the bathroom.

"What specifically in everything that was just said upset Trevor?" Because I know something did. No, I think I started to upset him when I confided I slept with Kelly. Did... was he jealous? Of which one of us?

So I'm half expecting The Lovers card to be there when I turn the top card over.

But I'm wrong. It is The Wheel of Fortune. A normal Crowley card version of The Wheel of Fortune.

Raven tells me to repeat the question out loud and give her my interpretation. She's so sexy when she's being a school marm type but right now I'm distracted from that.

"What specifically in everything that was just said upset Trevor?" I echo myself. "The answer is The Wheel of Fortune... we were talking about fate and you'd just said something about luck and if you push fate in your favor, eventually something bad will happen? I don't remember exactly. But it was that thing you'd just said about good luck and bad luck. That upset him."

She smiles at me.

"But...why?" I ask. Raven just picks up her coffee and sips. "Damnit you know. You know and you are making me figure it out? Ugh. I love you and I hate you."

Now I pick up her deck and outright shuffle them; she doesn't seem to mind.

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/17/2015 10:45:01 AM) (2030999)

I don’t hear Lisa. I don’t even notice her following me to the bathroom. Maybe that’s why I didn’t end up bolting. I don’t know. Thinking is so hard right now. Everything is blurry. There’s only one thought left.

<i>She knows.</i>

Somehow she fucking <i>knows.</i>

But then Lisa is there, arms around me. She’s warm. Safe. Everything is alright. Everything will be alright.

Except it won’t be. It’s not safe. It’s not okay. Someone <i>knows</i>.

I tear away and whirl around to slam my fist into the mirror. The scream on my lips is unearthly. God damn it what the hell am I supposed to do now? How does she even know? Sixteen years and I’m going to lose this shit now?

No. No that’s not going to happen. Focus on the pain Trevor. You can fix this. You always do. It’s you against the world. You’re better than this.

I run my hand over the bloody knuckles. “No shit everything is really complicated. We’re in fucking high school. People write about this shit because of how dramatic it is.” There’s heat and venom in my voice that I almost never use around Lis. Especially not when we’re alone.

Deep breath. Run your fingers through your hair. Okay. Okay. We’re okay now.

There’s pounding on the bathroom door. They’re yelling something as well. Apparently I drew some attention. Who’d have thought?

“Sorry.” I take another breath and then go hug my sister. I don’t say why I’m sorry, or for what. Mostly because I’m not really sure right now.

“Everything will be okay. There’s nothing we can’t handle.” My voice is soft and comforting. I run my hand through her hair and take another breath.

“I don’t give a shit if Lily can set people on fire. She’s still just a girl.” And with that? I unlatch the lock behind her.

Before the manager can even start he’s already holding Lisa’s emergency credit card. I look back and flash her a smile as I start apologizing and placating.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/17/2015 10:58:22 AM) (2031007)

The door gets kicked closed again before he can open it. "SHUT THE FUCK UP OUT THERE OR I SWEAR I'LL SUE."

No. He's not getting out. He's not getting away without talking. And if he hadn't already apologized, he'd be getting a fucking talking-to about taking that tone with <i>me</i>. At least... you know, when we're not in the middle of a grudge-fuck.

"Hey... talk to me, T. What's wrong?" My lips brush his, then I'm nuzzling his cheek. "C'mon. Don't lock me out here... I feel like you've been keeping me at arm's length ever since you and Marco hooked up... please... tell me?"

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 11:25:03 AM) (2031028)

"So why does it freak Trevor out to talk about luck and fate and destiny?" I say the question outloud but this time I put down three cards, face down and touch each of them."

The first. "The significator- basically Trevor himself."

The Fool.

Raven laughs. She just laughs and I look at her and start laughing too. "No explanation needed."

The second. "The situation- the conversation about luck and fate, blah blah. Why does that freak him out more than oh, me outright admitting to him that I like him but and yet I love Kelly like family and I know that sleeping with Kelly is going to make things weird. And oh yeah, how about The Crazy. That's the situation."

The Wheel of Fortune.

I stare at it. "Seriously? That's the situation about luck and fate and The Crazy? Is this like the Burning Bush? The Crazy is the Crazy and it makes us all crazy and Trevor doesn't like thinking about luck and fate or hearing about them because of luck and fate?"

Raven laughs more and tells me to just keep going. She doesn't glance back at the bathroom, but her dark eyes are dancing mischievously.

The third. I let my fingers rest on the back of the unturned card. "Advice for how I handle this situation- aka the Crazy- with and for Trevor? What should I do next?"

The Prince of Disks

I furrow my brow. "Okay, this card is definitely me. But ummn...

<b>Raven (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 11:29:47 AM) (2031034)

"That card is you," I agree. "The Prince of Disks represents the Air in the element of Earth, so you are stable but industrious. You are thoughtful but inventive. You are the earth to his fire right here, right now. Or at least the cards are advising you to be. So be grounding."

I pull the next card for him. "Because this is about to happen," I say cheerfully.

The Tower.

I lip sync the word <i>BOOM</i> and gesture with my hands, mimicking an explosion. I seem amused, almost childishly delighted over something while Marko just glances at the cards, rubbing his jaw.

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/17/2015 11:51:35 AM) (2031063)

This time I don’t pull away. I don’t want to. Don’t need to. She’s so warm. Her lips brush mine and I press into her a little, kissing her softly.

“It’s nothing to do with Marco. It’s everything else.” I rest my forehead against hers and take a deep breath, arms around her waist.

“I just remembered why I lie, that’s all.” I don’t need to explain that one. Right here, right now? Us together? It’s all the explanation she needs.

Nothing good ever comes from telling the truth.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/17/2015 11:59:08 AM) (2031073)

I nod, and hug him tighter. "Ok, love... it's ok. You don't need to explain. You know that. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere..."

I start stroking his hair lightly, and kiss his forehead. "If it's not him... then do you still want to keep going with stuff? Cuz... I'm pretty sure Marco... wants to be a part of this. And he just gave us the way to get his sister <i>and</i> the girl they're both hung up on involved, too... really involved, not just dine-n-dash. If you want."

I know how I feel about it all - but Marco and Lily and Kelly... they're all just a shallow thing. Only T reaches all the way to the deepest parts of me.

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 12:06:19 PM) (2031083)

"Did Trevor blow up Lisa's car?"

I don't know why that's the first question that comes to mind. I'm compiling her deck and giving it back to her. "Not on purpose. I don't think he'd ever hurt anyone on purpose. I don't want to tell him what happened to Steph. At least in a way that makes it seem like I'm accusing or blaming it on me. That situation? That was totally on me."

I glance towards the bathroom. "Maybe I should go check on them. I want to be all those things in his life. Dad said something similar to me about him, I don't remember the exact words. I don't want Trevor to change- but I want him to know that he can come to me, it doesn't have to be on stage, a big production. That he can just be quiet and relaxed around me too."

<b>Raven (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 12:13:15 PM) (2031095)

"To borrow something from Dr. Sexy? You want to be his Person. But you can't be- you won't be. Lisa is his Person. Kelly is Lilly's Person. You can be his friend, his sex partner, his partner-in-crime. But you won't be his Person. You won't be Lisa's Person or Kelly's Person or Lilly's Person."

"I'd offer to let you be my Person, but I have somebody there already too. So be your own Person- be your own Anchor. Trust me, oh Prince of Princes. That's my pearl of great price for you today. You are feeling a little lonely and left out. That's dumb and I'll let you figure out why on your own."

I watch as Marco takes out his own tarot deck and starts shuffling it. I slip my own cards in my pocket, and pick up my book. "Stay here," I tell him and I walk from the table, head to the bathroom where Lisa and Trevor are nuzzling, and I'm the one to knock on the bathroom door.

"Everything okay in there?"

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/17/2015 12:15:36 PM) (2031099)

“Marco...” I repeat his name. Images flash through my mind. Of me in his lap, a stolen kiss, looks shared in the heat of the moment. Then there was the way he was caressing me just now.

“He’s fun. I want him to stick around.” As what? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter; I never know where the rabbit hole is going. That’d spoil all the fun.

“As for the others?” I sigh a little and squeeze her tighter. I keep pulling up images of Kelly and Lily but all I can see is Raven. That knowing glint in her eye.

“I want them.” I suddenly growl the words out and bite down on my sisters lip. “I don’t just want to be with them. I want to own them. I want them on leashes.” I grab her hair and bite down again. This one is going to hurt. A lot. I want it to. I need her pain.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/17/2015 12:25:05 PM) (2031110)

What he gets is a sharp hiss of pain from me, and he can feel the way my hands tighten as I slowly, <i>slowly</i> pull my lip away, dragging it clear and making it hurt even worse. Bad enough to make me whimper.

But that's the only part of me that's pulling away. Everything else is curling in tighter, holding him closer. "You'll have them. We'll have them all..." This idea, collecting them all into us... it just feels right. "And they'll <i>love</i> every minute of it..."

Now, though, I do finally pull away, and unlatch the door. Trevor gets a smirk, and a wink, "And I promise you, T... ain't a damn thing in the world that can fuck with all five of us at once..."

Now. Let's get back out there and go play round 2.
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Re: [GAU] Drama Club at the Diner (Lisa/Marco/Trevor/Raven)

Postby DEM » Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:19 am

<b>Raven (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 12:36:38 PM) (2031130)

I love this show.

My contemporaries- especially Coyote- don't get it. Why I'd invest so much of myself in one particular castle in the sand box. He loves to remind me of the good ol days, back when humans were smarter and relied less on their toys. It gets under his skin that my form of choice these days is a hispster chick with the whole Daria look going on. He thinks I'm part of the problem, that I've lost my way. Hypocrit. One word: casinos.

I didn't do that; he did.

What I did? Is just offer Trevor Benson the opportunity to hear something I said to Marko and act any willful way he pleased. Him getting sad or mad or scared or fascinated or suspicious? Totally his choice to do anything or everything. I really liked what Lisa said to my little prince in the car. The girl has a ton of potential.

Really? They all do.

And -that- is why I love this show. What Lisa just said to her brother as the door opens? <i>ain't a damn thing in the world that can fuck with all five of us at once?</i> Oh, I wish I had a copy of Davidson's 'A Dictionary of Angels' on hand just to recite names for her of the lotus eaters and bottom feeders who are just aching to try. Supernormal is babypants to this show, baby.

So my smile is completely genuine as the bathroom door gets opened and I'm the first thing Trevor sees.

"Hey. So sorry about that back there. I didn't know how you'd respond. You okay?"

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/17/2015 12:58:50 PM) (2031162)

I shiver as she hisses and pulls away. She knows. She gives me exactly what I need. What would I do without you Lisa? And that whimper? It makes me groan, deep in the back of my throat.

She curls in and I pull her closer. A shiver rolls up my spine with her words. <i>You’ll have them</i>. My back straightens, shoulders square. I grab her for a fierce kiss, still gripping her hair tightly.

“Of course they’ll love it.” I grin when I finally pull away, eyes blazing.

But then she’s moving to open the door. I’m already back at the sink by the time she does, dabbing the coffee stains on my poncho with a wet paper towel. The small smile I’m wearing isn’t quite so private standing in front of the mirror.

“Oh hey!” I turn back toward the door, all smiles. “Sorry about that. I guess I must have spaced out. More hungover than I thought.”

“Me?” I look up at Raven in confusion. “Oh I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. I’ve burned myself way worse than this. Usually for better reasons though. Hrm.” Oh, I know she’s apologizing for what she said. And I’m completely ignoring it. I’ll save that conversation for later.

When there aren’t any witnesses.

“My poncho is ruined though.” I look down at it sadly, pouting like I just dropped my ice cream cone. “This was one of a kind too. Pablo just isn’t going to forgive me.” I sigh softly. “Oh well, he’ll get over it.” Shrug.

“Lets head back to Marco and pick up where we left off.” I finally look Raven in the eyes and for a second she’ll see the fires raging there. But then I blink and its gone again. Everything is swept under the rug.

The lead should never ruin the act. That’s just bad form.

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 1:21:29 PM) (2031205)

When Lisa sits down across from me? Raven joins her so Trevor gets to sit next to me this time.. I glance at him and then respond to Lisa's idea.

"So far Lilly hasn't said anything to me. But we didn't really talk about it since I told her. I haven't talked to either Lilly or Kelly today without other people around. But no, she isn't going to like it. She didn't race up and punch me in the face. She might talk to you about it- she knows everything though. About me and Steph and Trevor. About me and Kelly. I can tell you one thing though? My sister is NOT a shut it down person. About anything."

Raven laughs and drinks more coffee. I feel that foot on my leg. I certainly don't stop it.

"I'm everybody's people," I tell her but what is playing through my head is that conversation I'd just had with Raven. "I'm open-minded that way." And then I doggedly try and get us back to the thing I'd wanted to hear about since we arrived.

"Okay, I feel stupid for even thinking this- but .. no, let me rephrase it, Lisa. What exactly happened to your car? I'm still fuzzy exactly on what happened to mine except Trevor and I were just talking and then there was this homeless guy in the middle of the road and I didn't think I could stop but Trevor grabbed the wheel and we missed killing the guy. All things considered? I thought we were really, really lucky." I smile at Trevor as I say that, but it isn't like what Raven said. I'm expressing my gratitude that he grabbed the wheel, kept me from hitting the hobo, and that neither of us got killed. Expressing my gratitude to the universe in general.

"So what happened to your car? What made it part of The Crazy?" I press my leg against her playfully foot. "Share your Crazy with me and I'll share my Crazy with you."

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 1:22:27 PM) (2031208)

((kicks that IC))

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/17/2015 1:58:31 PM) (2031247)

I flop down in my new seat next to Marco. I’m keeping my hands to myself for now. Though I do smirk when my sister winces. I’ve known her body language since forever and a half ago. It’s been pretty handy.

As they start talking about Lily though? I just sit and sip my coffee. That bit is Lisa’s game for now; no need for me to get involved. Might as well sit back and enjoy the show.

Well I would, except I’m watching something else entirely right now. Or rather someone else. See, apparently while we were gone they finally got another customer. Gorgeous little blonde with a 1000 Watt smile. Obviously a nice girl. No one else has eyes that bright. And when she does that hair flip? Lets just say I know where I’m heading after we’re done here.

But I’m not so distracted that I miss that glance from Lisa. I meet her eyes for a split second and smirk again.

Of course I’m nearly snorting coffee with what she says next. This time I manage to set the coffee down before it goes everywhere. A bit of coughing later and I’m right as rain again. Beautifully done, sis. Now <i>that’s</i> what cliches are for.

When she tacks on that part about being one of our people? That’s when I finally reach out and start lightly scratching the back of his neck. It’s exactly the same as Raven was doing to him earlier. My eyes flick to hers and the corner of my lip twitches slightly.

At least right up until Marco says that Lily knows everything. Instantly my face slams into the table. I wait like that for a second. Nope, Marco’s still an idiot.

I whirl on him. “God damn it man! I told her that I slept with Steph! You were in the clear!” I grab him by the shirt and shake him a little. See how someone else likes being a baby for once. “They were mad at <i>me</i>. Not you. <b>ME.</b> Why the hell did you go and ruin that? Now half that bullshit I went through doesn’t mean a god damned thing.”

I was supposed to be calm, wasn’t I? God damn it. This is what happens. This is what fucking happens.

I finally let him go to fall back into his seat, sitting back in mine with a huff. Let them go on about this so called ‘Crazy’ of theirs. See if I fucking care. Not like any of them know a damn thing.

The world is so much bigger than they know.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/17/2015 2:08:07 PM) (2031249)

My other foot comes up to kick Trevor lightly in the shins. "Don't shake the baby. Bitch."

Then I'm laughing quietly to Marco, "As you can see, Trevor thinks very highly of you... highly enough that he's willing to put himself in the line of fire to protect you. My question is: are you willing to do the same? Because you know, that evasive 'I'm everyone's people' crap might work with some of the girls you've left laying on tables in the cafeteria with their panties around their ankles and their shirts tying their hands together behind their backs right before the lunch bell rings... but I'm not them."

"You want to know about the car?" Pivot, redirect. "I'll tell you about the car. i was <i>in</i> the car. So was Lily. And I don't believe this was some random bullshit. I think it happened <i>because</i> Lily was there. There's been a lot of rumors lately, you know, about homeless guys sneaking onto campus... now you're telling me you two almost hit one? And them my car explodes when both of your sisters are in it?"

I sigh. It's a good sigh. Long, deep, really... <i>gruntled</i>.

"Straight up, Marco: Are you in or out? One time offer: I don't think T'll cut you off if you're out, but... well....'in' definitely has its advantages."

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 2:29:13 PM) (2031253)

Trevor keeping his hands to himself was as much of a message as Lisa's foot under the table, but in both cases? I'm not thinking much about sex, flirting, or sensuality at the moment. I've got tarot cards playing themselves out in front of me not just today's- no. The really freaky stuff. When Lisa had pulled over and given me that look and started to talk? It snapped me into thinking about The Crazy, about all the things people have said and done. And that is what I want to focus on; distractions might be tolerated and put up with because I'm willfully being patient.

Yet when Trevor mimics Raven from earlier? Oh that has me visibly inhale. My eyes leave Lisa for a second, and what I might have said about being part of their thing could have been different if I'd answered in that moment.

A moment later, Trevor hits the table. I jump. Only then do I notice Lisa's lip is cut and swelling; but a minute later I'm being grabbed and shaken. Instinctively, I reach out and put my hands on both of his shoulders tightly.

"Stop. Shut up. Trust me, they were mad at me too. But my dad decided you weren't allowed to put me in the clear. He's spooky that way. I don't lie to my father because nobody is capable of lying to my father. He always knows what people really did and didn't do. That's why he's so good at being a lawyer."

"Shhhh..." I don't hit or yank away from Trevor. I move my hands to his face. Lisa is talking, but I don't look away from him. I stare him in the eyes.

"My dad wanted her to know. Its okay. Things will get better sooner with Lilly knowing what she knows. I'm not worried about her being pissed at me. I'm more worried what dad is going to say to you. I should have changed our card. I should have kept you from getting naked with her in Lilly's room. I should have been able to see what was going to happen and yanked you along to the shower with me, taken you to my room. I should have bought us a hooker and a hotel room."

"Next time, a hooker and a hotel room."

I am so caught up in trying to calm him. There it was. What Raven said. The explosion. Ground him. Calm him. Be the earth.

<b>Raven (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 2:35:19 PM) (2031261)

"Say it again after they're done having their Brokeback Diner moment," I suggest to Lisa.

"I mean, personally I think Marcus needs to hear what you are saying. If he doesn't hear that Lilly is part of The Crazy and her power is the power of hellfire and destruction, he will fail to take her seriously. Trevor won't always be there to do the right thing at the right time to make Lilly all soft and silly. There's only so many times he can poop kittens."

As I say this, I write something on a napkin and hand it to Lisa so that she gets it just as I'm saying kittens.

<i>Helpful suggestion? Read Art of War. You really need to learn strategy. You are pretty and you are smart but you don't know how to read people and adapt to who they are and what they want. I can teach you if you like though.</i>

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/17/2015 3:02:54 PM) (2031278)

I huff again when she starts on about how I think of Marco. ‘Cause that really needed to be said. Thanks, sis. Why not shine a spotlight on it some more?

“I was already in the line of fire. I was just getting you out of it.” I mumble a little.

Then Marco’s hands are on my shoulders, eyes on mine. I want to yell some more. Argue everything he’s saying. Tell him how he’s so wrong. But I can’t. I can’t do any of it. My mind is racing in a thousand directions at once. Why is it so hard to keep the act going when I’m around him?

Then he puts his hands on my face and everything falls still. Goes quiet. When he’s finished I slip one hand into his hair, the other cupping his hand.

“The best things in the world are free Marco. There’s so many better alternatives than a hooker. And a hotel room for that matter. I mean just this weekend I was in a church. Though I recommend leaving before mass starts.” My smile now is genuine, warm.

“You don’t have to worry about what your father is going to do. I can handle myself. I always have.” I’m leaning in closer.

“You couldn’t have stopped what happened. I take what I want Marco. Who I want.” My lips are almost against his, nails raking over his scalp. “We all made our choices that night. Did what we wanted. If you look ahead you’ll miss everything around you. Right infront of you.”

With that I crash my lips against his. It’s not quite one of the kisses I share with Lisa, but it’s closer than she’s seen before. For a second I completely let go. Feel. Be.

My sister talking about girls with their panties around their ankles, bound in the cafeteria has absolutely no influence on me right now. None at all.


<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/17/2015 3:10:18 PM) (2031282)

Marco... completely ignores me. It's the sort of thing that makes me want to just wring his...

Wait. What's that Raven's saying?

<i>She knows?</i>

My eyes turn toward her, head following after, and I just <i>stare</i>. Finally, though, I look down at the napkin, then back up to her, and give a little nod. Glancing across the table again, I snatch her pen and jot down a reply.

<i>I'm always willing to learn. We'll talk later. Right now... I think T and I need to take him someplace... private.</i> Then my phone number, and a whisper, "Call me tonight. They'll want the time alone, by then..."

I glance over at the two of them, and nod. "Yup. They will." Then I stand up, "Ok, boys. Get the fuck up, and let's get the hell out of here. Raven, it was great seeing you again, and we'll talk soon, ok? Trevor: Marco'll show you where we parked." And with that, I'm off to get my card back from the manager.

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 3:30:08 PM) (2031290)

I had missed what Lisa had said because I was caught up in being shaken and stirred like a martini. I so wasn't trying to ignore her on purpose.

That kiss.

Now, my father specifically told me he'd prefer I found someone else than Trevor. His exact final words to me, on the topic of Trevor Benson come to me after that kiss, before Lisa is in motion to the door. I'm grinning like at idiot at Trevor but there, loud like he was standing right behind us is my dad. In my head.

<i>"You need to step back and figure out what’s wrong. Especially if he’s your friend. Back his play and one day he’ll do the same for you. But always wear your fucking seatbelt. Use a condom. Never do drugs unless you know what the fuck they’re going to do to you. Know when someone makes you so high you do stupid shit, and be ready for it. Brace and take control of your own actions. Don’t be an idiot. You’re a man, you have a responsibility to act like it. Blah blah consequence talk blah blah fathering. Capiche?</i>


"Okay. Free. Not a hotel. But not right this minute. Tonight? Midnight? Pick a place for me to come. Text me the location. Just us." I glance at Lisa and back at him meaningfully, including her.

"I did hear what you said about a one time offer," I say to the girl. "Mine isn't a one time offer, but it means waiting. I picked the time. I'm letting you guys pick the place."

God he tastes like cinnamon and fire and I love it. But I have to learn better self-mastery around him. Otherwise, he'll just be heroin. And I don't do heroin. But he can be Pegasus to my Bellerphon. I just need to make sure and keep the Golden Bridle close.

"Lisa is part of the Crazy." This I say to Raven. "Okay, so why don't we go back to your apartment and we talk one-on-one before I go have dinner with the family and then maybe you loan me your car tonight?"

She agrees and waves to Lisa and Trevor.

<b>Raven (Damiana)</b>
(2/17/2015 3:34:10 PM) (2031291)

"Good to see you both again," I tell the dynamic duo. I didn't roll dice or knock on wood or anything like that.

What's the fun in that?

But when Marco decides of his own free will to not follow anyone blindly, even when he is tempted to? I am pleased. Pleased enough to agree to giving him the use of my car for his little rendezvous. "But it better come back to me in one piece," I warn him. "Otherwise there will be consequences and repercussions- like I show Lisa those videos I made of you when you were 15 and we spent a week at my brother's BSDM club, me teaching you how to both top and bottom."

Marco's head hits the table just like Trevor's did.

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/17/2015 4:10:26 PM) (2031322)

Lisa’s voice comes from far away. Her words don’t hit me for a few seconds after we’ve broken away. By then Marco is already talking.

And I smile a wicked Trevor Benson smile. Oh Marco. You are so adorable. You don’t get it, do you? But you will. Oh, you will. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you. Show you. It’ll be fun. And you’ll start to see how big the world really is.

I don’t say anything though. What fun would that be? No, I just watch as he has his little exchange with Raven. I still don’t look at her fully either. Don’t want to ruin the mood right now.

When they’re finished though I lean down and press my lips to his ear. “Don’t worry about her showing off those videos, we’ve seen worse. Hell, we’ll make some ourselves tonight and this time it won’t be any amateur shit.” I nip at his ear, raking my nails down his back.

I finally look up at Raven. It’s the same as when I stepped out of the bathroom. Oh we’ll see each other soon. Very soon. I’ll make sure of it.

And then I’m off. We’ve got until midnight. That’s almost a whole day of adventure to be had.

Maybe I’ll even treat myself to some hors d'oeuvres before the main course. Where’d that pretty little blonde go?
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