Shadowrun: Into the Black

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Shadowrun: Into the Black

Postby DEM » Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:55 am


Into the Black will be a campaign with one primary GM (me) shaping the main plotline. However, the Mythic GM Simulator will be used for specific story/adventure/run ideas, and to help to weave the characters' personal plotlines together with the main plot.

Character Creation:

Characters for Into the Black will be made using the standard Priority System as outlined in the SR5 Core Rulebook, unless alternate creation systems (such as those presented in Run Faster) are discussed and approved by the GM. In addition:

Please provide two (2) character-driven plotlines you wish to see your character be involved with.

Please provide two (2) to three (3) NPCs - stats aren't needed, only brief descriptions - that tie in with your character and/or would figure prominently in their personal plotlines.

All players are allowed and encouraged to use the Mythic GM Simulator to run excursions of their own with various combinations of other characters, if they wish to do so. No player should feel obligated to do so.
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Re: Shadowrun

Postby DEM » Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:55 am

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Wheels, Human Decker

Postby JamesFHJ » Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:57 am

Joseph "Wheels" Roads
Paraplegic Decker
Metatype: Human

Main Plotlines
Plotline 1
Evo Corporation wants his head on a platter because of some information he has about some of their less than legal activities. They've framed him for the murder of his wife, so Lone Star too is after him.

NPCs: Charles Mann, Lone Star Officer In charge of Investigation, & Bill Harmon, Evo Corp Hitman.

Plotline 2
Work in progress
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Postby Chance » Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:52 pm

Metatype: Raen (elf)
Profession: fixer
Apparent age: Young adult
Physical appearance: 1.87m (6'2"), 68Kg (150lb), lean and curvy, long pink-silver-copper hair, dark-blue eyes with flecks of silver and pewter. Well-groomed, neat, speaks with surprising intelligence amidst a mix of street slang and references from other languages. Her accent is hard to pin down, but one major component is Sprawl.

Rep: Zan isn't a major name yet; she's been working her way up in Seattle's Shadows, handling the lower-cash runs and gear requests from Sweet T's clients, and building her own contacts. She doesn't seem like a newbie to anyone who's been running the shadows for any length of time, however -- she's all business, generally. She tends to lay things out bluntly and without much room for compromise, but does it without being unduly obnoxious or insulting. Her one noteworthy oddball trait is that she tends to not like using the glasses at runner bars, and brings her own refreshments more often than not. (The barkeeps are mollified by her paying them the cost of one drink per half-hour she's using the table on busy nights, half that on slow ones.)


Character-driven plotlines:

All The Things You Left Behind: Zan and Damien had a ton of stuff in Germany stashed away. Some of it is valuable. A team who wanted to get into the DMZ that is Berlin and get the items she wants to keep could profit by keeping the rest. All manner of potential problems could arise, like locals demanding a cut, someone who found it first, etc.

Haters Gonna Hate, Even Long-Distance: The remaining runners from Damien's team may have cooled off a little, but they still are offering a bounty. Someone who wants to take it on could be an issue; someone who wants to get in good with her could take on the runners. The runners might show up in Seattle. Mayhem ensues in any case.

This is a Credstick-Up!: She's learned the art of Forgery over the years. One of the ways I see her having supported herself is by faking up credsticks for small amounts, buying supplies retail and marking them up for runners who want the items. Or, possibly, paying squatters with a 50 percent cut of the credstick amount to cash them in for her to a legit stick. Some corp might object to their goods being bought with money that doesn't actually exist, and hire her to get a team to deal with the forger. Hijinx ensue.

Ancient Antics: Zan was the target of a botched attempt to strongarm money by a lesser member of the Ancients. She conned him into believing she was having him followed and potentially given a beatdown.


Sweet T, fixer. Human female.
T is somewhere in her 40s. Think Angela Bassett in Strange Days, looks-wise. She's from the CAS and doesn't talk about her life to people she works with, though she has at least two kids who are young adults, names and details TBD. T is Zan's mentor of sorts; she's been a fixer more than half her life and is looking to retire -- she's been smart enough to live modestly and sock away cash by the fistful. She's been slowly shifting her operations into Zan's hands -- right now, Zan's handling the lower-cash runs and gear requests, and building her own contacts, as proof she can handle more.

Sizzle, Ancients Lieutenant. Male elf.
Somewhere in his mid-20s, go-ganger veteran, well connected and well-respected. Sizzle is so named because in his young-and-stupid days he had a thing for fire in street fights. This led to a rather unpleasant burn scar across one side of his face from a heated pipe. It seemed like a good idea at the time. He's become smarter, almost 'grizzled', and he's the one who keeps the new fish in line within the blue-and-green. He and Zan have begun to build a business relationship in the past year, since the Ancients are far more than just the large elf go-gang they seem to be. He doesn't want to be in charge -- he's got a sort of 'veteran non-com' attitude about life. Aside from the scar, he's quite handsome, in the go-ganger-street-trash sort of way.
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