[GAU] Siblings pt1 (Trevor/Lisa) 2/5-6/2015 (sfw)

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[GAU] Siblings pt1 (Trevor/Lisa) 2/5-6/2015 (sfw)

Postby DEM » Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:26 pm

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/5/2015 8:01:51 PM) (2021051)

Fuck you Marco.

Today is all your fault. I wasn’t even going to bother coming to school today. There was going to be pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs and maybe a mid-afternoon sex or two. All the good stuff.

But most importantly there was going to be sleep. Blissful, beautiful sleep. I’m fucking <i>tired</i> man. Jesus. I know I don’t need beauty sleep, but one does not simply magic a night of debauchery out of thin air. It takes effort.

More for some than others, admittedly.

But now? Now I’ve got to put up with this shit. I thought that I was just going to be getting cock-blocked. Some rumors. Whatever, I can deal. God knows I’ve got more than my fair share already circulating. I started a few of them.

Oh sure, that’s how it started. The stares and whispers. Chin up, eyes forward, hair combed back. Some of ‘em giggle, so I flash ‘em a grin. That’s how we do.

But I didn’t notice they were repainting the sign outside. I didn’t hear them shout out as I walked underneath the scaffolding. Didn’t look up in time to see the paint can falling until it nailed me in the back of the head. I only vaguely recall something splashing over me.

I will hunt down whoever decided that anything, in the history of ever, needed to be painted shit brown.

Of course, as it so happened, all the spare clothes I keep in my locker? Ash. Apparently the jocks broke the lock and decided to take their revenge a little early.

That’s okay though. I have access to all the costume supplies for the drama club, right? Right. But, oh wait, the lock got busted because some dumbass freshmen used the wrong key and broke it off in the lock. Locksmith won’t be here until tomorrow. Fuck me.

Normally, I’d be able to make brown work. It’s totally a fall color, which is so me. But combine with those rumors that Marco left for me and I’m raw fucked. I mean, I was already fucked raw but this is different. There’s not enough Adderall and Ritalin in the world to make this suck less. Maybe some blow off a hookers ass.

Speaking of, where is that sister of mine anyway?

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/5/2015 8:12:07 PM) (2021055)

Where am I? Where I can smoke, of course: I'm in the student lot, parked right up near the door, sitting in my GTO and blazing away. I'm not in the least bit concerned about getting caught with the weed, either. What're they going to do, arrest me? Please. Nobody arrests anyone for weed anymore.

Also, I've got the music way up. Classic stuff. <i>Symphony of Destruction</i> from Megadeth. I'm also texting away - to my brother, in fact:

|| Hey. I feel like going for burgers. Can you get out of next period, or should I bring you something back? I'm parked up in the s-lot by the door to the science labs.||

Then a moment later, ||My treat. Well, Steve and Carrie's treat.|| Trevor's never called them 'mom' or 'dad', and in the last year or so, I find myself referring to them that way less and less. Fuck 'em.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/5/2015 8:21:32 PM) (2021061)

(([[ *steals Candice to get Colton because he'll clearly be the cooler twin* ]]))

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/5/2015 8:25:49 PM) (2021064)

Can I get out of next period? Of course I -- Nope. No I can’t. Turns out we have a substitute teacher, real hardass too. Was this guy ex-military or something? Jesus Christ. Doesn’t he know who I am?

So there’s only one thing for a guy to do.

I go for the window.

It’s almost worth watching his face when he notices I’m unlatching the window at the back. Oh sure, he starts yelling but I’m already on the sill. I turn and wave, flashing him a smile before diving outside.

Only to sprain my ankle when I land.

Ow. Owowowow. Holy fucking Christ. This is bullshit. All of this is bullshit. Fuck you Marco.

So it’s pretty much forever later when I’m limping my ass over to her car, covered head to toe in brown paint. The cocktail of uppers I took this morning are starting to wear off too. I’m not far off zombie shuffling at this point.

I collapse into the seat next to her, slamming the door closed. Right onto my fucking busted ankle too.

This time I cry out and growl, rocking back and forth in and clutching my leg tightly.

Its been that kind of fucking day.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/5/2015 8:32:44 PM) (2021070)

"Jesus Christ, T-Bone, what the fuck happened to <i>you</i>?"

Yup, that's me, all sympathy and understanding, all the time.

"That's not gonna get paint on the leather, right?"

The engine starts, and I'm pulling out, nice and smooth. Hrm. We were gonna go for burgers, but the way he looks? I'm headed for home. "Ok, new plan: you get cleaned up, I'll go get the food, and we'll get back here in time for last period."

Last period starts in about an hour and a half. That should give him time to get himself straightened out, and then enjoy lunch without having to worry about all the bullshit. Yeah, it means missing an extra class period, but I'll call the office and cover for him. After all, I'll need to cover for me, too, right?

"We'll get that leg taped up, too."

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/5/2015 8:54:20 PM) (2021091)

“Its been a bad day.” Yeah, like that even needed to be said. This isn’t the first time she’s seen me hit a bad streak, but it’s never this bad.

I look up at her when she asks about paint on the leather. There are no words: I just stare. I don’t often think about hitting a woman non-consensually but when I do it’s almost always my sister.

Of course I won’t get paint on the leather. That’s not how this works.

I settle back into the seat and try to relax as we pull out. I don’t often sit still. It’s just so boring. But right now the less I move the less I’m going to get punched in the nuts.

Plus, you know, moving hurts now.

“So I slept with Marco’s stepmother.” I don’t even open my eyes when I say that. Might as well focus on the good things in life, right? “With Marco. It was pretty awesome.”

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/5/2015 8:57:58 PM) (2021092)

"Marco from drama club Marco?" I glance over toward him as I drive, and I'm already modifying the plan - burgers first. "I've seen his stepmom - she came to that production of <i>Guys and Dolls</i> we did. I'd have thought you were too young for her."

As we go, I reach into the back seat and pull a bottle out to hand over to him. "Here, take the edge off..."

"How'd you manage that?"

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/5/2015 9:12:56 PM) (2021094)

“None other.” I nod slightly. I finally crack an eye to look at her dubiously. “I’ve never met a woman I was too young for. Shame the reverse of that doesn’t hold true.”

I snatch the bottle from her and pour some into my mouth. I haven’t been able to get my hands on anything since I left Marco’s house.

Of course I nearly end up choking. I cough and sputter, pounding on my chest before forcing myself to swallow. A few seconds later and I’m panting as I remember how to breathe again.

Come on now. I get bad luck. I really do. But honestly, messing with a guys self-medicating is a whole new low. That’s just not right.

“How’d I manage that?” I scoff. “I’m me, that’s how.”

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/5/2015 9:21:40 PM) (2021096)

The McBurgerQueen isn't far from the school, and our conversation has to pause for a moment while I order us a pair of double-deluxe triple bacon cheeseburgers with cajun curly chili cheese fries, chocolate shakes, and of course, apple pies.

"Tcha. You've met plenty of women you're too young for." But I'm laughing, taking the sting out of it. "You've just never met one that's too old for <i>you</i>. No, but seriously, how'd you get her in bed with her stepson? You start with her or with Marco?"

"And what the fuck was up with you, anyway? First the ex-lax rumor, then you're covered in shit-brown today... you're not doing some kind of fucking scat-based performance thing, are you?"

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/5/2015 9:44:04 PM) (2021114)

“That’s not true.” I point at her frantically, banging my hand on the ceiling of the car and wincing for a second but pointing all the same. “I have absolutely met women too old for me. Remember Ms. Jones when she asked me over to clean her gutters? I thought she was being literal. But nooo. Apparently she was some pervy old lady. That shit was creepy. I barely got out of there with my purity intact, let me tell you.”

I hear a sudden curse from outside the car. I look up to see that apparently the drive-thru girl has dropped one of our milkshakes. At least I’m not the only one. Though the blush on her cheeks probably means she heard at least some of what I was saying. Oops.

“Fucking Marco. That ex-lax thing was all him. He pulled me out of the line of fire of the football team. How was I supposed to know they had an afternoon practice the same time I was screwing one of their girls in their locker room?”

It was still a great plan.

“That scat based performance thing is a good sell though. Very independant film. I can make it work. We can do some filming and I’ll spring it on the teacher as a pet project of mine.” I sigh and relax a little bit. That’ll take care of that problem.

We finally get our food and we’re off again. I honestly can’t get the food into my face fast enough. I’m completely ravenous. At least this time when I start choking and sputtering I have delicious milkshake to wash it down with.

“I started with her of course. You know I’m not into guys.” I say between bites. “Marco is definitely one of the cooler guys I’ve met though. Very much our kind of dude. Even if he doesn’t know it yet.”

I finally stop eating long enough to look up at her. “Wait, haven’t you fucked him yet?”

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/5/2015 9:49:06 PM) (2021119)

"Marco Rivale? Uhhhh.... why would I fuck <i>him</i>? C'mon, he's in the drama club, he's too easy. It'd be like nailing a jock." Then I pause, and look over at him, "Why? What've you got in mind?"

Then I'm pulling back in at home. "C'mon... let's get you cleaned up." Hopping out, I move around to the passenger's side so he can sling an arm around my shoulder and we can limp him inside without him having to put any weight on the ankle he's clearly injured.

"Ok, food on the table, and you in the shower... we're gonna need to hit your hair with that 'Lava' soap of Steve's. The stuff with the pumice in it, or the paint is <i>never</i> gonna come out without cutting half your hair off..."

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/5/2015 10:11:25 PM) (2021128)

“Since when is challenging a requirement for you?” Nevermind that I was just talking about sexing up a cheerleader. That’s not the point here. “I just finished saying he was a pretty cool guy.”

“Besides, we’re <i>both</i> in the drama club.” I just let that one sit there. No need to spell everything out for her. She’s a bright girl.

Sometimes. Mostly.

I poke my head out when she opens the door for me. I’m looking both ways like I’m about to cross the street. Honestly with the day I’ve been having the driveway isn’t much different really.

Eventually though I let her help me out and inside. It’s a miracle I make it that far without any mishaps. But once we’re inside I’m a little dubious about going further. Linoleum and carpet are definitely mine fields right now. Who knows what lurks there, just read to stab, prick, trip or otherwise maim me.

But Lisa is here. As long as I stick close to her then obviously everything will be okay. It’s not like my bad luck is contagious or anything. Does it make me a bad person that I’m kind of using my sister as a human shield here?

No? I didn’t think so either.

When she mentions the idea of cutting my hair off though, that’s when I finally tear up. How... how could she even say such a thing? That’s... that’s just horrible!

“I... I’d rather make brown work.” Sniffle. “I’d find a way to be a brunette. It.” Sniff. “It’d be hard. You know, being so plain. But.” Sniffle. “I could make it work.”

By the time we make it upstairs to the bathroom I’ve only acquired a handful more cuts and bruises. Sitting down on the can I start rubbing my leg. “As for what I had in mind with Marco? As I said, I think he’s our sort of guy. I think he could join us for a lot of fun.” My smile is full of meaning.

“I’m not going to stop there though. His sister is the end game here. Why should we be the only siblings that have a beautiful relationship?” My hand rests on her hip as I say that. “And why shouldn’t our families get closer?”

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/5/2015 10:31:14 PM) (2021138)

"Yep. We are." I nod, and grin as if that settles that.

Getting him inside isn't that difficult, but he's still sniffling and pouting and saying stupid things. "Brown? You?" My voice is a little softer now that we're in the house. "No. Sorry, baby, but you're just completely not a 'brown' kind of guy."

Once he's sat down and addressing his leg, I move to go get him a towel and a change of clothes. "He could, yeah? Heh. Ok..."

Coming back, I set the folded laundry on the edge of sink, and lean into him a little. "Because we're the ones who're smart enough to know better than to let the idiots chain us down?" I bend down to give him a long, slow kiss, and start to peel the paint-covered shirt off. "C'mon, you. Pants, too."

Breaking off for a moment, I get the shower started, then hold up one finger. "Almost forgot the pumice soap... be right back."

And I'm off to raid the parents' bathroom.

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/6/2015 12:54:17 AM) (2021222)

I whimper and rest my forehead against her neck. She’s right. I’m so not a brown kind of guy. Oh what a cruel fate has befallen me! To be struck plain in the height of my prime. How will I ever live with --

Hey, is that vanilla? Is she wearing vanilla again? Mmm... delicious. I’ve always found that preference of hers to be amusing.

I press my hand into the small of her back when she leans into me. I smile wide at her words, returning the kiss in kind. We always have been two of a kind. Though when she moves to pull away I press my hand into her back and go in for seconds. Of course mine is a little greedier than hers had been.

“But it’s so much more fun when you take them off for me.” I whine and pout before flashing her a grin, still working the shirt off where its been glued to my skin.

“Speaking of chains, do you think they’re still in the basement?” But then she’s gone. Not for long of course. She never could stay away.

“Holy sweet mother of god.” She’ll hear me curse from the other room. “God damn it Marco.”

By the time she gets back I’m standing there naked in the mirror, experimentally scratching and rubbing at the paint on my chest. My skin! My sweet beautiful skin! How could this happen?

“Weren’t my clothes enough? Did you need to take more from me? Was their sacrifice for naught?!” Apparently my torso is also covered in a veneer of shitty paint. This is going to be hell for my complexion.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/6/2015 1:03:44 AM) (2021231)

Oh, it's so vanilla. It's one of my favorite scents - and one of his, too, even if he won't admit it except when I say he won't.

"The basement? Did you take them out from under my bed again?" Sheesh. Is there anything of mine he doesn't try to get into? Probably not. When I get back, I just stop and give him the look. You know the look. It's the 'are you being a dumbass on purpose, or is it just your Y-chromosome acting up again?' look. "Marco? What the hell does Marco have to do with this?"

Reaching over, I check the temperature of the shower, and nod to myself. The pumice soap gets set into the soap tray, and I slip out of my own clothes - after all, he's not going to be able to get all of this, and there's no reason for <i>my</i> clothes to get wet.

Then he gets a sharp slap on the ass. "Stop preening and get your ass in the shower, sweetcheecks."

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/6/2015 1:33:45 AM) (2021245)

I turn and look at her like she’s retarded. “It’s obviously his fault. He started this whole X-Lax thing. Brown paint is just brown paint. Until it isn’t. Until rumors of X-Lax and diarrhea. Then it’s a Shiza film gone horribly wrong.”

I sigh. Life is hard.

Of course no bad day will stop me from wiggling my ass when it gets smacked like that. Then I look up at her in the mirror, flash her a grin and do it again just for good measure.

“Wait, are you saying it wasn’t you I used them on last time? Huh.” I seem genuinely thoughtful. She’ll know of course that I haven’t forgotten. There’s the telltale gleam in my eye. But I do so love jerking her chain.

Wait, weren’t we just talking about that?

“I could have sworn that... But no, it must have been someone else.” There’s a ghost of a smile on my lips now.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/6/2015 1:51:36 AM) (2021262)

That gets him another slap on the ass, a bit harder. "The last time <i>you</i> weren't the one <i>using</i> them, jackass..." Then I stop, "Or was that Steve's silk neckties? You've got such sensitive skin, after all..."

Now I look him over slowly, "Or, you did. After this..." I waggle my hand a little, "I'm seeing a lot of clogged pores in your future, T, sad to say."

"So, come on..." I take his hand and tug him toward the shower, "Tell me <i>everything</i> about what happened with Marco while we get you cleaned up..."

<b>Trevor Benson (Kjaere)</b>
(2/6/2015 2:17:25 AM) (2021271)

Oh that’s just low sis. Hitting a man while he’s down.

Do it again.

“Well one of the two of us has to be sensitive around here.” I grab her by the hair and push her against the wall of the shower. I’m about to redefine hot and messy. Especially because by the time I pull away? The paint has gotten wet again and started rubbing off against her.

I glance down at her chest, now a light shade of mocha, then back up at her. Grin.

“I thought you weren’t interested in Marco?” I tease. But then I launch right into the story. I tell her all about yesterday, leaving out the whole bit about the car accident. No need to freak her out or anything.

And by the time we get to the part about Stephanie? I start giving her some show with my tell. Things were already heading in that direction anyway. Though I do have to get pretty creative for the second half of the night.

To hell with afternoon classes. Although there’s only a few hours before Steve and Carrie get home. Guess this is going to be the Coles Notes version. Good thing I know my sister so well.

I’m going to sleep like the dead tonight. Or maybe just be dead. Death by snoo snoo: sounds legit.

PART 2: NSFW (NOTE: This continuation is explicit and may offend some readers with how terribly it's written, but it helps flesh out the interpersonal dynamic between Lisa and Trevor.)
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