[GAU] Big Sister (Lisa/Marco) 2/10/2015

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[GAU] Big Sister (Lisa/Marco) 2/10/2015

Postby DEM » Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:28 pm

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/10/2015 1:12:57 AM) (2023645)

I'm tired. I'm mildly achey. I didn't get much sleep.

So, yeah, it was a good night.

That doesn't mean I don't have to continue with my plan here, though. Divide, confuse, conquer, and thoroughly have myself a good time. That's the plan! So, I've parked out in the student lot, right near the door, and I'm sitting in the car waiting. Marco will come out soon enough. Until then, I'm just going to blaze up a bit, and relax. Nice, slow, deep breaths. Calm. Everything's fine. I've skipped out on the Drama Club meeting after I made sure Marco was there, I know which car is his from Trevor's description... he'll come this way. He has to come this way.

There we go: the door opens, and he's walking from the building toward the lot. And he's going to have to walk right past me. So as he approaches, I go ahead and slip out of the car, moving around toward the other side just in time to intercept him and push him back against the unlocked trunk with a sudden, almost certainly surprising amount of force, and a hard, unyielding look in my eyes.

Marco and I have been in Drama Club together for three years now. He knows who the hell I am. He can't help but know who Trevor is to me.

"<i>You</i>." My voice is a sibilant, venomous hiss as I give another shove. "Did you think you'd get away with it? Did you think I wouldn't <i>find out</i>?"

Like I said: three years of Drama Club, and two years before that pulling scams with T. The angry big sister routine? Honey, I can <i>sell</i> it.

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/10/2015 1:32:31 AM) (2023653)

Physicaly I'm exhausted but in an eager mood to get done with school and go Hobo hunting. I didn't get much sleep, even after I took Kelly home. Following Lilly's texts, we didn't stay at the Ramada as long as we could have- but we certainly stayed long enough to be satisfied. I'm now absolutely certain that something preternatural is going on, if not at the high school itself, then to at least two others besides myself. I want to question Trevor as well if he's had any other encounters with that hobo or other things in the.. what... last 32 hours since The Steph Affair as I'm mentally calling it.

How to keep all of this from Lilly though. For all that my younger sister drives me crazy? She is still my little sister- and Kelly's magic bracelet, my tarot deck, the purple crayon? These things might be dangerous. They certainly have to be kept secret. I can't trust her to do that. Unfortunately, now is the time to ask Kelly exactly what Lilly does or doesn't know-

- BAM! -

I'm torn out of my thoughts by an angry Lisa Asgard.

Blinking at her, I take a moment to try and piece together what it was in specific I'm being accused of. Wait. She is Trevor's pseudo-sister. Oh God. This isn't going to be good.

"What did Trevor tell you I did?" I temporize. Let's start there and see if I can get a feel for what is going on exactly. I mean... Trevor wouldn't have told his sister about-

Oh God. You might be a dead man, Trevor Benson. Deep breaths, Marco. Look her right in the face. It might be nothing more than me starting the rumor we cut school because of an Ex Lax attack. It might not even be about Trevor.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/10/2015 1:50:04 AM) (2023658)

"What did Trevor tell me?" Outrage. Incredulity. "Do you know that he had to leave school early yesterday because <i>a bucket of brown paint</i> got dumped all over him? Brown paint! Amd who started the Ex-Lax rumor <i>the day before</i>?"

He gets a poke in the chest. "He was having such a hard time of it that he didn't even want to <i>face</i> our mom and dad!" Yup. Not 'Steven and Carrie', not to the World. "I had to cut into my savings to put him up in a hotel room overnight, or I swear, he might've done something... awful. So don't you give me that 'what did Trevor tell you' nonsense. Now you get your ass in my car and we are going over there and you are going to <i>fix your shit</i>, do you understand me?"

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/10/2015 2:00:22 AM) (2023667)

And I start laughing.

"So that's where he was yesterday? They dumped paint all over thim? Those bastards!"

Lisa's poking isn't making my sudden mirth as I just picture the moment. "He was not having a hard time of it. Not over paint! And I might have started the ex-lax rumor but it was a convenient way to get him out of school so the football team didn't murder him for fucking someone's girlfriend in the locker room. He didn't tell you about how me rescuing him from the foot ball team ended up in a car accident and us in the ER? Or spending the night at my house? All he told you was about the ex-lax rumor?"

I shake my head. "No, I have plans with the deaf girl Mallory. There's nothing for me to fix with Trevor. I'm sorry he got doused in paint though. I hope no pictures of it show up on the Internet."

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/10/2015 2:15:49 AM) (2023678)

Now I stop, and lean in closer, bringing my mouth right up to his ear so I can purr, "Ohhhhh no, Maro Rivale. I know <i>everything</i>."

Now, does he blow me off? Does he give me absolutely <i>no</i> reason to keep a secret? After all, do the math: Senior. Adult. Sophomore. Who's the one who gets burned here? Who's the one who gets tagged in a registry <i>for life</i>?

Not that I plan to do that, of course. That's not the game. But he doesn't know that. So I just lean back a little, still pinning him in place with my own body, and quirk my eyebrow a little.

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/10/2015 2:29:18 AM) (2023689)

But I smirk at her.

It was like the image of the brown paint pouring over him flipped a switch in my head. Something just shifted and my eyes are dancing with mischief as she presses up against me and what had me twitchy, just the potential of it? Suddenly it a paper tiger. A blonde paper tiger with heavy mascara.

And an image, of last night, when I laid a kiss on Kelly's bracelet- and unleashed something mystical and powerful. Something that knew me- something I knew.

There's a slight change on inflection in my tone, but its more obvious that I'm not acting like the Marco Rivale she knows when my response at this point is to put one hand on her cheek, my lips moving t towards her ear and I whisper into it <i>"Good. Because your brother type really, really enjoyed it. And so did I." Lisa isn't a big girl. I don't shove her away, but if she wants to puff herself up and try to scare me? She needs to do a much better job of it.

The image that suddenly flashes through me, of a scene like this? It is set back in the 1950s and Lisa is dressed very film noir. I'm wearing a suit. We're both ten or twelve years older than we are now, having a parallel moment in a small office of some kind and I'm cupping her face and kissing her hungrily...

Whatever Lisa does next is enough to snap me back into the present... just as I start to try and kiss her there in the hallway, caught up somewhere else, as someone else.

<b>Lisa Asgard (Dead Elf Mage)</b>
(2/10/2015 2:48:17 AM) (2023713)

It might be enough, except that what I do next is push in again, push him back onto the trunk of my Pontiac, and display the skills that got me my Varsity Letter in Girls' Tonsil Hockey. Trevor's right - there are no words to describe a lot of what I can do, and right now, Marco Rivale's on the receiving end of that. Yes, there are girls in this school that my darling brother's used like convenient tissue paper and left just as wadded up in the john after he's blown his load. Yes, I'm quite sure Marco's done much the same thing to plenty of them. Trevor might be a natural at the game, but Marco's not exactly a stranger to it himself - and his reputation's something of a <i>thing</i> around the school.

Mine's not. I'm not one of those girls. I tend to stick to college guys and the good-looking teachers who know how not to get caught. An important first step? None of them have been teaching <i>my</i> classes. And none of <i>them</i> did the wadding up and tossing aside. Marco plays the game alright, but I'm riding it to a full scholarship.

So when I'm done curling his toes, I draw back a little, and smirk right back at him. "So did I."

Then he gets the grope, right to his balls, before I stick a card in his waistband and start back toward the driver's seat, pausing only long enough to give the trunk a thump to secure it again. Looks like I don't need to put a body in there. Yet.

"You get points for style. Call it a C+. Gimme a ring when you're done with Mallory."

<b>Marco Rivale (Damiana)</b>
(2/10/2015 3:10:28 AM) (2023722)

Under other circumstances, certainly the circumstances that were my life before the first hobo attack? Lisa Asgard probably would have curled my toes or at least taken my breath away. She's good. She's got a gift.

But last night?

I rode Pegasus. And I'm still high from the experience. A normal girl's kiss can't compare to the addictive whrilwind that was unleashed with the Dextera Domini and Kelly. So it was a very good kiss. But a mundane kiss. So any chance she might have had of overwhelming me? It was lost this round, this day. I realize she wasn't the girl I had the flashback over, just someone a lot like her.

And she gets laughed at as she gropes and walks away. But I take the card and read it, laughing as she calls it a C+. The fact she quipped that, everything Lisa just did entertained me and we might end up better friends than before. However, my eyes do follow her as she saunters off. I'm still smiling, in a singularly good mood now. Hyde is still in the driver's wheel.

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