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Mage: The Awakening

Title Abbrev Release Date
Mage: The Awakening MtA August 2005
Boston Unveiled BU October 2005
Sanctum and Sigil SS November 2005
Legacies: The Sublime LS January 2006
Guardians of the Veil GV February 2006
Tome of the Watchtowers TW April 2006
Secrets of the Ruined Temple SRT May 2006
Reign of the Exarchs RE July 2006
Tome of the Mysteries TotM November 2006
Legacies: The Ancient LA January 2007
Intruders: Encounters With the Abyss IEA March 2007
The Free Council FC May 2007
Magical Traditions MT June 2007
The Mysterium TM September 2007
Astral Realms AR November 2007
The Adamantine Arrow AA January 2008
Banishers Bn March 2008
Lines of Power (PDF Only)* LP April 2008
Grimoire of Grimoires GG May 2008
Silver Ladder SL July 2008
Keys to the Supernal Tarot KST November 2008
Seers of the Throne ST February 2009
Summoners Sm April 2009
The Abedju Cipher (PDF Only)* AC July 2009
Night Horrors: The Unbidden NHU September 2009
Mage Chronicler's Guide MCG July 2010
Mage Noir MN November 2010
Imperial Mysteries IM January 2012
Left-Hand Path LHP November 2012