NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Body Control

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Body Control: Life 2 (MtA p.182)

Practice: Ruling

Action: Instant

Duration: Prolonged (one scene)

Aspect: Covert

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Adamantine Arrow Rote: Wits + Athletics + Life

Description: The mage has perfect conscious control of his bodily functions, from breathing and reflexes to metabolism and circulation.

Successes provide various benefits in each of the following four categories all at once. They are not allocated among categories, but are applied separately to each to collect a series of benefits. For example, one success allows the mage to slow down his breathing, gives him +1 Initiative, doubles the amount of time he can go before suffering deprivation or fatigue, slows his heart, and halves his healing time for bashing wounds.

Breathing — Each success allows the mage slow down his breathing so that he needs only half as much oxygen as normal, without hindering his physical activity.

Reflexes — Each success adds one to the mage’s Initiative.

Metabolism — The mage efficiently regulates his metabolism and body’s energy use, so that he requires less food than normal. Each success allows him to double the amount of time he can go before needing to check for deprivation or fatigue.

Heartbeat — One success allows the mage to slow down his heart and circulation so that poisons in his bloodstream affect him more slowly (double the increment of time between suffering poison or toxin damage). The mage could instead stop his own heart for one minute per success, although he can perform no physical actions (not even moving) during this time. Also, for each success he can halve (round down) the healing time of any bashing wounds as he prevents bruising or controls internal bleeding. For example, one success allows him to heal one bashing wound in seven minutes; two successes cut that time to three minutes; three successes reduce it to one minute; four successes to 30 seconds; and five successes to 15 seconds (or one wound per five turns).

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