NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Control Ghost

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Control Ghost: Death 3 (MtA p.138)

Practice: Ruling

Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resistance reflexively

Duration: Prolonged (one scene)

Aspect: Vulgar

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Silver Ladder Rote: Presence + Intimidation + Death vs. Resistance

Mysterium Rote: Manipulation + Intimidation + Death vs. Resistance

Description: The mage can force a ghost to perform an action. A single, simple command (“Attack!” “Flee!” “Stand there!”) can be issued per success.

Complex commands require multiple successes. For example, “Go to the Contessa’s mansion and steal the Borgia Diamond!” might require three successes.

If the ghost has not completed the action by the time the Duration expires, it does not have to finish the job. It must, however, work to complete the command as soon as possible.

GMC Rules

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