NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Correspondence

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Correspondence: Space 1 (MtA p.232)

Practice: Knowing

Action: Instant

Duration: Concentration

Aspect: Covert

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Guardians of the Veil Rote: Wits + Occult + Space

Description: The mage can analyze the connections between things, people and places, determining their degree of sympathetic connection. This spell provides useful information to the caster who intends to affect a subject through someone or something to whom or to which the target is emotionally bound. It might be a very dear friend, a treasured childhood possession, or that nook beneath the old oak where the subject fell in love for the first time.

This sense is sometimes modified by the strength of the bond (the Storyteller might award a bonus for a strong bond, or levy a penalty for a weak one). If the sympathetic bond has been concealed (see “Conceal Sympathy,” MtA p. 234), this spell’s successes must exceed the disguise spell’s Potency.

GMC Rules

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House Rules

Chronicle 1

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