NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Ghost Summons

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Ghost Summons: Death 2 (MtA p.137)

Practice: Ruling

Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resistance reflexively

Duration: Prolonged (one scene)

Aspect: Covert

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Silver Ladder Rote: Presence + Persuasion + Death vs. Resistance

Description: The mage calls a specific ghost or sends out a general call to the nearest ghost within sensory range. He may either call one or more ghosts personally known to him, or he may specify any type of ghost of his choosing (male ghosts or child ghosts, for example), or even send out a general summons to all restless shades within his sensory range (in which case, the closest one to him responds). The ghost comes to the caster with as much speed as it can muster, although it cannot be made to go farther than the maximum distance it is allowed to travel from its anchor.

In the case of a general summons among multiple ghosts, the spell targets the closest one. A curious ghost will usually answer a general call or personal summons, but a reflexive, contested Resistance roll is made if it does not wish to come. It must remain near the summoning mage for the Duration of the spell, unless the caster allows it to leave.

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