NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Healer's Trance

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Healer’s Trance: Life 1 (MtA p.181)

Practice: Knowing

Action: Extended

Duration: Concentration

Aspect: Covert

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Guardians of the Veil Rote: Intelligence + Medicine + Life

Adamantine Arrow Rote: Intelligence + Medicine + Life

Description: The mage can discern the state of health of a living being and detect and identify any illnesses.

Obscure or rare diseases or conditions might levy a dice penalty to the roll (the rare hemorrhagic Ebola virus might be –3). The time per roll is one turn, and the target number depends on the condition of the subject. Only one success is needed to examine a perfectly healthy specimen, but a small cancerous tumor might need five or more successes to detect. The Storyteller should make the roll, so that the player doesn’t know when his character misses a telling sign of illness.

GMC Rules

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House Rules

Chronicle 1

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