NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Primal Transfer

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Primal Transfer: Prime 4 (LA p.78)

Practice: Patterning

Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Composure + Gnosis reflexively

Duration: Lasting

Aspect: Vulgar

Cost: 1 Mana

Rote Pools: Resolve + Empathy + Prime

Description: One problem with crafting magic items for other mages is the loss of psychic force — of one’s very soul — involved in letting go of a spell so other people can use the item. An Adept of Prime, however, can demand that a client give of herself to assist in the item’s enchantment: the client, not the mage himself, sacrifices a dot of Willpower to make the spell independent.

Sacrificing a dot of Willpower is so deep and traumatic an experience that this spell (and associated rote) only succeeds if the target knowingly assists the mage. Even then, the character’s player must win a contested roll of the Forge Master’s Gnosis + Prime against the target’s Composure + Gnosis, for the soul resists giving up part of itself.

Free Council Rote: Blood Quenching

Forge Masters sometimes demand that a client literally pay in blood. As part of this rote, the Powersmith bids his client to pierce her own flesh and let her blood drip onto the hot metal during the tempering process. With the blood and the taps of his hammer (actually the mudras of the rote), the Forge Master draws power from the client’s soul and forces it into the enchanted metal.


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