NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Spatial Map

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Spatial Map: Space 1 (MtA p.233)

Practice: Unveiling

Action: Instant

Duration: Transitory (one turn)

Aspect: Covert

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Adamantine Arrow Rote: Intelligence + Occult + Space

Description: Statistics show that each individual involved in the average gunfight stands only a relatively small chance of being fatally wounded. Fear distorts spatial perception, just as it distorts the perception of time, influencing shooters’ aim. A mage who casts this spell is not guaranteed to be any less afraid during a gunfight, but she does have a much more accurate sense of where everyone and everything is. The spell creates a mental spatial map that constantly updates the mage on the changing topography of her surroundings, from the guy with the shotgun sneaking up among the parked cars, to the stray leaf blowing by in that sudden breeze.

Each success eliminates one penalty die to the mage’s ranged attack dice pool in the following turn, helping her to offset (or eliminate) penalties for opponents’ concealment or other spatially based conditions such as hitting a prone target. She cannot gain bonus dice by virtue of this spell; it simply eliminates penalties. This effect also allows a mage who is temporarily or permanently blinded to perceive her immediate surroundings with an acuteness transcending mundane sight (ignore blindness penalties when locating or targeting beings or objects).

This spell cannot be combined with the Fate 1 “Sharpshooter's Eye” spell (MtA p. 149).

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