NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Supernal Vision

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Supernal Vision: Prime 1 (MtA p.221)

Practice: Unveiling

Action: Instant

Duration: Prolonged (one scene)

Aspect: Covert

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Mysterium Rote: Wits + Occult + Prime

Silver Ladder Rote: Wits + Occult + Prime

Description: The mage gains the Mage Sight (see “Mage Sight,” MtA p. 110). This is the most potent of the resonance-detecting senses and the Storyteller should be lavish with its details, explaining intricacies of any given source of resonance that would likely be invisible to one using another Arcanum. Some details, however, are best analyzed with other Arcana (in the way that Matter is best suited to “thick” or “ponderous” resonances), or better still in conjunction with Prime. Many mages describe this sense as sight, though some claim to “smell” or “taste” lingering sorcery on a person or place. Others simply speak of a sixth sense or other esoteric perception that defies ordinary categorization.

See “Resonance,” MtA p. 277-280, for rules on scrutinizing magic with this spell. A +1 dice bonus is gained on perception and scrutiny rolls to sense Awakened magic of any kind, as well as for detecting Mana, tass, enchanted items and Hallows. If the source of mystic power is concealed, the mage’s successes must exceed the Potency of the magic used to conceal the source.

In addition, the mage concentrates (an instant action during which he can move only his Speed and loses his Defense) to read a person’s aura to determine her nature (see “Aura Signifiers,” MtA p. 206), but not her mental or emotional condition (which requires the Mind 1 “Aura Perception” spell, MtA p. 205; adding Mind 1 to the casting of Supernal Vision allows the perception of both mental state and nature).

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