NWoD Mage the Awakening Spell Twilight Shift (LA)

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This page refers to the Matter / Prime Arcana spell presented in Legacies: the Ancient. For other uses of "Twilight Shift" see Twilight Shift (disambiguation)

Twilight Shift: (Matter 3 + Prime 1 (LA p.78)

Practice: Weaving

Action: Extended

Duration: Lasting

Aspect: Covert

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Intelligence + Craft + Matter

Description: The Forge Masters’ idiosyncratic approach to magic expresses itself in their approach to grimoires. Instead of books, Forge Masters inscribe their grimoires in metal. The glyphs of a grimoire could hide in the filigree of a bracelet or the chasing of a brooch, but some Powersmiths prefer to hammer their grimoires into the metal itself. Such a grimoire shows no visible sign of its nature: to read the grimoire, a mage requires both Matter 1 and Prime 1, to sense how the mystic pattern of the rote is coded into the crystal structure of the metal.

Free Council Rote: Hephaistan Hallmark

A Forge Master brought the Free Council this rote, which enables a mage to turn any object of metal into a grimoire. The only visible sign to alert other mages to the hidden grimoire is a symbol stamped in the metal. The symbol itself is not magical; it is typically the mage’s personal monogram. Many variations are possible. For instance, a Powersmith could bind a rote into a ring, re-learn the rote and so gain the grimoire’s benefit to casting the rote whenever he wore the ring. Forge Masters in the Adamantine Arrow sometimes turn weapons into grimoires, so they can gain the same benefit by turning the rote mudra into a weapon-flourish. A few Guardians of the Veil use this rote to record their secrets.


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