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Ward: Space 2 (MtA p.236)

Practice: Ruling

Action: Instant

Duration: Prolonged (one scene)

Aspect: Covert

Cost: None

Rote Pools: Adamantine Arrow Rote: Resolve + Occult + Space

Silver Ladder Rote: Resolve + Occult + Space

Description: This spell creates a barrier to bar the passage of other Space spells, closing a given locale out from remote sensing, teleportation, spatial tampering and the like. Effectively, this spell “locks” the current Space template of an area into place, making it difficult to overcome that inertia without considerable effort.

The Ward effectively renders a person, place or thing immune to Space tempering, monitoring and the like until such time as the spatial barrier is overcome. (In the case of particularly old and/or paranoid willworkers, it could literally take months or years of casting to whittle their Space shields away, during which time the subject is free to fortify his Wards or seek out the one who would so crassly intrude upon his privacy.)

A simple success protects an area of five square yards and gives the Ward a Potency of 1. Additional successes add to the Ward’s Potency. The mage can add Target factors to increase the area.

Space-based spells (sympathetic magic, scrying, teleportation and the like) that try to pierce the Ward must exceed the protection’s Potency with their own Potency. Each time one of these spells breaches the Ward, it erodes the Ward’s Potency by one point, reducing its efficacy. Reinforcing a ward is an exception to the normal spell control rules. Successive Ward spells add their excess Potency to the Ward (that is, any Potency in excess of the Ward’s existing Potency), repairing any damage inflicted and perhaps even improving upon defenses. (The defending mage does not need to create a Ward all over again unless it has been destroyed by incoming spells).

Example: Morvran has a Ward with a Potency of 5. His old rival Angrboda uses a sympathetic spell to send a telepathic threat. The Potency of Angrboda’s spell must exceed the Ward’s Potency. Amazingly, Angrboda’s spell has a Potency of 7, so it gets through. Breaching the Ward erodes the Ward by one point of Potency (even though Angrboda’s spell exceeds the Ward’s Potency by two points, the Ward is only lowered by one point with each breach). Morvran casts the Ward spell again, but only points of Potency in excess of those already possessed by the existing Ward shore it back up. That means Morvran needs an exceptional success (five successes), since the Ward now has Potency 4.

The Space 3 “Ban” spell, MtA p. 237, allows a mage to add Bans to his Wards, keeping certain phenomena from insects to motor vehicles from entering his Ward.

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