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Master Spell List

Mage the Awakening: Spell List
Arcana 1 Arcana 2 Arcana 3 Spell Practice Spell Name Source Quick Description
Death 1 Compelling Ectoplasmic Shaping MtA p.133 Shapes Ectoplasm to any design the caster desires
Death 1 Knowing Forensic Gaze MtA p.134 Reveals the cause of death for target corpse
Death 1 Unveiling Grim Sight MtA p.134 Mage Sight
Death 1 Compelling Shadow Sculpting MtA p.135 Gives form to existing shadows or thickens them
Death 2 Ruling Animate Shadows MtA p.136 As with Shadow Sculpting, above, but the mage can now cause the darkness to move
Death 2 Ruling Decay MtA p.136 Corrodes items by lowering their durability
Death 2 Shielding Entropic Guard MtA p.136 Mage Armor. Does not apply to grapples.
Death 2 Ruling Ghost Summons MtA p.137 Summons a nearby ghost.
Death 2 Ruling Suppress Aura MtA p.137 Makes your aura difficult to scrutinize.
Death 2 Ruling Touch of the Grave MtA p.138 Gain the ability to interact with ghosts & ghostly things
Death 3 Ruling Control Ghost MtA p.138 Command a ghost.
Death 3 Fraying Destroy Object MtA p.139 Damage an object's Structure
Death 3 Weaving Ghostly Object MtA p.140 The mage creates a ghostly item by turning a real material object into a Twilight object.
Death 3 Weaving Summon Shadows MtA p.142 Conjures (potentially solid) shadows.
Death 3 Veiling Suppress Own Life MtA p.142 The mage can temporarily suppress his own life.
Death 4 Patterning Twilight Shift MtA p.145 Transform into an Ephemeral state.
Fate 1 Space 1 Life 1 / Matter 1 Compelling Sharpshooter's Eye MtA p.149 Removes even extreme penalties from ranged attacks
Fate 2 Shielding Fortune's Protection MtA p.152 Mage Armor (need to know what it applies to)
Fate 2 Ruling Platonic Mechanism MtA p.152 Perfects a tool's use, preventing any mishaps or problems
Forces 1 Compelling Influence Heat MtA p.162 The mage can guide the direction and/or flow of existing heat.
Forces 1 Compelling Influence Light MtA p.163 Change the direction of beams of light.
Life 1 Knowing Analyze Life MtA p.180 Discern species, age and sex of a living thing.
Life 1 Compelling Cleanse the Body MtA p.180 Cleanse self of drugs, toxins, or poisons
Life 1 Knowing Healer's Trance MtA p.181 Discern the state of health of a living thing
Life 1 Pulse of the Living World MtA p.181 Mage Sight
Life 1 Sense Life MtA p.181 Sense the presence of living things
Life 2 Body Control MtA p.182 Perfect conscious control of your own body
Life 2 Control Base Life MtA p.182 Command base life forms
Life 2 Heal Flora and Fauna MtA p.182 Heal plants & animals (if you missed that.)
Life 2 Organic Reslience MtA p.183 Mage Armor (Applies to grapple damage)
Life 2 Purify Bodies MtA p.183 Cleanse others of drugs, toxins or poisons
Life 2 Self Healing MtA p.183 Guess.
Life 2 Self Purging MtA p.183 Cure sickness or disease in yourself
Life 2 Transfer Base Features MtA p.184 Mix & Match features between base life forms
Life 2 Transform Base Life MtA p.184 Transform one base life form into a differnet base life form.
Life 2 Visions of the Living World MtA p.185 Shares Mage Sight with someone else.
Life 3 Banish Plague MtA p.185 Cure sickness or disease in others
Life 3 Control Median Life MtA p.185 Command animals
Life 3 Degrading the Form MtA p.186 Lower your own physical attributes
Life 3 Perfecting Healing Heart MtA p.186 Heals the target of lethal or bashing damage.
Life 3 Honing the Form MtA p.186 Buff one physical attribute.
Life 3 Organic Shield MtA p.187 Grants Mage Armor to another
Life 3 Transfer Median Features MtA p.187 Mix & match features between Median Life Forms
Life 3 Transform Median Life MtA p.187 Turn one Median Life form into another Median Life form
Life 3 Transform Self MtA p.187 Give yourself Median Life-form's features
Life 3 Two Faces MtA p.188 Change one superficial feature per success
Life 4 Animal Degridation MtA p.188 Degrades more than one Physical Attribute of an animal.
Life 4 Animal Minion MtA p.188 Full-Blown puppeteering of an animal.
Life 4 Contagion MtA p.188 Cause sickness or disease in another.
Life 4 Doppleganger MtA p.188 Shapeshift into other people, or fictional people
Life 4 Enfeeblement MtA p.189 Degrade one physical attribute in another human
Life 4 Hone Another's Form MtA p.189 Buff a single attribute in another person
Life 4 Force Assault MtA p.190 Directly attack another's Life force for Lethal damage
Life 4 Many Faces MtA p.190 As Two Faces, but on another
Life 4 Shapechanging MtA p.190 Shapeshift into animals, but be stricken with their urges
Life 4 Supreme Honing MtA p.190 Buff multiple physical attributes in yourself
Life 4 Transform Other MtA p.191 Grant Base or Median Life features to another human
Life 4 Trigger the Lizard Brain MtA p.191 Control the instinctual reactions of humans
Life 4 Uplift the Species MtA p.191 turn Base Life forms into Median Life forms
Matter 1 Compelling Alter Conductivity MtA p.194 Alter the conductivity of simple objects.
Matter 1 Knowing Craftsman's Eye MtA p.194 The mage can discover the proper function of an object with moving parts.
Matter 2 Shielding Unseen Aegis MtA p.197 Mage Armor (need to know what it applies to)
Matter 3 Prime 1 Weaving Twilight Shift LA p.78 Make a Grimoire out of Metal.
Mind 1 Unveiling Aura Perception MtA p.205 See someone's emotional state in their aura.
Mind 1 Unveiling Third Eye MtA p.206 The mage gains the Mage Sight
Mind 2 Ruling Emotional Urging MtA p.207 Influence the emotions of others.
Mind 2 Shielding Mental Shield MtA p.208 Mage Armor (only applies to mental effects.)
Mind 2 Shielding Misperception MtA p.209 Protects self from harm by manipulating the perceptions of others
Mind 3 Weaving Imposter MtA p.211 Clouds another’s perceptions to make him think the caster is someone else
Prime 1 Unveiling Supernal Vision MtA p.221 The mage gains the Mage Sight
Prime 2 Shielding Counterspell Prime MtA p.222 The mage can counter spells from any Arcanum.
Prime 3 Weaving Channel Mana MtA p.224 Allows a Mage to move Mana from one source to another
Prime 3 Weaving Create Tass MtA p.224 The mage creates tass, solidified Mana
Prime 4 Patterning Primal Transfer LA p.78 The Forge Master's client pays the Willpower Cost.
Space 1 Knowing Correspondence MtA p.232 Discern the strength of sympathetic connections
Space 1 Knowing Finder MtA p.233 Locates something or someone
Space 1 Unveiling Omnivision MtA p.233 See in all directions at once
Space 1 Unveiling Spacial Awareness MtA p.233 Mage Sight
Space 1 Unveiling Spatial Map MtA p.233 Sense the space around yourself and the shape of what occupies it
Space 2 Ruling Apportation MtA p.234 With the aid of another Arcanum, the mage can move something to a remotely viewed location or remove something from it
Space 2 Veiling Conceal Sympathy MtA p.234 Hides sympathetic connections
Space 2 Ruling Scrying MtA p.235 Open a viewing window to a remote location.
Space 2 Shielding Untouchable MtA p.235 Mage Armor. Applies to grapple initiations.
Space 2 Ruling Ward MtA p.236 Prevent sympathetic casting into an area.
Space 3 Weaving Ban MtA p.237 The mage can create a Ban to restrict something from passing through a Ward
Space 3 Shielding Interpose AA p.186 Become the recipient of an attack intended for someone else.
Space 3 Weaving Portal MtA p.238 Creates a spatial warp through which the caster (and anyone else who uses it) can move from one point in Creation to another
Space 3 Weaving Ranged Blow MtA p.238 Turn melee attacks into ranged attacks.
Space 4 Patterning Portal Key MtA p.240 Can attune a portal created by the mage to some kind of activation trigger
Space 4 Patterning Teleportation MtA p.241 Teleportation (No shit?)
Spirit 1 Knowing Spirit Tongue MtA p.246 See, Hear, and Understand spirits.
Spirit 2 Unveiling Peer Across the Gauntlet MtA p.247 What it says on the tin
Spirit 3 Weaving Spirit Road MtA p.251 Opens a road across the Gauntlet
Spirit 4 Patterning Road Master MtA p.254 Allows the mage to control access to the Spirit Roads he creates to cross the Gauntlet
Time 1 Knowing Momentary Flux MtA p.257 Determines if something in the immediate past or future will be good or bad
Time 1 Knowing Perfect Timing MtA p.258 Time an action so perfectly you gain bonus dice
Time 1 Unveiling Temporal Eddies MtA p.258 Mage Sight.
Time 2 Veiling Shield of Chronos MtA p.261 Wards against temporal scrying.
Time 2 Shielding Temporal Dodge MtA p.261 Mage Armor. (applies to what?)
Time 3 Perfecting Acceleration MtA p.262 Super speed.
Time 3 Perfecting Force of Velocity Homebrew Super speed.
Time 4 Patterning Present as Past MtA p.264 Predict the immediate future with absolute clarity.

Adding a Spell to the Spell List

Simply add to the bottom of the table the following text:


And then a line break, and then:

| Primary Arcana || Secondary Arcana || Optional Arcana || Practice || [[nWoD Mage the Awakening Spell (Spell Name)|(Spell Name)]] || Source || Quick description

without the Parenthesis, replacing "Spell Name" with your spell's actual name.

Later on, someone will run a search & replace using Notepad or something to generate the links. If you want to do so yourself, simply run a search & replace where each Arcana Name is replaced with [[nWoD Mage the Awakening Arcana Arcana in question|Arcana in question]] - replacing "Arcana In Question" with your Arcana name. The same will be done for practices, etc. later on when the wiki's infrastructure is such that it is ready to support said links.

Creating a Spell's Individual Page

For the spell page, follow the link you made on this table and edit that page with the following: {{subst:Template:NWoD_Mage_the_Awakening_Spell}} then save. It will set up the default Spell Page and you can begin filling information out and editing as need be.

Creating Links

When you edit the spell list, or you're just creating the individual spell's page, note that the page names for interwiki links are not the same as the text you want displayed on the screen. Use the following text for links:

[[nWoD Mage the Awakening Arcana Mind|Mind]] = Mind. Replace "Mind" with the arcana you are linking to.

[[nWoD Mage the Awakening Order Free Council|Free Council]] = Free Council. Replace "Free Council" with the order you are linking to.

[[nWoD Skill Larceny|Larceny]] = Larceny. Replace "Larceny" with whatever skill you are linking to.

[[nWoD Attribute Composure|Composure]] = Composure. Replace "Composure" with the Attribute you are linking to.